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Chapter 49

 "Good. stick!"

“It should come out like that.”

Choi Yeon-seung beat, beat, and beat until Elizabeth reached out.

-character. wake up! Will you do it one more time?

-It was great this time! Let's do it one more time!

'What are all these things?'

In her life, Elizabeth met for the first time a person who was more persistent than herself.

In general, no one ever lasted longer than her no matter what kind of training she did.

The same was true of this kind of confrontation.

Would other hunters from the <Ikaros> clan be reluctant to join Elizabeth?

-We came to catch monsters, but we didn't come to fight with people. Gutierrez.

-You hate it because you run until you win.

-I hate it because I'm so scared to be hit with your great sword.

However, Choi Yeon-seung was different.

What kind of training is like a crazy guy!

“Come on, get up! Go one more time!”

"Ah... no. Can I do this?"

"What are you talking about, Gutierrez! Stand up! One set, no. One more play!"

"I have training tomorrow! I'll go and rest!"

"Oh no. Regret it. So, there was a bit of redness for martial arts.

Choi Yeon-seung is water with a voice full of expectations

I did it.

If you have an interest in martial arts, draw them into martial arts, and then ask,'Do you know the Tao?'

,,,I tried to ask, “Have you ever heard of Hoshi <Incarnation of Undefeated Training>?”

"I know you're strong, but why can't you see the martial arts user? If you're so strong, don't you have to see a lot?"

“… Because it takes too long to be strong and there is too little you can do if you are weaker than your opponent?”

"...Water, sorry for asking."

Magic users were able to become variously strong by learning new magic, but martial arts users had to continue to sell martial arts.

Besides, there was very little you could do if you were weaker than your opponent. Magic could create a variety of variables...

“But once the martial arts get to the level, it constantly grows stronger. Would it be called a Wanggwi-type skill?”

“Oh, no. Okay. All right, so stop... ”

Somehow, the listener's heart hurts!

"Would you like to learn some martial arts?"

At Choi Yeon-seung's words, Elizabeth immediately responded.

"no. I will break your martial arts with my own strength. I will practice a little more! Wait.”

“… Learning martial arts to get rid of the shortcomings...”

"hate. It's a matter of pride.”

“What pride?”

“The self-esteem that cannot be learned from the enemy

core! You are my enemy from now on.”

Treat enemies until I win!

At the words of Elizabeth, Choi Yeon-seung felt like he had chosen the wrong person.

Does this seem a little weird??

“Of course that doesn't mean I'm completely ignoring it. If you see him passing by, he'll say hello, but he won't get any help. Okay?"

“I don’t know…”

“Then I go!”

It is said that k Lava and Magma's Cat” should have been more considerate of the other person.]

No, you can't force me to lose... '

Was it so hard to find a family member?

The next day, as the <Ikaros> clan

It was a day of training.

Training to build a team!

Choi Yeon-seung and Odaigon were waiting at the training ground because they had nothing to do.

As time passed, they arrived one by one in turn.

'My personality is not a joke.'

Everyone's personality wasn't a joke because I wasn't a hunter.

Some guys just hate to deal with humans!

"It's not too late for everyone."

Ernest, a hunter-like soldier, appeared in front of him. All of the hunters who were comfortable with their respective postures also corrected their posture when Ernst came out.

With that alone, I could well understand Ernst's charisma.

To lead a pack of wolves, you had to become a lion.

Kick profit-

A sports car stood in the distance, and a hunter jumped out in a hurry.

“I’m sorry, I’m late.”

“Nothing to be sorry for.”

"Let's turn it off. I don't need a guy like you in the Clan."

Hunter looked confused.

"no. It’s a little late.”

“Will you make such an excuse when raiding in a dungeon? You have to attack on time, but will you still say that after your mistake? Then the dead hunters come back alive and the monsters get crushed?”

“I certainly said everyone wasn't late. You don't go into everyone. To turn it off.”

"I, do you have any idea what kind of hunter I am? Your president himself scouted and brought me..."

The late Hunter tried to raise his voice to see if he was outraged by the first hospitality he suffered.

"Hey. Go off.”

"Chicks like you've ssaego ssaet here."

“Who hasn’t even been able to step into Team 1…”

Then the other hunters booed openly.

It's been a month since he joined the clan, but he was still a kid who couldn't figure out the atmosphere.

A child who only believes in his skills before entering!

No hunter wanted to team up with such a guy.

The late hunter had no choice but to step back from his seat after shivering.

“I see some new faces.

I hope you become a good hunter. It's a story every time, but since there are new hunters, it will be a more meaningful story. What do you think is the hunter's greatest weapon against monsters?”

Choi Yeon-seung, who received the question, replied without thinking.

“Your (??)? ”

The strength to firmly believe in yourself.

Without it, I couldn't do something.

Choi Yeon-seung spent countless years at Abyss, so I can trust myself.

It was standing.

I can be stronger.

What I'm doing right now isn't in vain!

Other hunters laughed at Choi Yeon-seung's answer. It was because it was the wrong answer.

"That's correct."


"No, what is it? It's different from last time!"

“If you believe that way,

That's the answer. That hunter seriously believes in it.”

“What… ?”

“Mr. Ernest was less drinking

Ernest turned his gaze and asked Oda Igon. Odaigon did a gold run and quickly put it in.

“What do you think

“A strong presence that can help me!”

“It wasn't wrong. But I want a better answer. You are

Ernest asked Richard the last time. Choi Yeon-seung found Richard and waved. Of course, Richard couldn't afford it.

“… I think it's teamwork.”

Ernest smiled. Richard was relieved at the moment when a person who seemed to never laugh laughed.

“It was a good fit. okay. The hunter's weapon against monsters is not a magic or item. The greatest weapon is unity! Will the S-class hunter go into the dungeon alone?”


“Whether awakened or higher grade, humans are basically weaker than monsters. Unite and fight! They attack in groups.”

The long-lived hunters in the clan yawned.

I heard a lot of things, so I can now memorize it.

“I don't know what will happen in the dungeon. Therefore, the hunter must be prepared for all situations.”

'How should I prepare for a situation where I have been wandering in Abyss for more than 10,000 years?,

While Choi Yeon-seung was thinking of useless thoughts, Ernest took out the dice and rolled it.

“2 came out. Let's get two together.”


Choi Yeon-seung was embarrassed.

Isn't this human?

'What about someone without friends?'

Choi Yeon-seung wasn't particularly sociable. The reason we had been well in the old clan was because we had known each other for a long time...

'Fortunately there is Odaigon!'

Of course, Ernest wasn't a grim hunter enough not to care for people without friends.

In fact, if you leave this alone, you can't do it, as it will stick with close friends.

How do you know which hunter you will fall with in the dungeon?


The ball thrown by Ernest fired up a string of light, and began to tie two at random.

Tied up with Choi Yeon-seung... It was Anthony.

Choi Yeon-seung looked very disliked. But Anthony was confident.

“Are you nervous? But don't worry. This body will solve it all. Let me show you my fancy magic.”

“I'm really looking forward to it… "

Choi Yeon-seung is roughly in a voiceless voice


The other person is a bit weird, but...

First of all, I had to see how this exercise worked. You have to adapt to your surroundings.

'… Should I deal with these guys too?'

Choi Yeon-seung is also a constellation, so you have to deal with such a strange hunter?

“Woohoo. You seem to understand well. very good."

[<Lava and Magma's Cat>> says the other room is a bit great. Humans all ask if they are so positive.]

'no. I think he's a little crazy.'

The string of light was enough for the hunter to cut it with magical power, but if it cut it, it was not trained.

Training to respond to various situations while tied together!

The secret of the Y-Grade Illusion.

When Ernest uses magic, suddenly the ball

The liver started to shake tremendously.

Fantasy magic!

At around the 6th Circle fantasy magic, anything imaginable was possible. Bloody-looking Wyverns rumbled behind Ernest.

I felt the hunters inadvertently tense.

I've confirmed it over and over again that it's a fake, but there was an intensity that was negligible in those welcomes.

To completely deceive the five senses of life

This welcome magic!

A proper illusion magic dealt much more damaging damage than a moderate attack magic.

There were only two people here who weren't really nervous.

Odaigon saw through the illusion because he was a better wizard than Ernest.

And, whether it's phantom or real, it was Choi Yeon-seung, who didn't even blink a single eye in Wyvern.

Enist was surprised to realize that.

'indeed… The chairman wouldn't recommend it without thinking.'

Courage was one of the Hunter's important qualities. Ernest thought so and went on to the next work.

“Then avoid it now.”


Wyvern tilted his head, making a loud kicking sound. All of the hunters who had faced Wyvern knew it.

That peculiar posture and sound...

It was a preparation before the Wyvern monsters gave their breath!

Qawahahah T

,,Let's hit the shield! Get ready!,,

"Are you playing? It's too late if you bet now! You should avoid it!"

The hunter tied to the hunter with the shield magic hurried the shield, but it was not possible to use it so quickly.

Better to avoid it!

“I know how far the breath range will come out and avoid it! Hit the shield! I'll give you a secondary magic trick!”

However, the more sudden the situation, the more disagreeing with each other.

Enist nodded. Said the instructor hunters who assisted Ernest next to him.

“There are still people who don't match.”

"Because when things suddenly come, your hair will turn white. But if you try it a few times, you'll be good at it."

Looking at the seats, the hunters who had matched each other several times were responding skillfully.

In contrast, the hunters who match each other for the first time are in a hurry.

If you think coldly, Wyvern's breath wasn't that difficult.

It was a powerful monster that was treated as C+ to B-, but the hunters here are also B-class or higher.

If you take such a large preparatory action, you can read it sufficiently and avoid it.

'Hunters should not be accustomed to winning experiences. You have to be familiar with the losing experience.'

That way, in the event of an emergency, the neck

I was able to escape with even my breath.

'Even if the Wyvern Breath range is wide, this body's magic can be avoided enough.'

Anthony quickly made a judgment.

What's the perfect and coolest choice in this situation?

-Hashansa's acceleration!

3rd Circle Magic, <Hashansa Acceleration>!

Magic that rushes quickly in a straight line.

In the current situation, it was also a good escape.

The guy next to you is tied up, so you'll follow along. It didn't really matter whether I fell and fell after following me.

"This piece of shit?"

Choi Yeon-seung was absurd.

Seeing the magic, it looks like I'm dragging myself and jumping...

What can I roll on the ground?


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