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Chapter 5


The Devil's Restaurant was a good fortress.

First of all, the entrance was narrow and there were many things inside, so it was good to fight.

I liked this place for Choi Yeon-seung.

If you fight on the wide plain, you have to fight with demons coming from above, below, and from all sides.

The demons spit, shoot beams from their eyes, and blow steel memorization from their tails, but Choi Yeon-seung had to fight with only his hands, feet, and body.

At least, let's find an advantageous place!

"okay. Here is the future... It's a demonic glass."

Choi Yeon-seung recalled the martial arts that he read when he was bored when he was a hunter.

In that martial arts district, a retired expert bought a cup of coffee and managed it nicely.

...Even if it doesn't run nicely

First of all, this restaurant is mine!

'Would the novels I read anyway would have been finished if I went back to Earth?'

Although Choi Yeon-seung has no hobbies, the only things he watched were novels, cartoons, and movies.

It may have been a few years after I went back, but if I could see all of the things that were put off at once...

It was small, but it seemed to be quite happy.

'home. Lee Young¦ would have produced the next work at this level, right? How many books of the Moon ¦ Sculptor have been released... Up to 20 books came out

I hope. Drive to see. Are you too greedy?'

"It's my... my restaurant..."

"okay. get out."

Choi Yeon-seung kicked all the demons. Those who were half resurrected and those who had not yet resurrected were all kicked out.


After roughly tidying up, Choi Yeon-seung looked at the kitchen.

There were unidentified ingredients and unidentified tools.

But first, the kitchen is a kitchen!

Choi Yeon-seung remembered what the clan chief hyung had said.

-Yeonseung! People should have a hobby, a hobby!

"I was."

The mindset to cook, which I have forgotten for a while.

When I saw this kitchen, my mind was revived.

Choi Yeon-seung reached out with a desire to grasp the ingredients.

[I ate poison. My gong... ]

"Hmm. This was poison. Then this one... "

[I ate poison. My gong... ]

"…This is…"

[I ate poison... ]

"Is there only poison?"

What kind of restaurant!

But when I thought about it, it was natural. Can't there be anything human can eat in the devil's restaurant?

With a sigh, Yeon-seung Choi ate red unidentified meat, blue unidentified mushrooms, green unidentified fish, and purple unidentified vegetables.

It was all poison and my pores went up.

I'm glad that it's all over the place...

All ingredients are checked.

'Well... it's extensive reading.'

Choi Yeon-seung gave up and stopped trying to eat it raw to improve his inner strength.

Come to think of it, Choi Yeon-seung didn't care if he ate poison.

If so, isn't it the Dokdo material?

'I can cook this and eat it!'

Perfect logic!

From then on, Choi Yeon-seung studied evil invading during the day and cooking at night.


To know what you can eat from the Abyss!

At this time, I didn't know I would have stayed here for over a thousand years.

"Give me my restaurant, man!"

"This is the devil's goblet now. Go away!"

The chef's devil's resentment, who also stole the adamantium-mixed pot and his own restaurant

It was scary.

Even if I died, I did not give up and fought.

Chef Devil is attacking the kitchen knife in both hands like a double knife!

Choi Yeon-seung struck off, bounced, and spilled his knife and poured out the circle of confusion.

"Boo... I'm angry! My knives can't reach you!"

[Through numerous fights, I gained the A-rank skill new power unity (????).]

[Honwon Shingong becomes more natural.]

[The circulation of internal pores is even faster]

[… ]

Rank A skill, unity of the priesthood!

The skill that the whole body's movements are dozens of times faster as the state where the mind and the body are perfectly aligned!

It was a skill that all non-gong users coveted.

'How did you get it, but was it something you could get in practice?'

Choi Yeon-seung was absurd.

You get the skills you wanted to have when you were on Earth like this.

Hunter's skill wasn't something you could get just because you wanted to get it.

For example, for magical skills, you had to wait for the magic book you wanted to come out of the dungeon.

And just because it came out didn't mean I could buy it.

6 books from the US government from Mexico

The famous story of failing to pay 1 billion dollars to buy the Big Magic magic book for Bee Millie!

It is not a market that can be solved with money, so in the end, it was the surest way to get it yourself.

'The auction house was almost impossible for a military user like me... '

Magic is so popular that it has been analyzed and published as artifacts in the auction house, but the martial arts user has little information and is a thief of artifacts that appear in the auction house.

Eventually, the martial arts users had no choice but to pray for what they wanted by crying and going around the dungeon to eat mustard.

'If you tell me this, I'll be upset.'

I don't know the exact conditions, but it was tremendous information just to be able to acquire the skill of 'Unification of the Priesthood' by repeating the practical experiences that risked my life over and over again.

As this information spreads, martial arts users around the world will shed tears of joy.

-You can get that skill so easily!


Of course I have to go back first!

About a hundred years later, none of the demons near the Devil's Gazebo weren't beaten by Choi Yeon-seung.

Then the demons also used tricks.

"Oh! Here's a piece of Adamantium in motion!?"

"no ! Here is a really tasty and fresh ball

Do you have sirloin meat? Are you really drooling?"

Choi Yeon-seung had no choice but to have an advantage inside the demonic glass, so I was thinking of pulling it out and knocking it out.

It was a masterpiece that could be seen from the inside, but Choi Yeon-seung went out.

He needed a piece of Adamantium, and he felt that his skills stopped because he kept fighting only inside the demonic glass.

Mu-gong has to keep fighting against the strong.

"Demons. Everything is good... Good acting

Try it."

"He came out! Kill it!"

As Choi Yeon-seung stood tall in front of the Gaekzan, the demons in ambush lit their eyes and attacked.

I felt it.

'can win.'

Yeo-won Lee, the only A-class hunter as a military user, said this is the height of the peak.

-The level of having oneself with oneself.

I didn't know what that meant before.

But now I felt like I knew it.

'You can't be the day.'

At first class, the field of view was narrow.

When fighting monsters, I thought about taking care of only my own inner space and hitting my own attacks somehow.

He only knew himself and was impatient.

It was because he was not confident in himself.

Having confidence in yourself made you realize what you were and was able to relax.

Then I could read the other person naturally.

How strong is the other person? What are your weaknesses? How is he breathing? What is the beat and flow of the attack?

When it reached the peak, even if the other person was stronger than himself, he was able to grasp the fact.

The world was telling.

Choi Yeon-seung than the demons crowding right now

It's strong.

Choi Yeon-seung rolled his feet. Honwonbo spread and threatened the attacking demons.


Hon Won-kwon pierced the demon's body.

However, the demons rushed without reason. I decided and dug a trap, and even if two or three died, they ran to catch the ankle.

Give bones and beat flesh!

Even if he died, the demons attacked with the intention of giving a living to Choi Yeon-seung's body.

'Concentrating my pores and stopping!'

Choi Yeon-seung put a hole in his back and let the attack flow. It was better to take the attack and fight back, rather than creating a gap to avoid it at all.

When there are so many enemies, it is death to stop attacking.

I had to fight to the end.

Puffer Puck!

The ax, swung by the devil, slipped on Choi Yeon-seung's back.

He sent an attack while protecting his back with the inner air.

[Successfully prevented the attack with Honwon Shingong's merit!]

[The strength of the body that has endured the attack of the devil is further increased.]

I realize the reason of [Ewha grafting tree]. You get the A-rank skill .]

Ewha grafting.

It was a skill that was the pinnacle of jujutsu, grabbing the power of the opponent and sending it back as it is.

Similar to judo, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu, but with a different level of skill!

Alexander, a famous hunter from Earth wrestling gold medal, possessed this skill. And with this skill, he made a tremendous achievement.

Hunter rank was only B-class, but it was sent back from the attack of A-class monsters.

It was also large because the opponent's monster lacked intelligence, but it was still a tremendous achievement.

'awhile. Of Alexandre's <Ewha Grafting>

I remember that the skill rank was B rank.'

I thought I was mistaken, but I wasn't mistaken for this. It was definitely B.

Skill rank is the value of that skill.

Even with the same skill, having a higher rank meant that it was more valuable.

'Is that so?'

The newly acquired skill circulated in Choi Yeon-seung's body. Choi Yeon-seung did not attack the opponent and sent back several attacks as if she were spilling out.

The demons were embarrassed when the momentum suddenly changed from the one who had just been struggling as if to kill them.

From the river (?) to the yu (??), from the yu to the river!

When they tried to smack them, they were gently bewitched like a sheet of paper, and when they attacked, the demons couldn't wake up and collapsed at the change of smacking violently like a storm.

"Ah ah! I will step on it!"

One of the demons tried to use the enormous magic and trample Choi Yeon-seung. My colleagues were next to me, but I care

Did not.

I'm thinking of killing them together!

Choi Yeon-seung responded calmly to the attack of the devil that passed several meters. I grabbed my ankle and turned it over.


"Uh, uh… ?"


The power of Ewha Grafting!

It was a demon that turned like a giant, but it stupidly circulated in the air and passed over as it was.


It was because of your own strength.

All the remaining demons were laid out in that size. Choi Yeon-seung, who confirmed that the fight was over, shook his hand and said.

"I'll accept the fight anytime. All you have to do is bring something like this."

After taking the Adamantium pieces and meat, Choi Yeon-seung went inside.


The eyes of the fallen demons burned.

'Let's see, human!'


Realizing that there was no match in close combat, the demons changed the way.

When Choi Yeon-seung came out, he started pouring magic randomly.

Of course, Choi Yeon-seung joked around the demons by moving fast while protecting her body with inner air.

The magic was basically slower than the martial arts

Ready, aim, fly.

At the speed of a non-gong user, it was able to penetrate in an instant.

[Successfully prevented the attack with Honwon Shingong's merit!]

[The strength of the body that has endured the attack of the devil is further increased.]

You will reach the level of [Geumgang Indestruction (????)]. You have acquired the A-rank skill .]

Geumgang Indestruction!

This was also one of the skills everyone wanted if they were hunters fighting in close combat.

Their flesh and muscles are harder than steel, preventing all kinds of attacks.

Of course, it wasn't invincible, but it was Gam-deok-ji even with this level. How many hunters were killed by the sudden attack of monsters?

"Human guy! Please die!"

"You were magically hit! How the hell is it moving!!"

Melee combat and evasion were already at the top level, but when they got the defense skill, the demons fell into tears.

I can't even win!

Even after a few hundred years of fighting, he got stronger and stronger, and the difference was only widening.

"Today's fight ends here. character. Everyone go back."

Now, Choi Yeon-seung was overflowing with space.

The desperate attack of the demons rather made Choi Yeon-seung faster and stronger.

You could no longer beat Choi Yeon-seung with the demons around this area.

"Boo! We haven't fought yet!"

"I'll get you a number tag, so I'll be the first to fight when I come tomorrow."

"Oh, humans are good. Garr is the first to fight!"

How much I had enough time to get acquainted with the demons!

'Then it turned out there was a Hunter card.'

Hunter card received after registering with the association.

It was a card that showed the hunter's skills when infused with the power of the hunter. It was simple, but it was a favorite item of hunters.

I had forgotten it for a while, but after a long time I wanted to check it out. Choi Yeon-seung took the old card out of his wallet and infused it.

Name: Choi Yeon-seung

Hunter Rank: C+

Aptitude: Ungong user

Clan: Peak

Skills you have:

A Rank <Honwon Shin Gong (????)>

A Rank <Floating Readings (????)>

A rank (new authority unity (????)>

A Rank <Iwha Grafting Tree>

A Rank <Geumgang Destruction (????)>

A Rank <Samhwa Chwijeong (????)>

Rank A

A Rank <Aging Pure Blue ????)>

? Rank

There were so many skills that I couldn't even imagine before.


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