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Chapter 52

 Richard stopped.

I couldn't figure out what the other person was thinking about.

“… What do you mean

"What do you mean. You know well? Maybe you didn't just come here without thinking?

I only have thoughts of going. I think I will be the best.”

The ace hunters who are not satisfied with the great B-class and have an ambition to go up to the A-class!

The total number of clan members was only dozens, but among them, it was a different level of difficulty.

"How hard it would be to play an active part among those guys. I don't think you think that you can shoot A-class even if you are in the 2nd team? You have to join the 1st team unconditionally."

“I don't know why I keep talking about what I know. Do you wanna waste my time?”

“It’s so dark. It's my first time here and I don't know anything. Can you compete with the other guys? Others are better and more experienced than you.”

a w

"But I'm saying this body has been rolling in this clan for quite some time. If you want, I can sell you what kind of tests you do, what kind of training you do, what other guys' weaknesses are, that's what I mean.,,

With the horse, the hunter reached out.

"Oh. So, you didn't even introduce yourself? I'm a Whitaker moneymaker. Be aware of it."

“It’s a matching surname.”

“I often hear those words. So are you going to hold hands?”

“… I'm sorry, but it won't be the way you think."

“What are you talking about

“I’m from the Parker family, but I’m disobeying orders and I’m playing a hunter.

It won't fall... ”


Before he was finished speaking, Whitaker stood up and walked away.

Richard was stupid.

If you say you don't get help from your family, you'd expect your attitude to change, but would you be so blatant?

Whitaker was a hunter who divided everything in the world into gain and loss.

I didn't really get that personality by contracting with the constellation, it was just that.

Richard was no longer worth it to him.

What would be worth if you were a hunter without even the help of the Parker family?

'I wasted my time. I have to look for other guys.'

Unlike other hunters, Whittaker became an A-class hunter, and the nation is also in control.

There was no such thing as an ambition to become a talent.

What Whitaker was aiming for was the power behind the A-class hunters.

A position where you can build a variety of connections with A-class hunters and control them whenever necessary!

The best place to build that network was the <Ikaros> clan.

Isn't this a place where ace hunters rally!

'It's not bad anywhere else, but I really like the Ikaros Clan...'

Although this is not the only place where only aces are gathered, few places like Hwang Gyeong-ryong provide full support without selflessness.

Usually, if you invest expensively, you are going to get it.

“Did you say it was Odaigon? You said you were new

Whitaker approached Odaigon.

Odaigon, a pale, skinny young man!

I wanted to show a lot of broadcasts later because a guy who could shoot a pictorial or a model is doing a hunter.

'character. How to approach it.'


Whitaker flinched when Odaigon shouted suddenly.


Are you crazy?

"I died because of you!"

Odaigon grabbed his smartphone and glared at Whitaker with bloody eyes.

Of course, Odaigon died because of poor control, but the original anger turned over his eyes.

People, no goblins, didn't say that.

Whitaker was astonished as the Goblin King spewed his life.

In the first place, the 1:1 between the hunters was he who was not confident.

"Oh, no. Looks like something's going on."

"go away! If you come one more time, I will smash it!"

Odaigon growled and expelled Whittaker.

Whitaker was ridiculous, but water

I stood. When the other person was angry, there was nothing good about touching it.

'Let's look for the next opportunity.'

If so, the last remaining opponent is Choi Yeon-su

'You said you were a military user who returned from the Abyss, right?'

It seemed like it wouldn't be of much benefit to be a matchless user, but Whitaker changed his mind.

If you are a hunter enough to join this clan, you must have basic skills.

But as a military user, this clan

If it's enough to come in...

'Maybe it might be a big hit.'

It looked unique in many ways, so it seemed that there was nothing bad about being friendly.

Pair _

"Chin, friend. Are you going to keep hitting me like this?"

“Quietly shut your mouth and feel the flow in your body.”

“No, but… ”

Pair ?

Choi Yeon-seung tapped Smallwood's other cheek with his palm. Smallwood stumbled in shock.

“Keep your posture.”


Smallwood was standing in a Mabo position. It was one of the good postures to train the body and feel the inner hole.

Of course, on the outside, it was close to being punished...

“Because you're a magician, don't you know how to deal with mana?”

"know. However..."

Magic users cast magic by attracting outside magic.

There is no need to store and use the inner gong in the Dantian like a non-gong user, and you only need to draw in an infinite amount of magical power outside.

This is why it is said to be a much more efficient method than martial arts.

“… It doesn't make it flow through the body like this, friend!”

Magic users made mana circles in their hearts instead of Dantian.

He did not ignorantly accumulate Energy like Dantian, but the mana circle was also an institution that stores magical power.

In order to control the magical power that wanders outside, the magical user must also have some magical power.

However, that only stores magic power only in the mana circle.

Like a mugong, it flows through the body and does not circulate.

I don’t know if it’s the outside, I spill magic power inside my body

Send and run!

“Aren’t magic users also use magic when strengthening their bodies?”

friend. It's not sent inside the body! You use your own magic power to bring in the surrounding magic!"

It seemed to be strengthened by blowing magic power into the arm, but in fact, it was a principle that strengthened by bringing in the surrounding magic power and letting it dwell in the body.

A very quick and simple magical way!

"Hmm. Was it that way? Making it very difficult

Is. You just need to move your horsepower all the way.”

"friend. I say your way seems more difficult.”

Horsepower is a strong and unstable power.

It wasn't normal to get this back and forth in one's body. Smallwood trembled with fear.

"Do it slowly. I'll stop it."

"How are you going

“You're putting your hand on your back now. If you fail to control your horsepower, don't worry, I'll take it with you. Blood at best

Maybe the coffins will rupture or the organs will break."

Smallwood grumbled and slowly pulled out his magical power and moved inside his body.

From the heart to the tip of the left arm.

Then, a tremendous force was felt in the left arm.

It is similar to the reinforcement magic, but a little different, it feels more comfortable!

“Fortunately. I thought that my gong and horsepower were similar, so I tried it.”

[Instead of Energy, we have implemented the spirit of martial arts with magical power!]

[Acquires the skill <Mana Heart Method>.]

[The power of existence rises in the name of <Incarnation of Undefeated Training>.]

<Mana Sim Method>

Rank: C

It realizes no gong with horsepower instead of nae gong. The higher the user's understanding, the less the penalty.

Not just making the martial arts stronger, but also applying them to other skills.

It was also a kind of training.

Choi Yeon-seung was proud that the hypothesis was proved through Smallwood.

-Magical power and Energy are almost the same in nature, so if you fortune inside your body like Energy, wouldn't you be able to use magical power similarly?

'But there is still a long way to go. Rank is c. I need to refine it more.'

"awhile. friend. Luckily? Didn't you already know and try it?”

"Shh. Focus. You just keep moving your horsepower."

“Ugh. It consumes too much horsepower."

“Don't continue to use the magic power from the mana circle, hold the magic power once extracted with your will and circulate the inside of the body. If you don't, you're exhausted and you can't use it.”

Either Energy or magic did not rise infinitely.

Magical users borrowed external magical power, and non-gong users should maintain maximum pitting strength.

Learned the skill.

In order to implement something similar to martial arts with magical power, it was necessary to master the technique.

If you don't, your horsepower will run out in no time and you'll fall!

"friend. Can't I just build up my pores from the beginning?”

“You’re going to make a mana circle and build up your pitfalls? It must take a hundred years to see results. This is the best way for magic users to learn martial arts.”

“But it’s too difficult to control the horsepower. It’s very exhausting.”

Whenever the magic power was drawn, the magic power was worn out in the mana circle.

Unlike Choi Yeon-seung, Smallwood couldn't keep his magical power in his body. Even if I let go of a little attention, the magic power disappeared immediately.

Then you have to draw the magic power from the mana circle again...

“Anyway, your main power would be magic, not martial arts? Mugong will be used when it is urgent.”

"That's it, but..."

“Then it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit heavy.

It's important to be able to hit the right one.”

Choi Yeon-seung had no intention of teaching Smallwood everything about martial arts.

That was practically impossible. I don’t have much time to teach right now...

Instead, the only thing Choi Yeon-seung was trying to teach was Kwonbeop herbivorous.

One hit (??)!

In the event of a close-quarter battle with an opponent, a blow that can be inserted into the opponent like a thunderbolt!

It’s consumption by using magical power.

It will be severe and incomplete, but it will still have enough power.

"Okay. You're not stupid. You should be able to stretch your horsepower with your arms."

"friend. I've never heard of anything stupid."

“Noisy. So what kind of weapon would you use if you were to use martial arts?


Smallwood smiled and pulled out the knuckle. It was a weapon that increased its power by putting it in a fist.

“Then it is Kwonbeop. Not bad.

Don't think about what's useless, just remember to extract and store magic power. The path I said.”

Choi Yeon-seung drew the path of the energy and told him to move the horsepower only there.

Ready for just one time!

"Aren't you learning how to walk or anything like that?"

"How many hours do you think you'll learn to use it? Even if you don't have a conscience, you shouldn't be able to use it. If you've learned a lot at your level, you can't even use it. If you're going to use it, just remember this punching. If you want to be at range, it's powered by a full magic power. While

Stretch your fists."

"Okay, I got it. Friend."

Smallwood was also an experienced hunter. I immediately understood the meaning of Choi Yeon-seung.

A child who has just stepped up can't fly!

On the contrary, Choi Yeon-seung, who taught me a herb that can use even one thing, felt even more amazing.

Smallwood practiced again and again.

Then, a message window popped up stating that you got used to it or got the skill.

[You have acquired the skill, <Illusion with Magical Power>!]

<A blow with magical power>

Rank: D

Instead of pitting, it uses horsepower to stretch. The higher the user's understanding, the less the penalty.

'Khoot. It's good to have finished, but the rank is too low.'

The low rank means that the value of the skill is low.

I had to practice more and upload it.

'Well, because it doesn't mean that you can't use it just because your rank is low... '

Wouldn't the D rank 5 circle magic be more powerful than the A rank 1 circle magic?

Smallwood hissed into his mouth and stretched out his fist.

Still, I feel proud to get something

[Smallwood High Mountain respects you as a master of nothingness.]

[Thanks to being respected, the power of the existence of the <Incarnation of Training Without Defeat> rises.]


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