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Chapter 53

 Choi Yeon-seung, who received the reward, nodded satisfactorily.

I could feel the gaze of the hunters watching from the side.

-Are you really trying to learn martial arts?

-You can learn it now and use it in practice?

-It's not going to get in the way of magic


Gazes filled with complex thoughts

'I am clearly interested.'

Everyone was interested in martial arts.

I'm just worried because I don't know it properly.

I didn't know that if Smallwood showed me something right with no gong, their thoughts might change as well.

'But I don't know if that's possible.'

It was at the level of learning only one herbivorous Kwonbeop, but Choi Yeon-seung did not know if the opportunity to use it would come out so well.

I just hope so!

'The world has improved so much.'

Choi Yeon-seung thought so only inside, in case he might look like an old man.

In the past, if you wanted to improve your skills, you had to risk your throat and jump into the dungeon.

But these days I didn't have to.

All you have to do is enter the magic, the <the back world>.

The limitations of <The Back World> were amazing, and the virtual dungeon and the virtual monster gave a feeling that was almost close to the actual battle.

Of course, the dungeon of <The Back World> did not have any rewards, unlike in reality...

Just being able to experience dungeons without risking your life was a tremendous development.

“Get ready.”

<Ikaros> Clando Virtual Dungeon Training

I did it often. It was natural because it was the closest training to the real world.

The ability shown here is the closest to the real world!

“How many people will you make a party?”

“6 people. It's the golden ratio. friend."

When it comes to dungeon strategy, the 6-person group was the most frequently used combination.

If you stick together less than that, it will be difficult to respond effectively to the attacks of monsters.

If you stick together more than that, you will drag the monsters' aggro more than necessary.

Become Vulnerable!

Of course, there were dungeons with dozens of hunters depending on the dungeon, but when attacking such dungeons, it was divided into several people to attack.

“The rules are simple. It is to enter the dungeon and clear it quickly and safely.”

At Ernest's words, the eyes of the hunters who had just stretched out and were taking a break changed their eyes.

Even if it is stretched, it is a hunter that changes suddenly before the actual battle.

Moreover, there was no place to show his skills as well as this virtual dungeon attack.

You can show your skills far more than any other complex training.

'Must be in the 1st team.'

'You don't have a hunter like me in the 1st team. That's funny... I will not forgive you.'

'Oh, I don't want to run in dungeons.'

“Everyone is burning their eyes.”

"Of course. friend. The clan here is said to be playing only one team. Other training is also training, but this training is the most

It's a big role.”

Smallwood shrugged.

"I don't think I can live well even if I don't enter that

"It doesn't matter how much money you made. Friend. This is a matter of pride as a hunter. And if you're trying to make a few pennies, why are you here?"

"home. Are you a member of Team 1?”

“It's not fixed. I'm going back and forth a little."

Smallwood wasn't particularly shy when he said that.

That's why the skills of the hunters gathered were great.

"Okay. I'm not ashamed to be weak.”

“No, my friend. I wasn't particularly weak and I wasn't ashamed... "

"okay. okay. You say so because it's embarrassing. But what's really embarrassing is that you know you're weak, but you don't fix it. You're trying to fix it, so it's okay.”

“Because I'm not weak, my friend. Do you want to be beaten?”

Smallwood was crying. Raid ability

Even though it was a skill, I wasn't so confident even when I was 1:1 with the Hunter.

Who do you think is weak?


A group of 6 people was randomly made while talking.

Choi Yeon-seung and Smallwood were lucky enough to be tied to one team.

Choi Yeon-seung.

Smallwood High Mountain.

Richard Parker.

Anthony Schneider.

Elizabeth Gutierrez.

Whitaker Moneymaker.

This was the composition of 6 people.

Elizabeth looked very disliked.

"Why do you make such a face? It hurts."

"right. friend. Why do you look like that


When Choi Yeon-seung and Smallwood said that the sum was a perfect match, Elizabeth made an expression that she was already having a headache.

Why did they both get close already?

“Why do you come in such a group… ”

"Wow. friend. Look what Gutierrez is talking about. Cooperation is zero.”

“It will be difficult to join the 1st team.”

"Noisy. You idiots. I've never been pushed out of team one.”

Elizabeth said, staring at the two.

Smallwood, the all-rounder, sometimes missed team one, but Elizabeth never was pushed out of team one.

Despite these and other disadvantages, few hunters were suitable for close combat situations as well as Elizabeth.

Sometimes, the hunter specialized on one side was more popular than the universal type, and this was the situation.

Elizabeth sighed and began to point with her fingers one by one.

“Hunter who returned from the Abyss and has not yet adapted,

On the ground, with a guy who doesn't have any cooperation... "

“Who's the guy who doesn't have any coordination? Are you talking about me

"Friend. I'm talking about Anthony Schneider. He doesn't have a little cooperation."

"Ah. I thought you were talking about me again.”

“Are there other hunters who returned from Abyss other than your friends? Hahaha."

In the conversation between Choi Yeon-seung and Smallwood, Elizabeth sighed even more.

“… With a sleazy guy, wow. High Mountain Teen is still the best... No, this isn't okay either.”

"Friend. I'm hurt a little, but there's a person like me."

“High Mountain. I'm not ignoring your skills. But you... Too… ”

“You’re so good? So perfect? It’s so great that it arouses jealousy

"...You act without thinking."

"no. What do you mean!”

Smallwood jumped, but Elizabeth was stubborn.

“If you fight, you forget what you have planned and act as you please.

I would like to see it

"Friend. I admit that when I go into a fight, I get a little blood in my head, so I sometimes do whatever I want."

'Looks like it's a bit severe.'

Choi Yeon-seung understood what he was talking about.

There were hunters whose personality changed only when they entered the battle.

Originally, anyone in a situation where one's own life might be blown away at a time will result in nature.

I scream and run away without covering back and forth

The hitting hunter is the most common case.

And there were quite a few hunters who acted differently from their plans because of blood on their heads like Smallwood.

While talking, Anthony Schneider walked confidently from behind. Smallwood spoke nicely.

“Schneider. Let's do it well.”

"You know well. Yeah. This body will wipe out all parts! It's okay to believe!,,

“Oh, no. I didn't mean it like that. friend."

It's already starting to be ominous!

Anthony looked around and said.

“Only trust me and follow! I will solve it all!"

"Well, it looks like Schneider is trying to take on the role of the team leader."

Smallwood laughed awkwardly.

Anyone had to entrust the team leader.

Anthony wouldn't listen if someone else tried it, so it was better than what Anthony was doing.

Smallwood asked, looking at Elizabeth.

“It’s okay, friend

“If it's a good command, I'll listen to it. you are? If you have any complaints, tell me now.”

"home. Think about it for a second.”

Choi Yeon-seung reached out his hand and pretended to think for a moment.

“If you want to give instructions like that.”

“I have eyes to see! newcomer! That's all!,,

Anthony exclaimed with excitement.

In Anthony's opinion, the best way to hit a dungeon with a team of six was to have everyone on the team absolutely obey his instructions.

He's the king.

The other hunters are all over!

&Quot;He was beaten before, but is he getting hurt like that? Did you erase it from your memory?'

[It is said that <The Cat of Lava and Magma> is a really positive human being.]

The defeat he suffered during the previous training had no effect on Anthony.

A convenient mindset that quickly forgets memories that are unfavorable to oneself!

'You're crazy.'

If Choi Yeon-seung was disgusted, it was certainly not an ordinary level.

“So how's that crazy guy's skill?”

“It’s all round. Although my personality is a little weird. They enjoy long-distance fights, but cope well with close proximity. I have a lot of personality, though. They also have several rare skills. His personality is incredibly weird, but... ”

"I know that the personality is weird, so it's okay to just say it now."

Choi Yeon-seung dried Elizabeth.

Even if you don't say anything strange about your personality, you already know!

'It would be better to just see it myself.'

No matter how talented Anthony is,

Choi Yeon-seung didn't want to make such a guy in his family.

Wouldn't it be overkill if you received it with dogs or cows?

That’s why I didn’t use my eyes, but…

[See through the essence of the opponent!]

[The more you sharpen and polish the eyes of the constellation, the greater the power of existence!]

Anthony Schneider





Horsepower: 36]


Holds a B+ rank skill <Mental Protection>.

Holds a B-rank skill <Self-Airborne>.

No more impenetrable)

Anthony certainly deserved to be good.

Level 288.

Usually A-class hunters will have a level of over 300, so Anthony was really looking at A-class seriously.

Among the B-class, the enemy is rare!

'Can you see the skill now?'

[<The Cat of Lava and Magma> says that the eyes of the constellation have grown. The other party read well, but it is.]

Using the power as a constellation was also a kind of training. The more I did, the better I got.

In addition, those two skills that Anthony has, blended so well with Anthony's personality, that it was easy to read.

'It's obvious what skill both are.'

<Mental protection> or <Self-initiated breathing) That's B rank or higher.

How strong is the mental...

'These skills are helpful for raid.'

Those skills were surprisingly very powerful skills. When entering the dungeon, not one or two people lose their mentality.

Elizabeth looked at Richard and asked.

“Other people know roughly, but you don't know how to fight. I can tell you simply

“… I'm a B-class hunter, and I ran the clan Garnes.”

Having said that, Richard glanced around. I wondered if anyone knew.

Of course, no one knew. Richard blushed slightly.

In the old clan he was king, but among the hunters here he was just one of the newcomers.

Damn it.'

"Ah. I know that clan.”

Richard raised his head in amazement. However, it was Choi Yeon-seung's answer.

Choi Yeon-seung frowned in one eye.

-It would be less embarrassing if you do this, right?

But Richard was only more and more miserable.

I'd rather not... !

Smallwood also got it and asked.

“Uh, my friend. Really? Are you a famous clan?"

“It's a solid clan. The clan members were very competitive with each other."

"Oh. Really? It's amazing. Why haven't you heard such a place?"

“… I'm a long-distance dealer and mainly use cold magic.”

“Did you learn the 5th circle magic?”

"Of course.,,

Among the hunters who had just been up to B-class, there were some hunters who hadn't learned any of the 5th Circle magic.

Circle 4 and 5 were one circle difference, but the power was greatly different, so we had to know in advance.

"I'm so glad. You must have had a lot of raid experience, even if you were a clan leader. Can you put it together?"

“Water, of course.”

"Friend. Didn't you just stutter that friend?"

"It's a way to get nervous when new people come in."

Choi Yeon-seung said that. Of course, Richard wasn't nervous because he was new.

'...I, can I do it right?'

Even if it was a low-level dungeon, it was the first time that it was combined with Ace-level hunters.


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