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Chapter 6

 Even that, all skills are ranked A or higher.

It was a tremendous stat.

'Why did Honwon Shingong become A rank?'

Honwon Shingong is a martial arts skill learned by Choi Yeon-seung. It was definitely a D-rank skill.

Even with the same skill, how much

Depending on whether you are skilled, the rank goes up, but...

It was a change I saw for the first time that D rank became A rank.

Having trained for that long!

'I trained a lot, but I didn't know that D-rank skill would be A-rank skill.'

Mandokbulchim is a skill that makes it possible to absorb all poisons with resistance.

The new power union is a skill that makes the reaction speed dozens of times faster.

Ewha grafting receives dozens of times more power

Oh, the skill to pass and give back.

Geumgang Destruction is a skill that maximizes the defense itself.

And the skills below it were skills that I didn't know if Choi Yeon-seung was also there.

<Samhwachwijeong (????)>

Rank: A

It has extremely pure pitting. Three flowers appear like an illusion at breakfast.

Samhwa Chwijeong!

This was a skill I had heard of on Earth.

A skill that can only be obtained if the inner pore is very pure.

The amount of horsepower and airworthiness was also important, but its purity was also tremendously important.

If the magic power is cloudy or the quality is low, the skill will fail or the power will fall.

'This skill is usually a skill that comes from people who have mastered rare magic or martial arts... ?'

A skill that comes from a hunter who has mastered the unique martial arts classified as A ranks, such as Jahangong (????) or Taigeuk Shingong (????).

Honwon Shingong was a Shingong with only his name, and was a D-rank military skill. Because it is so slow and slower.

'Have you been able to get the Samhwa Chwijeong skill with Honwon Shingong?'

Choi Yeon-seung did not know.

Honwon Shingong was only slow and slow, but it was a martial arts that made it more pure than any other martial arts.

The martial arts have been mastered and mastered for nearly a thousand years.

None of the martial arts users on Earth sold a martial arts so honestly.

As a result, Choi Yeon-seung had a situation that could not be seen by martial arts users on Earth.

Those who have learned only the purest martial arts, have not made any compromises, and have walked the path of nothingness.

Choi Yeon-seung was realizing the original intention of martial arts more faithfully than anyone else.

(Cheonmuji body)

Rank: A

He has a blessed body perfect for mastering martial arts.

Cheonmuji body.

Called a blessed body, it was one of the skills the martial arts user dreamed of.

This was not to be gained by effort, but to be born.

A body born to learn martial arts!

Even with the same efforts, Cheonmujiche showed overwhelming results. It wasn't for nothing that martial arts users were saying,'Are you sure?

'Because of a horsepower storm.

I was able to know because it was Choi Yeon-seung, who was far from the original blessed body.

That the reason the body changed like this was due to the magical storm.

'The Goddess' preparations are amazing... '

<Aging Suncheong (????)>

Rank: A

The enlightenment of martial arts has reached perfection due to numerous practices. It can be used without clogging even if it was the first time you saw it.

Compared to that, Aging Pure Cheong was the first skill I saw. Skills I have never seen on Earth.

However, it was immediately apparent that it was a powerful skill.

'Mugong users rarely use various types of martial arts. Only one wave is not enough

I. But if you have this skill... '

Like the magic user, it was possible to use various martial arts to suit the situation.

The last skill is .

This was the first time I heard the name and it was a skill I couldn't even guess.


(Resonance from the world)

The world gets closer to the limit of existence

Resonate with God.

Unlike other skills, I couldn't understand what skill it was even if I read it.

'Is the Hunter card broken? No, the Hunter card is not read incorrectly.'

The limit of existence?

The world resonates?

Choi Yeon-seung did not know.

That he has taken his first steps as a constellation.

When an entity reached its limit and engraved its name on the world, it awakened as a constellation at that moment.

First human constellation.

When people knew, the earth would be upset, but Choi Yeon-seung, who was actually the party, was silently screaming his fist again at the Abyss' side.

Choi Yeon-seung lived on a regular basis, but he was a person who had a good family.

A man who lived so thoroughly that others stick his tongue out even when he was on Earth!

-Choi, Choi Yeon-seung]. Are you free today?

-Sorry. I have an appointment today.

-Uh, why!? What happened?

-Today is… It's a dead lift day.

I didn't ask for such a person to come to Abyss.

When I woke up in the morning, I cleaned up the kitchen, tested Abyss' ingredients, and trained Honwon Shingong.

Then, at about lunchtime, the demons came and said,'How are you? Did you have a good resurrection?'

"Oh ah ah. Too strong... human!"

"Yeah. Now, the losers try some of this and go."

About 500 years later, Choi Yeon-seung did not kill the demons one by one, but suppressed them.

It was because I was able to do that.

Instead, I tested something else.

Cook right away!

"Oh oh. It's so delicious!"

"This, this is a pig or feed!" "Kwak, cowardly human being. Poisoning…" The devil shows a variety of reactions

Choi Yeon-seung looked at it and took a note.

"Hmm. Right. okay."

I won't eat anything like this!"


The devil who pulled the whack overturned the bowl. The dark and greenish meat porridge

It wasn't really edible taste.

A taste that attacks the taste of the devil!


Choi Yeon-seung correctly smashed the demon's stomach by swinging his fist. The pure white winding machine blew away the devil's head as it was.

"If this kid doesn't want to eat it, he's not going to eat it. You are banned even if you resurrect."

The atmosphere of the demons turned cold. Choi Yeon-seung asked again while looking at the demons.

"I'm sorry. Eat again and speak freely."

"You... so delicious. Is this taste of a noble soul?"

"Is this a taste that can be devoted to our master, ?"

"Oh… It tastes perfect... "

"okay? Is it amazing? It's not very tasty, so I wanted to see you guys

It's going to be."

"It's great that you guys like it. Eat everything and go."

Choi Yeon-seung smiled and took out the meat porridge in the kitchen and topped it with plenty.

The demons who emptied the dish generously did not come for a month or so.

[I devised a variety of recipes while tasting numerous Abyss ingredients.]

[You have acquired C Rank Skill, .]

Perhaps thanks to your hard work, additional skills are a bonus!

After over a thousand years in the area of ??<The Ruler of Blood and Brawl>, rumors began to circulate.

-There is a guy who is strong like a monster.

-The human race is said to use martial arts.

-No gong? Isn't that for the weak guys?

-no. It is very strong. I guarantee.

-If you beat him, you might be able to catch it in the eyes of <The Ruler of Blood and Brawl>.

-No, he may soon be called by the ``Master of Blood and Brawl''.

Of all beings living in the realm of the constellation


It was recognized by the constellation, and contracted directly with the constellation to become a family member.

Being endowed with tremendous power is the basic, and it is to become a more noble being.

The demons here kill each other every morning and resurrect each other in the evening to kill each other again, all in order to catch the eye of the Blood and Brawl!

-The glorious Barigos, who was the first member of the Blood and Brawler, who was given a blood ax, saw him.

You are going to be rough.

-Oh... oh oh oh!


The demons trembled with jealousy.

Taking the test directly from Barigos!

The fact that outsiders are being tested is already great in itself.

It is a fixed fact to become a new family!

-Ahhh! I can't stand it! I will kill you and I will be tested by Barigos!

-I thought the same way! die!

Gather your pores, hold your posture, and stretch out your fists.

Movement that has been done tens of thousands of times.

However, Choi Yeon-seung had never made this move lightly. Every time I hit it with all my heart and dedication.

When it comes to strength, it was Choi Yeon-seung, who was always serious.

But lately, I have a problem.

'I can't feel growth.'

Every time I used Honwon Kwon, I always felt that my pores increased little by little.

'Have you stopped at the peak?'

Mugong's growth stopped when it couldn't climb because the ground was blocked.

Currently, Choi Yeon-seung is at the end of its climax.

And so far, none of the hunters has crossed the peak.

'Based on when I left,

Among the martial arts users, there is no higher level than me. In other words… There is no one to refer to.'

Without reference to anything, Choi Yeon-seung had to break the wall and grow alone.

'You have to fight a stronger enemy. To be strong!'

"Is there a owner?"

While worrying, I heard the voice of the devil from outside. Choi Yeon-seung opened the door and came out.

"Did you come to eat? That's great. Good meat came in just today. Sit down

I will make a meat bowl without rice."

"Well, let's try it."

a ?,,

Choi Yeon-seung was shocked when the devil entered the room.


When I read the other person, I felt how powerful the other person had.

Above yourself!

I felt how great the demon race is.

That's how the demon race trained to the limit

It has a strong amount of horsepower.


"I heard that the owner here is collecting rare minerals."

"Five… !"

It was a heavy Adamantium ingot that the devil gave out. Choi Yeon-seung was surprised by the beautiful glow.

I've never seen anything big like this!

"I want one more bowl

It's been a long time since he left Earth, but Choi Yeon

Seung is basically a human being who lived in a capitalist society!

The money had no choice but to shake.

"no . One bowl is enough. It's delicious. Did you say it was a human race


"human. I am the first family of Nan (Lord of Blood and Brawl) and the glorious Barigos given the blood ax."

When the other person spoke for a long time, I thought that Choi Yeon-seung should also say something.

"… I am the Choi Yeon-seung of the Choi family in Gyeongju..."

"I came to give you my master's suggestion."

"What do you suggest

"It's a glorious offer to be a member of my master's household."

Barigos thought Choi Yeon-seung would of course accept it.

Even if they were wandering from outside, there was no crazy guy who rejected the inside of the constellation.

No matter how crazy the Abyss was, no one refused the words of the constellation.

"I'm sorry. refuse."

So, when Choi Yeon-seung refused, Barrygos was first surprised when he was born.

Instantly the air became heavier. It was a feeling of pressure from Barigos.

"Did you reject the owner's offer?"


Against the opponent, Choi Yeon-seung activated the inner gong all over her body.

Then the whole body trembled.



It wasn't.

It was the joy of meeting a strong enemy and the confidence that I could become stronger.

'I want to fight!'

Barigos asked, realizing that Choi Yeon-seung was not afraid and was ready to fight.

"I don't understand. You have a talent that suits your master. What are you rejecting because you are dissatisfied?"

"I have an appointment."

"Seonyak? What do you mean In case there is a constellation that has already made you a family member

You mean sweet?"

Barigos was surprised.

Choi Yeon-seung did not feel the energy of any constellation.

"Not yet, but there is a constellation that promises to become a family member if the trial passes."

a ,,,

Barigos was misunderstood.

What the hell is that mean?

None of the constellations exerts such a strange condition.

"You... have you been fooled?"


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