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Chapter 70

 From the standpoint of the opponent, it was easy to lose after a sudden runaway.

The strength of the circle that won many constellation battles!

'S-class if you are a hunter... If you think about tricky things, is it more than S-class?'

I couldn't see the level, but when I saw the fight, I got a rough idea.

Around the mid-to-late 400!

It was a level similar to Arni, one of the strongest incubus, so it had to be seen that as a mortal, it had risen to the limit.

Besides, it wasn't unconditionally strong that the level was high.

If Akkrata and Arni are attached, even if the level of Arni is high, Akkrata will be this long.

That's why I ignore the skill linkage that leads to <Red Regeneration> and <Curse of Madness>

I ignored it.

'Did you both get it from the owner?'

It was too fast and powerful for general magic. Besides, it was a passive skill when looking at the activation speed.

A power with a high probability of being given by the constellation <a warrior stained with madness and blood>!


Up until now, Akkrata, who had maintained his reason, completely lost his reason.

The attack method has also changed differently.

Instead of wielding an ax, you put magic in the ax and shoot it as it is!

6th Circle Magic Skill <Red Slash>!

One or two people flew in, tearing the ground with a wave of magical power that was like a blade of a lightly jumping size.

A-class hunters are using magic with all their utmost power.

We can see how much effort <A Warrior Stained in Madness and Blood> was devoted to killing Choi Yeon-seung.

Definitely willing to tear and kill!

[<A warrior stained with madness and blood> expects blood!]

[<Lava and Magma's Cats> tell you to shut up!]

A red wave came in, but Choi Yeon-seung did not panic.

This kind of big magic was rather easy to avoid.

'I thought I could push it with force, but it's rather comfortable.'

At a disadvantage, he had to fight even by opening the state of martial arts that had been sealed, but as the opponent dug the grave like that, it became easier for Choi Yeon-seung to hide his skills.

It was difficult for Choi Yeon-seung, who is at the peak of the moment, to move faster than Akkrata's magic...

It wasn't necessarily possible to avoid it by moving faster than the flying magic.

The important thing is how efficiently you move!

Akkratana's <A Warrior Stained in Madness and Blood> misjudges Choi Yeon-seung's ability

But, above all, the experience was too underestimated.

The flying red wave was split and once again aimed for the Choi Yeon-seung, and if avoided, it split again and aimed for the Choi Yeon-seung.

And Choi Yeon-seung avoided, blocked, and spilled such attacks.

The wave of split magical power changed direction easily just by shooting and dropping the Honwonji.

Choi Yeon-seung advances through a space where waves of red magic fall like rain.

Every time Akkrata swings his ax

Choi Yeon-seung's new brother disappeared and appeared.

The more they did, the narrower the distance between them.

[<The storyteller who loves rumors and explanations> shouts that you shouldn't attack!]

[<The Warrior Stained in Madness and Blood” growls to shut up!]

Akkrata was not in a disadvantage yet.

Rather, from the outside, Akkrata is overwhelming Choi's winning streak!

After covering all the surrounding spaces with his own magical power, he is randomly throwing the blade of magical power at Choi Yeon-seung.

Nevertheless, (a warrior stained with madness and blood) was anxious.

Feeling with your instincts that things are going strangely!

Originally, a man who should have died after turning into blood in a magical storm was approaching with a shining glance.

'It's best to attack with a gang, but I want to hide and defeat it until the end.'

The sword could not end Akkrata's life with a blow.

Then he will use the bleeding blood to write <Red Regeneration> and <Curse of Madness> again.

Then again, before the boring exhaustion

How can you kill a Berserker who has enormous magic and vitality without using strong energy and seeing blood?

At first glance it seemed impossible, but...


Choi Yeon-seung had that way.

'The Warrior Stained in Madness and Blood. You must have seen me fighting, but it's so easy to work.,

The arrogance that if you send out a family with a higher level, higher horsepower, and higher skill than Choi Yeon-seung, you will easily win.

Although it may work for Earth hunters, Choi Yeon-seung was absurd, so I was thinking of making a snort.

Do you know who the other person is?


Choi Yeon-seung, who was digging in front of Akkrata, struck her chest with both hands.

At that moment, the enormous magical power that filled the surroundings began to gather with Choi Yeon-seung's hand.

[Skill, Start absorbing Akkrata's magical power with the <Absorbance Method>!]

[<The storyteller who loves rumors and explanations> says he's too reckless!]

[The Noble Crown Collector stares quietly.]


Drain-based skills that absorb other people's magic weren't the only ones.

However, most of the drain skills had limitations.

Just as you can't hold the water of a lake in a glass, it's not normal to keep someone else's magical power in your body.

Even if you take a little, it crashes inside your body

This happens!

Even if it absorbs a small amount of magic, it takes time to completely dissolve it], what if there is a large amount?

The one who wished to live could die in reverse.

The constellations stared deeply.

Will you fall in return for reckless attempts?

Or are you confident?

[I have the skill <Samhwa Chwijeong>.]

[The pure spirit of <Samhwa Chwijeong> delivers the magical power of Akkrata as it is!]

[Insanity can't affect you.]

[The curse of blood... ]

Various side effects that emerged while absorbing magic were ignored as they were.

The magical power mixed with the curse of <Insanity and Blood-Stained Warrior>?

That didn't have any effect on Choi Yeon-seung.

[You have explosively absorbed the magical power of <The Warrior Stained in Madness and Blood>!]

[Acquired the skill <Blood Mining>.]

Absorption Daebeop is a skill that absorbs the opponent's magic power.

If you were lucky, you could also bring your opponent's skills in the process.

<Blood Mineralization>

Rank: B

Trigger blood, causing it to be mineralized. He loses his temper, but his combat power rises rapidly.

It's a trash skill!

Choi Yeon-seung thought that he should never use it, and continued to absorb magical power.

-Human, human. Can't I let go... !

Akkrata seemed to have regained his reason thanks to the horsepower being accelerated by more than half.

Somehow, I tried to grab Choi Yeon-seung's arm with both hands and take it off.

However, Choi Yeon-seung has already had a lot of Akkrata's magical power.

There was no way Akkrata would win if it went into a power battle.


There was a sound of broken bones from Akkrata's body. Akkrata's face was distorted with pain.

[<The Noble Crown Collector> says that the fight is over. They are told to declare surrender.]

[I am curious about the choice of <The Demon of Contract and Order> and <A Warrior Stained in Madness and Blood>.]

The battle was already over in the view of the constellations.

Akkrata had no way of counterattacking Choi Yeon-seung.

I allowed access against Choi Yeon-seung, who has such a powerful drain skill.

Since then, Akkrata has been defeated.

Akkrata's defeat, pushed only with effortlessly!

On the other hand, even though the level was low, Choi Yeon-seung, who persisted and aimed at the opponent's weakness with the skill he had, was more outstanding.

The only thing left now is either Akkrata surrender or <The Warrior Stained in Madness and Blood> surrender.

However, Akkrata did not surrender.

As a family, you cannot disappoint the owner!

The loyalty of this Orc warrior preceded his life.

The Warriors Stained in Madness and Blood also did not shout a declaration of surrender.

Because of pride!

He had already been embarrassed, but he didn't want to bend his pride once more.

Akkrata's life?

The life of the family was insignificant before the pride of the constellation.

“Aren’t you surrendering? You wouldn't have to devote your throat to a fight like this.”

-If you want to kill it, kill it! human! I will not surrender as a member of Akkrata, a warrior stained with madness and blood!

Akkrata's magical power was absorbed randomly.

Now, if only the remaining life is absorbed, Akkrata will dry out as it is.

"Hmm. Isn't this a victory? I have to stop breathing

Choi Yeon-seung is watching the constellations

Talked to him.

[The Noble Crown Collector says that the fight is over, so don't insist and declare surrender with dignity.]

[<Lava and Magma's Cat> just tells you to stop breathing!]

The cat constellation sent a separate message to Choi Yeon-seung.

-Why the hell don't you stop breathing?!

Was Choi Yeon-seung such a weak constellation?

...No, seeing other constellations beating around, that was absolutely not...

-no. I was just telling the other person to be more intense.


The cat constellation was moved by Choi Yeon-seung's words.

The incarnation of training was thinking like this even in the midst of this!

The future of our <The Association of Small and Medium Constellations> is bright!

“If this guy doesn’t want to do it, the owner can tell.”

Choi Yeon-seung stopped hoping without stopping Akkrata's breath. Then he looked confidently at the constellations.

Kind of pressure!

Some impatient constellations shouted,'Just kill!', but most of the constellations seemed impressed by Choi Yeon-seung's proud attitude.

Few mortals could stand up before the constellation.

Get down on your knees or go down on your own

It is common to come.

[<The Demon of Contract and Order> agrees with Choi Yeon-seung. They say the fight is over.]

[<A warrior of sweat and flesh] agrees with that. They tell you to end the fight with honor.]



The words of numerous constellations.

<A warrior stained with madness and blood> sharpened his teeth.

The more you endure here, only your own humiliation will worsen!

Eventually (A Warrior Stained in Madness and Blood) declared surrender.

[<A warrior stained with madness and blood] has declared surrender!]

[The Constellation War is over!]

When the fight is over, the constellations cheer

it started. Although it was not heard in a voice, intense message windows poured out.

It was because I saw an exciting fight after a long time.

The recent constellation wars were often canceled if they thought they were at a slight disadvantage to each other.

It's been a while since the constellation battle where one side does not give up in an unfavorable position like this!

Moreover, it was even more dramatic as the disadvantaged side even won dramatically.

[<The storyteller who loves rumors and explanations> praises your valor and gives you a soul stone as a gift]

[<The Fighter of Sweat and Flesh> pays homage to your fight... ]

[<The Noble Crown Collector>

He asks if he will leave the underworld and come to his own family.]


Countless glory to the winner.

A tremendous humiliation to the loser.

This was the constellation war. Choi Yeon-seung felt his presence greatly increased.

It wasn't even before I had yet to receive the rewards for <A Warrior Stained in Madness and Blood>.

This rise is the reward you've earned yourself for fighting!

It was a reward for winning fights in an unfavorable state with the ranks of the ``warriors stained with madness and blood''.

And the real reward came in.

[The <Blood Fortress>, which <The Warrior Stained in Madness and Blood> before the constellation, is your source.]

[As the realm of the abyss enters under your control, its presence greatly increases!]

[The first constellation battle was held. You are eligible to participate in the ranking of the constellations in the district.]

[You are ranked among the constellations of the Earth.]

[Your current ranking is 127th.]

What is this??

Choi Yeon-seung had no choice but to be embarrassed by the message window saying the ranking he had never thought of.


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