I Copy Talents | Chapter 119 | B Level Beast Hardest Hit Area

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Chapter 119 B Level Beast Hardest Hit Area

 North City.

Baiyun base city B level fierce beast disaster area.

There are many high-level ferocious beasts in the periphery, but there are too many fierce beasts in the center. With the strength of the wolf tooth team, we can't enter the center of the north city.

The northern city used to be a city. After the fierce beasts occupied the North City, it became a paradise for fierce animals.

Langya team arrived in Beicheng.

If you didn't know in advance that this is a city, ye Chen can't see it.

The north city is like a forest now!

Ye came to the north city to copy his talent. You know, he still has nine opportunities to copy.

"Look for the beast." MuQing said.

Ye Chen takes out the trigeminal ghost head knife in the system space, which is also a high-grade refined steel weapon.

In Baiyun base city, high-grade fine steel weapons are the best weapons.

Suddenly, a nine level fierce beast iron foot fierce rabbit appeared in front of them.

"Iron foot fierce rabbit: fierce beast."

"Talent: second power talent."

"Level: nine."

Ye dust shook his head, thinking that this talent is too rubbish.

"Solve this iron foot fierce rabbit!" Mu Qing cheered.

At this time, Xu Hao stopped Mu Qing.

"Commander, although we all know that ye Chen's background is very strong, we have not seen his strength, so..."

Xu Hao did not continue to say, but the next words are self-evident.

"Xu Hao, what's your name?"

Mu Qing brows a frown, this is not to doubt the strength of Ye Chen.

"I want to see ye Chen's strength?" Leaf dust a smile, "can."

The sound falls, the leaf dust raises the trigeminal ghost head knife a Yang, toward the iron foot fierce rabbit of dozens of meters place to walk past.

This nine level ferocious beast, iron foot fierce rabbit, is huge, with red eyes and black body. It looks terrible.

In addition to Mu Qing, several members of the wolf tooth team disdain to look at Ye Chen. Although the people behind Ye Chen have destroyed their homes, they look down on Ye Chen in their heart.

It's just that there's a background. What's great about it!

They think that although Ye Chen is a master level realm, he will be in a mess when facing this fierce rabbit with iron feet.

How could they know that ye Chen killed the Purple Striped tiger, a fierce beast at the primary level, when he was in the severe disaster area of the C-level fierce beast.

Leaf dust walked to three meters away from the iron foot fierce rabbit, this iron foot fierce rabbit did not have the slightest intention of escaping, but also looked at Ye dust fiercely.

You may not believe it. This fierce rabbit with iron feet actually took the lead to rush towards Ye Chen.

The Ninth level fierce beast pours on Ye Chen, which is really hitting the stone with an egg!

I saw Ye Chen erect the trigeminal ghost head knife in his hand, and the knife fell in his hand. The cold light flashed "Shua".

The Ninth level fierce beast iron foot fierce rabbit falls on the ground, where there is still a little bit of vitality.


Xu Hao, Zhang Yunhao and Baizi are all in a daze.

They had thought that ye Chen would be in a mess when facing the iron foot fierce rabbit, but they would not think that the iron foot fierce rabbit was actually killed by Ye Chen.

"Now you see."

Mu Qing looks at three people and says.

Although she has never seen the strength of Ye Chen, her intuition tells her that ye Chen is very strong, even stronger than her.

Women's instincts are always accurate.

The nine level fierce beast is worth 90000 yuan crystal, and 90000 yuan crystal has been respectively put into the account of five people in wolf tooth team.


A fierce animal's roar came into the ears of the five members of the wolf tooth team.

Wolf teeth team found that the trees in front of them were all bent by the strong wind, and a huge eagle flew out.

"Primary beast soldier level fierce beast, flying blood eagle!"


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