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Chapter 120 Copy Advanced Speed Talent

 It's a fierce beast of junior Orc level. It's a flying blood eagle.

Let Mu Qing several people did not expect that the flying blood eagle's target is actually them.

"Flying blood eagle: fierce beast."

"Talent: high speed talent."

"Realm: primary beast soldier level."

Four big characters appeared on the retina of Ye Chen:

"copy or not!"

Ye Chen copied the flying blood eagle's high speed talent without hesitation.


"Since the host has copied the high speed talent, congratulations to the host for getting a random treasure chest."

The sound of the system appears in Ye Chen's mind.

But ye Chen has no time to open the random treasure box, because the flying blood eagle has arrived in front of them.

The wolf teeth team all dodged and avoided the terrible attack of flying blood eagle.

"Ready to fight!" Mu Qing cheered coldly.

Although the flying blood eagle is a fierce beast at the level of beast soldiers, they are a small team composed of masters. It is certain to kill this flying blood eagle.

Suddenly, the flying blood eagle began to shake its wings, and the wind was blowing!

The strong wind has a lot of killing power. I'm afraid that some low-level warriors will be torn to pieces by the strong wind.

Ye Chen urges shadow step of yellow level advanced skill. After medium speed talent becomes high speed talent, his speed is several times faster.

Just in an instant, leaf dust came to the heart behind the flying blood eagle.

"Heartless firebombs!"

The low-level skill of xuanjie is merciless, and the firebombs burst out from ye Chen's hand and attack the flying blood eagle.

Blue flame to the back of the flying blood eagle, flying blood eagle began to cry in pain.

But the blue flame lasted only a few seconds and then disappeared.

"Fire, fire talent?"

Xu Hao, Zhang Yunhao and Bai Ziming were shocked.

"Attack, attack!" Mu Qing quickly cheered.

Immediately, MuQing several people began to use martial arts to attack the flying blood eagle.

Flying blood eagle head and tail hard to care, waving wings ready to escape.

At this time, ye Chen jumped to his feet and yelled loudly:

"powerful Bull Demon fist!"

A heavy blow hit the head of the flying blood eagle.

The flying blood eagle immediately fell to the ground.

Wolf teeth team attack!

But this flying blood eagle is much better than the Purple Striped demon tiger Ye Chen met in Linjiang town.

The flying blood eagle swooped down and flew Bai Ziming upside down. Bai Ziming fell on the ground again and spat out a big mouthful of blood.

Wood green several people are surprised, where to think of this flying blood eagle is so brave ah.


A cold light appeared.

Ye Chen holds high the trigeminal ghost head knife and cuts it off!

This flying blood eagle has been seriously injured. With Ye Chen's all-out knife, the flying blood eagle is finally dead.

"Congratulations to the host on becoming the master of two stars."

There are four cyan yuan chakras in Ye Chen's body. What ye Chen didn't expect was that the four cyan yuan wheels were all good, that is to say, he is now the strength of the four-star master.

By the way!

And a random treasure chest.

Ye Chen opened the random treasure box in a hurry:

"congratulations to the host for acquiring the advanced skill of Xuan level, Liuguang shadow step. Would you like to ask if the host practices


“10%… 30%… 60%… 100%?”

"Liuguang shadow step cultivation success."

There was a wonderful color on Ye Chen's face.

"Ye Chen, I didn't expect that you were the super genius of fire department." Xu Hao said to Ye Chen.

"Yes, ye Chen, I was really sorry just now. We still look down on you. We have no eyes." Zhang Yunhao also said.

Leaf dust shakes his head, he does not care about these.

Bai Ziming has stood up from the ground, his injury is not heavy, after eating a hemostatic pill, has been completely recovered.

"There are eight more opportunities to replicate talent." Ye Chen said to himself.


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