I Copy Talents | Chapter 121 | Senior Beast Soldier Grade Fierce Beast Cold Water Demon Flood

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Chapter 121 Senior Beast Soldier Grade Fierce Beast Cold Water Demon Flood

 The wolf teeth team continued to search for the fierce beast in the north city.

"Bronze tortoise!"

Suddenly, Bai Ziming had a big drink.

Wolf teeth team several people follow Bai Ziming's eyes, found that dozens of meters away from them, there is a huge turtle.

The whole body of the tortoise was bronze, and it was very dazzling in the sun.

"Bronze turtle: fierce beast."

"Talent: advanced defense talent."

"Level: nine."

Advanced defense talent?

The corners of Ye Chen's mouth rose slightly, and a wonderful color appeared on her face.



A few seconds later, ye Chen copied the bronze turtle's advanced defense talent.

At this point, all attribute talents have become higher talents.

The tortoise's Bronze armor was also copied in the bronze armor.

Although the bronze tortoise is a high defense talent, it is only the Ninth level fierce beast after all.

In the crystal card of the five members of the wolf tooth team, 16000 polycrystals were received again.

Leaf dust opens its own attribute panel:

"host: leaf dust."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: Fire talent, high strength talent, high speed talent, high defense talent."

"Skills: Yuan Ling Ba Tian Jue, divine level fire control skill, powerful cow and devil fist, shadow step, Liuguang shadow step, Vajra shield, tiger cloud palm."

"Realm: two star master."

Ye Chen is still very satisfied with his own attributes.


Attribute talent is only high at most. He wants more natural talent now.

Drop by drop!

Suddenly, the voice on the wrist is blue.

Mu Qing pressed a button, and a light came out of the communication table, and a slightly old face appeared on the light.

"Lord, what's the matter?"

The image projected from the communication table is Gao Qishan, leader of the mercenary alliance.

"MuQing, the cold water devil in the cold pool of the north city is out of the cold pool. The main team of the four mercenary regiments has suffered heavy casualties. Go and help them!"


Several members of the wolf tooth mercenary team were all shocked.

Is the cold water demon Jiao coming out of the cold pool?

"Let's go to the cold pool!"

The sound falls, wolf tooth mercenary troop several people hastily toward the cold pool but.



The wolf tooth mercenary team can already hear the roar and scream of fierce beasts.

A moment later, a ten Zhang long cold water devil Jiao appeared in front of Ye Chen.

The cold water devil Jiao was black with green eyes and two horns on his head. He swallowed a star master in one mouthful.


There was a constant scream.

Five main mercenary regiments of mercenary alliance:

Langya mercenary regiment, Fengtu mercenary corps, thunderbolt mercenary regiment, Blackwater mercenary regiment and fire snake mercenary regiment.

All around the cold pool are the main teams.


A two star master cried out.

They all came to the north city to hunt and kill fierce animals, but the cold water devil Jiao which had not been out of the cold pool for more than three years actually appeared.

But the speed of the cold water devil Jiao was too fast. It was just an instant, and two masters died.

Ye Chen is more than 10 meters away from the cold water devil Jiao, but he knows he can't give up this opportunity.

He urged the Xuan level advanced martial arts skills Liuguang shadow step, plus the high speed talent, immediately narrowed the distance a lot.

"Cold water devil Jiao: fierce beast."

"Talent: water talent."

"Level: Senior ORC."

Ye Chen quickly copied the water system talent of the cold water devil Jiao.


The cold water devil Jiao opened its mouth, and the water dragon wave flew out of it.

Several one star masters, too late to dodge, were hit by the water dragon wave, instantly melted into a white bone.


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