I Copy Talents | Chapter 122 | The Five Main Teams Have Suffered Numerous Casualties

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Chapter 122 The Five Main Teams Have Suffered Numerous Casualties

 The main teams of the five mercenaries were all stunned.

"Get out of here

The cold water devil Jiao spurts water dragon wave again!

A master was melted into white bones, and the water dragon splashed at the leaf dust.

Ye Chen opened his eyes and couldn't hide!

"Diamond shield!"

Ye Chen had a big drink, and the phantom of Vajra shield condensed from his vitality appeared in front of him.

Fortunately, Vajra's shield is an intermediate skill of metaphysical level, and his defense talent has reached a higher level.

The diamond shield blocks the splash of the water dragon wave.

Then, he used the streamer shadow step to jump forward to Mu Qing's body.

The main squadron of the five mercenaries almost died and injured, and the scene was terrible.


The five main teams almost escaped from Beicheng in one breath.

No one died in the other four teams, two or even three of them.

They were all paralyzed on the ground, and their faces turned grey.


"As the host replicates the nature talent, an additional treasure chest will be acquired."

Ye Chen opened the treasure chest:

"get purple fire."

"Get the water dragon bullet, an intermediate skill of Xuan level."

Purple fire is one level better than green fire.

Ye Chen trained the water dragon bomb.

He now has two natural talents.

"I didn't expect the cold water devil Jiao to be unexpectedly!"

"This time, our mercenary alliance has suffered heavy casualties, and our vitality has been greatly damaged."

The captains of several teams all shook their heads and sighed.

It's hard for a ten Star Warrior to become a master of one star!

Some people may spend their whole life in ten star martial arts, so it is very difficult to cultivate a master.

So many masters died this time!

The main team of the five mercenaries returned to the mercenary League.

Interior Hall of mercenary League.

The old face of gaoqishan, the leader of the alliance, was devastated.

"Name: Gao Qishan."

"Cultivation talent: high."

"Hidden talent: high power talent."

"Realm: one star war general."

Gao Qi Shan sighed heavily.

"I have told the city Lord what happened today."

"Alliance leader, we must destroy the cold water devil Jiao!"

Mu Qing said to Gao Qishan.

However, Gaoqi mountain shook his head. "The city Lord sent a reconnaissance plane to investigate, and found that the King Kong ape appeared in the periphery of the North City overlord in the disaster area with B-level fierce beasts."


Everyone was shocked.

King Kong, the overlord of the northern city, is a fierce beast at the rank of beast general.

"Now it is not a cold water devil Jiao thing, the target of the northern city fierce beast may be Baiyun base city." Said Gao Qishan.

They all looked at each other.

Since its establishment, Baiyun base city has been attacked by fierce beasts.

"By the way, are you ye Chen?"

Gao Qishan suddenly said to Ye Chen.

"I'm Ye Chen." Ye Chen said.

"The Lord of the city will see you." Gao Qishan continued.

When ye Chen is stunned, does the city see himself?

Of course he didn't think of it.

Immediately, Gao Qishan, leader of the mercenary alliance, sent a special car to take ye Chen to the city Lord's house.


City Lord's house.

This is the center of power in Baiyun base city.

Outside the city Lord's house is heavily guarded. All soldiers are armed with guns and bullets. Their guns and bullets are specially made, so they have great lethality.

At this time, a middle-aged man came out.

"Name: Qin'an."

"Cultivation talent: medium."

"Hidden talent: Medium Power talent."

"Realm: Seven Star master."

Ye Chen, a middle-aged man, once saw a fierce beast attacking an'cheng. He saw it on the outer wall of an'cheng. That was when he copied the cultivation talent of wind chime.


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