I Copy Talents | Chapter 124 | I Dont Know If I Can Stand It

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Chapter 124 I Dont Know If I Can Stand It

 At this time, three voices, such as the yellow warbler coming out of the valley, came into the ears of all.

"Qianqian, don't worry, ye dust must not leave Baiyun base city."

"Leave again how, with Qian Qian appearance still afraid to find better."

"You can't say that. Qianqian likes Ye Chen very much."

Three girls of sixteen or seventeen came in.

The three women are not others, but Liu Qianqian, Shi Ling and Fengling.

As soon as they entered, they were stunned to see this serious scene.

Liu Qianqian saw the leaf dust, white face appeared a touch of joy color, ready to go to the past was pulled by the stone spirit.

"How did you come back?"

A calm face in the wind.

"Dad, we just want to come back and have a look." Wind chime did not know what happened, the voice revealed a touch of timid color.

Liu Qianqian and Shi Ling once came to the city Lord's house when they went to Yunding school, so Fengzhan naturally knew them.

"Lord, what do you think?"

Gao Qishan watched the wind fight.

As the leader of the mercenary League of Baiyun base city, so many masters died in the five main teams. He had already hated the fierce beasts.


An old man gave a cold smile.

"The number of ferocious beasts in Beicheng is not what we can imagine. Moreover, Vajra ape is an intermediate level beast. Who can block it

"What's more, there are very few troops in our North City, and the number of soldiers is even less."

Gao Qishan looked at the old man and said, "master Chen, do you mean to give up Baiyun base city and escape?"

The old man named Chen FA is the owner of Chen family in Baiyun base city and a star general.

"Brother Gao, do you think I want to run away? The strength of the other side is too strong. I'm not afraid that there is no firewood left in the castle peak!"

"I'm against it. It's a big deal to die!"

"Your death will have no effect. If you die, the fierce beast will not occupy Baiyun base city?"

The two sides fought with each other to avoid their sharp points.

Liu Qianqian, Shiling and Fengling also know what happened. Their eyes are wide open. I can't believe that the fierce beast is going to attack Baiyun base city.


"Congratulations to the host for a chance of supernatural combat power."

Suddenly, the sound of the system appeared in Ye Chen's mind.

Supernatural combat power: it can increase your own strength by a thousand times, lasting for 30 minutes.

"The head falls off but bowl big scar, you want to run, I Hu Gang is not afraid of any King Kong bully ape."

Hu Gang, President of Baiyun middle training college, spoke coldly.

"It's just a senseless sacrifice!"

"What about unnecessary sacrifice? It's better than being a shrinking turtle."

The two sides continue to quarrel!

"Sister Ling, is the fierce beast so strong?"

Liu Qianqian some stay, in her impression, Baiyun base city defense can be extremely strong ah.

"The fierce beasts in the north city are too big. These fierce beasts have been occupying the northern city. This attack on the base city is estimated to be..."

Wind chime white face is also very lonely up.

"Chen FA, I didn't think you were so timid before. Why do you pee your pants when you hear that the fierce beast is going to attack the base city?"

Looking at the house owner, Chen fagang despised him.

"Hu Gang, what do you mean?" Chen FA looks at Hu Gang.

"It doesn't mean much." Hu Gang said.

"That's good!" Chen FA was biting his teeth. "Can you resist the attack of King Kong's great ape? Can you resist a blow?"

When Hu Gang and Chen FA argued with each other, a young voice came into everyone's ears.

"Stop it."

The crowd followed the voice and found that it was Ye Chen who was speaking.

"I wonder if I can stand it."

Ye Chen looked at the crowd and spoke slowly.


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