I Copy Talents | Chapter 125 | The Army Of Beasts Is Here

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Chapter 125 The Army Of Beasts Is Here

 Everyone in the room was shocked.

With the exception of a few people, many people do not know ye Chen.

"Are you..."

Chen FA looks at Ye Chen and asks.

"Leaf dust." Ye Chen said lightly.

Naturally, people have heard the name of Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, is that elder ready to make a move?" Chen FA asked again.

The elder in Chen FA's mouth refers to fengcang.

Leaf dust shook his head, "I do it myself."


Everyone in the room was surprised.

Three women look at Ye Chen in consternation, do they hand?

Fengling still remembers Ye Chen, and saw it once on the outer wall of an'cheng.

"So ye Chen, what state are you?"

"Two star master."

Ye Chen replied truthfully.

All the people in the room shook their heads. They all felt that ye Chen was crazy. How dare they say that.

It is impossible for a two-star master to block the King Kong ape of intermediate rank.

Liu Qianqian and Shi Ling didn't expect that ye Chen's cultivation speed was so fast. When he left, ye Chen was still a star martial artist. Now they are two-star masters.


Shi Ling looks at Ye Chen. She feels that ye Chen is a bit over her own. She even wants to do it by herself. The two star master is a mole ant in front of the beast general.

"Lord of the city!" Qin'an, the leader of the guard team, ran over and said, "the fierce beast army is less than five miles away from the outer wall!"

Some people in the room were fighting, others were timid.

"I've decided." The city Lord's wind war swept the crowd, "fight!"


Baiyun base city, outer city wall.

Ye Chen and the three women all came to the outer wall. Originally, they were not allowed to come by the wind war, but they insisted on coming.

At this time, the walls of the outer city were full of troops, armed with various weapons and piled with huge stones.

In the face of large-scale fierce beast attack, the warrior is also powerless.

"Ye Chen, do you really want to fight that King Kong ape?" Liu Qianqian looks at Ye Chen anxiously.

There is an insurmountable gap between two star master and beast general level fierce beast. Everyone thinks Ye Chen is a madman.

Ye Chen thinks that he has got a chance to use the supernatural combat power. The supernatural combat power can be increased by a thousand times. He thinks that it should be no problem to defeat the fierce beast of intermediate level.

If he didn't want Baiyun base to perish, what was the relationship between some people's lives and him just now?

For example, Chen's family leader, Chen FA's stream.

"Some people just pretend to be forced and like to talk about the supreme temple." Shi Ling sneered at Ye Chen.

Since Shi Ling misunderstood Ye Chen's liking to read those books, she hasn't given her a good look, but ye Chen doesn't want to pay too much attention to her.

"Ling'er." Wind bell called stone Ling, "how can you say that? I think ye Chen's courage is commendable."

"Here comes the army of fierce beasts!"

I don't know who was drinking.

Everyone on the outer wall looked down.

The fierce beast rushed over like a black cloud, which made people's scalp numb.

It is the first time that all people have seen so many fierce beasts.

Among the fierce beasts, a King Kong ape with amazing height is reflected in people's eyes.

This King Kong ape is the northern city overlord, intermediate level beast general level fierce beast.


A man in military uniform cheered.

All the troops on the outer wall held their guns tightly.

When the dense and fierce beast entered the attack range, the man in military uniform cried out:



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