I Copy Talents | Chapter 126 | Use Super Power

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Chapter 126 Use Super Power

 An order!

Tens of thousands of troops opened fire.

All kinds of cannons went down like crazy.

But they are not facing human beings, but fierce animals!

You know, fierce beasts are very defensive.

Numerous fierce beasts easily broke through the fire blockade, and these fierce beasts began to climb up the wall.

The army began to move stones and smash them, but the number of fierce beasts was too large. One after another, they climbed up.

The Warriors also began to use their martial arts to attack the fierce beasts that were climbing up.


Suddenly, three flying blood Eagles appeared in the air.

The flying blood eagle is a fierce beast of junior level.

The three flying blood Eagles spread their wings, and the wings fluttered wildly, and the wind was strong.

The troops on the outer city walls were ordinary people, and hundreds of soldiers were torn by the gale.

Ye Chen steps on the city with the advanced xuanjie martial arts skill Liuguang shadow step. Although he was a master of two stars, Yuan Ling Ba Tian Jue made him have four green yuan wheels in his body, and Yuan force was magnificent.

"Big bull magic fist!"

He hit three fists at the three flying blood eagles. The three flying blood Eagles quickly fell to the ground and killed many fierce beasts.

"The two star master has such fighting power?"

All the warriors on the outer wall were shocked.

The third girl was also surprised, especially the most disliked stone spirit. Her white face was astonished.

Although many fierce beasts broke through the firepower blockade line, they failed to get up to the outer wall.

Several flying blood Eagles appear again!

However, Hu Gang, the dean of Baiyun secondary training college, did it.

Several flying blood Eagles face a star General Hu Gang, but in an instant they hit the ground heavily.

In this war, as long as the warriors are all on the wall of the outer city, whether it is the forging body realm or the Star Warrior.

The battle lasted a day and a night!

The troops were exhausted, and more and more fierce beasts gathered under the outer wall.

Finally, when the sun just rose, more than a dozen fierce beasts rushed to the outer wall.

Fortunately, as soon as these ten fierce beasts rushed up the outer city wall, they were killed.


This is just the beginning!

More and more fierce beasts rushed up the outer wall.

The warriors and troops on the outer wall began to tear and kill the fierce beasts.

For a moment, there was a river of blood.

And the northern city overlord King Kong overlord ape is finally to the lower part of the outer wall.

Beside this King Kong ape, there are five fierce beasts who look so terrible. They jump up one after another and jump onto the outer wall.

Ye Chen stares at the monkey below. He has been waiting for the opportunity. If the ape is far away from him and there are many fierce animals around him, he can't break through so many fierce animals.

In this way, it will only waste the time of supernatural combat power. After all, the duration of supernatural combat power is only 30 minutes.

But now it's different. This King Kong ape is down there.

"Use: supernatural power!"

Ye Chen uses the supernatural combat power, which can enhance the combat power by thousands of times. His whole body suddenly emits a golden light, which is dazzling.

"Is this absolute power?"

At the moment, his body can't even bear the load of dust!

"Be careful!"

The cold water devil Jiao opened his mouth and flew towards Liu Qianqian.

A few meters away from Liu Qianqian, Shiling and Fengling two girls yelled.

Liu Qianqian went back to her body and found that the bloody mouth of the cold water devil Jiao was about to reach her.

At this time, a young man with golden light all over his body appeared in front of Liu Qianqian.


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