I Copy Talents | Chapter 247 | Xuanyang Fire Pig

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Chapter 247 Xuanyang Fire Pig

 Iron and steel mad cow is only a seven level fierce beast. It is not difficult to solve more than ten steel mad cattle with the strength of the mercenaries of Xiaoyun mercenary group.

Before long, more than a dozen iron and steel mad cattle were solved by the mercenaries of Xiaoyun mercenary group.

"This time, we must do a good job with our predecessors." Tian Jiang said with a smile.

The faces of the mercenaries were also overjoyed. Although they had entered the cave of the diseased wood many times, they were afraid every time. This time, they were much relieved when there was leaf dust.


Suddenly, a fierce animal roared into their ears.

Xiaoyun mercenary group of mercenaries quickly follow the voice to see, do not look at it does not matter, a look all startled.

"Xuanyang fire pig!"

Tian Jiang and the mercenaries retreated.

Ye Chen looks at xuanyang fire pig. I'm afraid this wild boar must have a thousand catties. It's red all over, and it's still emitting terrible high temperature.

"Xuanyang fire pig: fierce beast."

"Talent: Fire talent."

"Level: intermediate level beast general level fierce beast."

Tian Jiang, head of Xiaoyun's mercenary regiment, is not only a star general, but also the strongest existence of the mercenary regiment. He has no chance of winning in the face of intermediate level beast generals and fierce beasts.

At the moment, xuanyang fire pig, which is more than 20 meters away from them, is watching them dead. Its tusks, which are 20 cm long, are shining with cold light.

Xuanyang Huo pig, an intermediate general level fierce beast, will come up at any time.

"Isn't xuanyang fire pig in the deep of the sick wood's cave? How can it appear here?"

A mercenary was shocked.

Suddenly, xuanyang fire pig directly hit them.

"Be careful!"

Tian Jiang quickly cried out.

Xiaoyun mercenary group of mercenaries quickly found a safe place.

When he saw the sun on his face, it was as if the fire had not moved.

"Master, get away from me!" Tian Jiang shouts to Ye Chen.

In Tianjiang's voice has just dropped, this xuanyang fire pig is only a line away from ye dust.

Xuanyang fire pig opened its big mouth, and its tusks, 20 cm long, looked terrible. This xuanyang fire pig is going to bite Ye Chen's neck.

It's a pity that ye Chen will not give this xuanyang fire pig a chance.

He dodged and escaped the bite of xuanyang fire pig.

Tian Jiang and all the mercenaries saw Ye Chen dodging, and they all gave a breath.

Xuanyang fire pig seems to be very unwilling to do the same, in situ roar a few times, and then open a big mouth, a flame toward the leaf dust came over.

It's not surprising that this xuanyang fire pig has a fire talent and can spit out flames.

Ye Chen looked at the fire and thought that since it was like this, why didn't he treat him in his own way?

But see: leaf dust spread out his hand, a red flame appeared in his hand.

"Yan Long Jue!"

Yanlong Jue, an intermediate martial skill of the earth level, is issued.

The red flame in Ye Chen's hand instantly turns into a fire dragon, and the fire dragon sends out bursts of terrible hiss and roars.


All of a sudden, the flame to the dust disappeared. The red dragon continued to strike at xuanyang fire pig.

The pupil of xuanyang fire pig shrinks fiercely.

In an instant, this xuanyang fire pig gave out a real killing pig like roar.

A few seconds later, it was the fragrance that was all over the place.

Xiaoyun mercenary regiment everyone is stunned, for a long time can not return to God.

"Xuanyang fire pig was killed by the elder?"


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