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Chapter 249 Copy Thunder Talent

 Ye Chen looks at the big hole in front of him, and there are gusts of wind coming from the big hole.

He thought that Tian Jiang's deep hole should be here.

Thunder steel magic tiger belongs to the junior beast king level fierce beast, he will certainly be able to defeat, but there is a little hope, the most important thing is that he wants to see if the thunder steel magic tiger has any replicable talent.

Now it's hard to replicate a good talent.

Without much thought, he walked into the cave.

There are no fingers in the cave. It's terrible black.

After walking for more than ten minutes, ye Chen felt a bad smell. He knew it was the smell of fierce animal urine and feces.

All of a sudden, a pair of egg size, red eyes into the eyes of leaf dust.

Ye Chen is on guard and looks at the monster more than ten meters away.

He walked forward a few meters, and the talent and level information of the monster finally appeared in Ye Chen's eyes.

"Thunder steel magic Tiger: fierce beast."

"Talent: Ray talent."

"Rank: Junior beast king level fierce beast."

There is a wonderful color on Ye Chen's face. He thinks that he has no place to look for. He can't waste his kung fu.

"Copy or not!"

These four characters appeared in his pupil.


Ye Chen does not hesitate to copy thunder steel magic tiger's thunder talent.

Lei Gang magic tiger stares at Ye Chen, and her eyes are as red as eggs. It doesn't take the lead to rush over. It seems to be weighing Ye dust.

Ye Chen takes down the Juxing Epee behind his back, and his sword holding hand is shocked. The four talents of water, fire, wind and thunder appear on the Juxing epee.

With the attribute bonus of gold talent, the high-level Star iron weapon, the Juxing Epee, has become dazzling.

"Come on." Ye Chen looked at the thunder steel magic tiger in front of him, "brute."

Lei Gang magic tiger seems to be able to understand Ye Chen's words, he roared angrily, and then rushed to Ye dust fiercely.

"Split the king to cut!"

The Juxing Epee attached to water, fire, wind and thunder fell down fiercely. The sword, water, firepower, wind and thunder force interweaved into a long dragon, attacking the thunder steel and magic tiger.

Thunder steel magic tiger a dodge not to be able to, by such a terrible blow in the middle of the eyebrow.


Thunder steel magic tiger screamed, fell on the ground, convulsed several times, then no life.

Ye Chen murmured. Fortunately, the thunder steel magic tiger is equivalent to his realm. If it is equivalent to the four-star war king, he can't win in any case.

Is the so-called wealth insurance in the pursuit!

Immediately, he used the hunter watch on his wrist to irradiate the thunder steel magic tiger, and ten million yuan crystal went to his account.

Lei Gang magic tiger is a junior beast king level fierce beast. The corpse designated old nose is valuable. He thinks Xiaoyun mercenary group is not bad.

He put the body of thunder steel magic tiger into the system space, ready to give the body of thunder steel magic tiger to Xiaoyun mercenary group.

What ye Chen didn't expect was that when he got to the outside of the sick wood's cave, he found that Xiaoyun mercenary group was still here.

Xiaoyun mercenary group of mercenaries see ye Chen, they all meet.

"Master, are you ok?"

Tian Jiang asked in a hurry.

In the opinion of all the servants of Xiaoyun mercenary group, ye Chen is their Savior. If ye Chen was not the XuanHuo pig, they would not know how many deaths and injuries would be.

"I'm fine." Ye Chen said lightly.

Tian Jiang breathed a sigh, "master, fortunately you didn't find the thunder steel magic tiger. Many fierce beast hunters went to find the thunder steel magic tiger in those years. As a result..."

His words have not finished, the next scene, but let him no longer speak.


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