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Chapter 250 S Class Beast Hunter

 The body of Leigang magic tiger, the overlord of the sick wood cave, suddenly appears in the view of all the mercenaries of Xiaoyun mercenary group.


They rubbed their eyes and felt that they were wrong, but no matter how they rubbed their eyes, the body of Lei Gang magic tiger was still in front of them.


How did it happen?

"Master, you killed Lei Gang magic tiger?"

Tian Jiang looks at Ye Chen in horror.

At this time, the mercenaries reflected that, compared with how the corpse of thunder steel magic tiger appeared, was it not more shocking that the primary beast king level fierce beast Lei Gang magic tiger was killed?

"Well, I killed it." Ye Chen nodded and said.

All the mercenaries in Xiaoyun's mercenary regiment were frozen in place like clay sculptures, and could not return to their gods for a long time.

Ye Chen looks at all the mercenaries in Xiaoyun's mercenary group. He really doesn't understand why they should be shocked. After all, they still take themselves too low.

"The body of the tiger." Ye Chen looked at Tian Jiang, head of Xiaoyun mercenary regiment, "it should be very valuable."

Tianjiang smell speech returned to God, to the leaf dust quickly replied: "of course, of course, it is valuable."

"In that case, I'll give it to you." Ye Chen said lightly.

Hearing this, all the servants of Xiaoyun's mercenary regiment were stunned.

"Master, are you serious?"

Tian Jiang looks at Ye Chen with disbelief. After all, this gift is too valuable.

"Do you think I'm joking?" Ye Chen said leisurely.

Xiaoyun mercenary group only felt that happiness came too suddenly, and their whole body could not stop shaking. They worked as mercenaries just to make a living. They were old and young. With the body of the thunder steel tiger, they could live a rich life for ten years.

Ye Chen and Xiao Yun's mercenary regiment returned to Xiaoyun town.

Although Xiaoyun mercenary group tried to keep him, he still chose to take the Yuanli car back to the city of Nu Hai.


Nuhai City, Hunter hall.

Ye Chen returns to the hunter hall and kills the primary fierce king level fierce beast Lei Gang magic tiger, which means that he is already an S-level fierce beast hunter.

"Look, he took the S-level mission."

"Ha ha, I don't think it's finished. I'm back for punishment."

"Of course, if the S-level fierce beast is so easy to complete, then everyone is not a fierce beast hunter."

All the fierce hunters in the hall sneered.

Ye Chen ignored them and went to the front desk.

The front desk staff also looked at him sarcastically, "have you finished your task?"

Ye Chen put the hunter watch on his wrist on the table.

Staff see ye Chen did not answer, his face even more sarcastic, he has determined that ye Chen has not completed the task.

But when the staff picked up the hunter watch on the table, his face froze completely.

There is a line on the hunter's watch:

"has been upgraded from D level to s level fierce beast hunter."

Many fierce beast hunters in the hall also found something wrong, and they were all a little frightened. They could not help but think of an amazing possibility when they looked at the faces of the staff.

"Big, my Lord, I was wrong."

The staff at the front desk immediately apologized to Ye Chen after regaining consciousness. The cold sweat had wet his whole body.

"My Lord, I will change the information for you now."

Finish saying, the staff in the yuan Qi computer a pass operation.

A few seconds later, a voice was broadcast in the hall of Hunter Hall:

"fierce beast Hunter: ye Chen."

"Hunter level: s level."


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