I Copy Talents | Chapter 252 | Accept Yunxue As An Apprentice

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Chapter 252 Accept Yunxue As An Apprentice

 Yunxue really doesn't understand Ye Chen's meaning. Does anyone know his hidden talent.

"In fact." Ye Chen looked at Yunxue, "you have other hidden talents besides wood talent."


Yunxue was stunned.

"Master, my awakening talent in the awakening institution is wood talent, and there is no other talent." Yunxue said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen knows that no matter how he says to Yunxue, Yunxue will not believe it.

"Is there any place where you can check your talent?"


Cloud snow shook his head, "but the city of angry sea has, my family is in the city of angry sea."

This time it was Ye Chen's turn to be stunned. Naturally, he didn't expect that Yunxue's family was also in nuhai city.

"Let's go to angry sea city." Ye Chen said to Yunxue. He has just left Nu Hai City, and now he is in Nu Hai City. Who is he going to argue with.

"Master, I don't want to go to Nu Hai City." Yunxue shook her head.

Immediately, Yunxue tells the reason.

It turns out that Yunxue's family and Wang Ning's family are the big families of nuhai City, which are intertwined and have many branches.

But she naturally can not compare with Wang Ning, Wang Ning is the first genius of angry sea city after all, and she is not.

Yunxue's parents died when she was a child. She suffered a lot in the cloud family when she was young, so that she went to Jianzong and didn't want to go back to the place where she was sad.

"It's OK. I'm everything." Ye Chen said lightly.

Immediately, the leaf dust forced with cloud snow toward the city of Nu Hai.

He thought that Yunxue was also his first apprentice in the world. How could he be like this.

At least he is still a member of the supreme temple, and his apprentice should be arrogant and side leaking.

Jianzong is not far away from nuhai city. Before long, ye Chen and Yun Xue arrived at nuhai city.

"Let's go to the warlords." Ye Chen said slowly.

Cloud snow smell speech with leaf dust to the martial organization and go.

"Master, my hidden talent is really only wood talent." Cloud snow looks at leaf dust to say.

"Check it out." Ye Chen said slowly.

They went to the martial arts organization.

At this time, there were a lot of people in the martial arts organization, all in the awakening talent.

"High talent."

"High talent."

"High talent."

In the hall, everyone's cultivation talent appeared in the retina of Ye Chen.

The dust of the leaves makes the clouds and snow line up.

Finally, it's Yunxue.

Yunxue put his hand on the detector.

Hidden talent: Wood talent (awakened), healing talent (awakened)

How could it be?

Yunxue opened her eyes, she only felt that she must have been wrong.

How could she be a healer?

And it's a waking healing talent.

All the people in the hall were shocked. The wood talent is one of the five dimensional talents, which is a very powerful talent for them. But the healing talent is quite terrible.

"Hello, we are from Zhangjiakou. If you can join us, we are willing to give you the highest level of treatment."

"Come on, Zhang Jia, join my Li family."

"Join the Wu family and you can get anything from the Wu family."

When even a few old people threw olive branches to Yunxue.

With the talent of treatment, as long as you practice the related treatment skills, you will have a super miracle doctor.

Ye Chen walked to Yunxue and looked at several old people in front of him. He said slowly:

"sorry, we belong to sword clan."


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