I Copy Talents | Chapter 253 | Yun Xiaoyu

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Chapter 253 Yun Xiaoyu

 All the people in the hall were shocked.

In their eyes, Jianzong is a giant!

Several old people who throw olive branches to Yunxue are all embarrassed. Their families are not top in nuhai City, let alone facing Jianzong.

"Let's go."

Ye Chen said to Yun Xue.

Yunxue hears the speech and ye Chen goes out of the martial arts organization.

"Master, let's go back to Jianzong." Yunxue's white face was a little nervous.

Ye Chen looks at the tension on Yunxue's face. He knows that Yunxue is afraid to meet the cloud family.

How to say that Yunxue is also a proud girl of the sword clan, how can she have no confidence at all?

Ye Chen thinks that she should regain her confidence.

"Don't hurry back to Jianzong. Let's go to the hunter's hall."

Ye Chen knows that there are martial arts skills sold in the hunter hall. He wants to see if there are any healing techniques to sell.

Yunxue is from the city of angry sea. Of course, she knows what the hunter hall is. She doesn't understand what ye Chen is going to do in the hall.

Before long, they arrived at the hunter's hall.

Some fierce beast hunters in the hall knew Ye Chen, and their faces were shocked.

"Master, what are you doing here?" Yunxue is puzzled and looks at the leaf dust.

Ye Chen did not say much, he took the cloud snow to the hunter mall.

Hunter mall has weapons, martial arts, equipment sales.

Ye Chen wants to see if he has any martial arts suitable for Yunxue.

At this time, there are many fierce beast hunters in the hunter hall, they are all shopping.

"Sister Xue?"

Suddenly, a voice of astonishment passed through the ears of leaf dust and cloud snow.

Ye Chen followed the sound and found a 17-year-old girl appeared in front of them.

The girl is very beautiful, at the moment, the girl's face is with a look of amazement.


Yunxue is a little bit stunned.

The girl's name is yunxiaoyu. She looks at Yunxue and her eyes turn red.


Yunxiaoyu threw herself into Yunxue's arms and burst into tears.

The fierce beast hunters in the hunter mall were shocked to see such a scene. They thought how to cry here.

"Sister Xue, many people bully me."

Yunxiaoyu, like Yunxue, has no father or mother since childhood.

"Name: Yun Xiaoyu."

"Cultivation talent: advanced."

"Hidden talent: high power talent."

"Realm: Seven Star master."

Yunxiaoyu and Yunxue belong to the collateral lineage in the cloud family, not the direct lineage. In addition, since childhood, they have no father or mother. Not only the children of the legitimate family despise them, but also the children of the collateral family despise them.

Ye Chen did not listen to them, but looked for martial arts skills.

A few minutes later, a martial arts book came into his view.

"The art of healing."

The technique of treatment is a high-level skill of Xuan level, which is worth 10 million yuan.

Ye Chen just got 10 million Yuan Jing after killing Lei Gang magic tiger. Now Yuanjing has little effect on him. He has four earth level martial arts skills.

Without much thought, he took out the yuan crystal card, and after swiping the card, he bought the skill of treatment.

Ye Chen went to Yun Xue and said to Yun Xue: "this is a high-level martial art therapy of Xuan level."

Yunxue and yunxiaoyu are all shocked.

"Master, this..."

Yunxue took over the treatment skill of Ye Chen with shaking hands.

"Sister Xue, is he your master?" Yunxiaoyu looks at Ye Chen curiously.

"Well, that's right." Yunxue nodded and replied.

Yunxiaoyu is a little surprised. In her opinion, ye Chen is the same size as Xuejie. She is actually Xuejie's master.


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