I Copy Talents | Chapter 254 | Slap Him A Few Times

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Chapter 254 Slap Him A Few Times

 "If I'm not wrong, this should be the first day of the cloud family, Yunxue?"

Suddenly, a very harsh voice into the ear of leaf dust.

"It's Yunchen."

The fierce beast hunters in the hunter mall obviously all know Yunchen and all look at Yunchen.

Ye Chen looks at the young man in front of him. He is very good at his age.

"Name: Yunchen."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: native talent, gold talent."

"Realm: six star war general."

See cloud Chen to cloud Snow's body, his face showed a touch of sarcasm.

Like Yunchen, Wang Ning is one of the super geniuses of Nu Hai City. Wang Ning is the first and Yunchen is the second.


Yunxue's white face was very angry.

"Yunxue, I heard that you went to Jianzong and became an outsider of Jianzong. It's really disgraceful of our cloud family."

Cloud Chen disdain to look at cloud snow, then said: "you still come to hunter hall to do fierce beast hunter?"

"Yunchen, what do you mean?"

Yunxiaoyu looks at Yunchen.

"You don't talk. It's just a waste." Cloud Chen laughs at Ye Chen.

"You...!" Although Yun Xiaoyu was angry, she could not find any other reason to refute it.

Ye Chen did not expect to eat melon seeds, but also eat a bug.

"Yunxue, tell him to let him disappear in front of us." Ye Chen said to Yun Xue.

Yunchen naturally heard this, he looked at the leaf dust coldly.

"Who are you?"

He found that ye Chen was more beautiful than him, especially his eyes, which were as quiet as night and deep as sea.

"Who am I?" Ye Chen thought for a few seconds, then said to Yunchen, "I am the one you can't afford."

Some fierce hunters in the hunter mall know ye Chen, and they all show a look of horror.

"Ye Chen, a fierce hunter of s level, is really overbearing."

"Yes, if I have that kind of strength, I will be domineering."

"The key is that ye Chen is still so good-looking. It's more popular than dead."

All the fierce animal hunters began to talk.

All the people in the hunter mall were shocked.

"What? Are you an S-class beast hunter? "

Cloud Chen looks at the leaf dust in astonishment.

Yunxue and yunxiaoyu of course did not expect Ye Chen to be an S-level fierce beast hunter.

"What's wrong?" Ye Chen looks at Yunchen lightly.

Cloud Chen hears speech clench a tooth pass, dead looking at leaf dust.

"Even if you are an S-level fierce beast hunter, I am the young master of the cloud family!" Cloud Chen drinks a way.

Ye Chen thought that he had wanted to give Yunxue confidence again. Now is not the opportunity.

"Cloud snow." Leaf dust looked at cloud snow, "go and slap him in the face."


As soon as this word came out, all the people in the hunter mall were shocked.

Although Ye Chen is an S-level fierce beast hunter, Yunchen is the young master of the cloud family after all.

"What do you say?"

Cloud Chen looks gloomy and cold to the extreme.

"Go ahead." Ye Chen did not pay attention to cloud Chen, he looked at the cloud snow slowly said.

Yunxue is a little bit stunned. She knows that she is not Yunchen's opponent at all, but since Shifu said so

Immediately, cloud snow step by step toward cloud Chen walked in the past.

"Yunxue, I think you want to die!"

Cloud Chen sees cloud snow to come to him, his face is very ferocious and terrible rise.

But I saw: cloud snow went to three steps away from Yunchen and stopped. She raised her hand and slapped Yunchen's face fiercely.


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