I Copy Talents | Chapter 255 | Yun Chen Like A Pig

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Chapter 255 Yun Chen Like A Pig

 Yunchen is a six-star general, but Yunxue is only a three-star general. Naturally, she cannot be the opponent of Yunchen.

When Yunxue slaps Yunchen in the face, Yunchen also hits Yunxue heavily with a fist.

This punch, Yuan Li attached!

In the eyes of the hunters, Yunxue can't stop this blow in any case.

At this critical moment, leaf dust moved.

The speed of leaf dust is very fast, but it reaches Yunxue's body in an instant, and Yunchen's fist with Yuanli is only a line away from Yunxue.

See ye dust erect two fingers, he put cloud Chen's fist to clamp.


All the people in the hunter mall were stunned when they saw the scene in front of them.

They are all the people of the angry sea city. Naturally, they know the terror of Yunchen. But now ye Chen has caught Yunchen's fist with only two fingers.

You know, Yunchen has a native talent. Its power is amazing.

"How could that be possible?"

Yunchen is also shocked, in any case can not believe that this is true.


When Yunchen was shocked, ye Chen slapped heavily on Yunchen's face. Yunchen was like being hit hard, and he flew out.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host on becoming the king of the three-star war. "

The sound of the system suddenly appears in Ye Chen's mind.

When ye Chen hears the speech, he can't help but be stunned, thinking that beating people can also break through? There's no one else.

Cloud Chen heavily fell on the ground, black nose and swollen up.

Hunter mall people see such a scene, all can not help but take a breath of cool, angry sea city the second day cloud Chen was a slap in the face fan fly?

What a terrible strength it must be!

People look at Ye Chen in a hurry, but they find that ye Chen's face is as calm as water, just like a slap on the face of a flying cloud. It's just a trivial matter.

Cloud Chen directly muddled, for a long time can not return to God.

"Yunxue, please remember, you are my apprentice now, so you have to be a little overbearing." Ye Chen said slowly to the cloud and snow.

Cloud snow smell speech nodded, "I know Master."

Sound falls, cloud snow toward cloud Chen falls to the ground to walk slowly past.

Cloud snow went to the body of cloud Chen, she squatted on the ground, at the moment cloud Chen is still in a state of muddle.

"Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa!"

Yunxue even slapped Yunchen three times. Yunchen, who was black and blue, is no different from pig's head now.

Yunxiaoyu and the hunter mall were all stunned. The next day in the city of Nu Hai, there would be such a situation, which they could not even dream of.

"Looking for death!"

Cloud Chen is finally back to God, he roared at the cloud snow sound.

"Fury fist!"

Cloud Chen to cloud snow played a dark level intermediate martial arts fury fist.

Leaf dust cold smile, he speed is very fast, once again to the cloud snow side, he also a punch out.


It's the sound of a fracture.

Then there was a scream of killing pigs.


Yunchen howled loudly.

"Leave him alone. Let's go."

Ye Chen said slowly to the cloud and snow.

Later, ye Chen, Yunxue and yunxiaoyu went out of the hunting hall.

"Master, I..."

Cloud snow suddenly some desire words and stopped.

After a few seconds, she finally got up her courage and said to Ye Chen: "I hit Yunchen, Xiaoyu will be retaliated by Yunchen, so..."

Ye Chen of course understood what Yunxue meant. He said with indifference:

"easy to do, let's go to Yunjia."



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