I Copy Talents | Chapter 256 | Go To Yunjia

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Chapter 256 Go To Yunjia

 Ye Chen thinks that Wang Shan, the master of the Wang family, is only the king of two-star war. It is estimated that the master of the cloud family is similar.

He is now the king of the three-star war, and naturally he is not afraid of the cloud family.

But Yunxue and yunxiaodie naturally didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing. They looked at Ye Chen with consternation.

"Why, you dare not go?" Ye Chen looks at Yunxue and yunxiaoyu.

When Yunxue and yunxiaoyu heard this, their faces were very embarrassed.

"Master, we..."

Leaf dust a smile, "nothing, go."



Yunjia is one of the big families in Nu Hai City.

Ye Chen, Yunxue and yunxiaoyu come to Yunjia.

Because Yunxue and yunxiaoyu are members of the cloud family, no one prevents them from entering the cloud family.

As soon as they entered the cloud family, the children of the cloud family looked at them with disdain.

They were all in line, and they were the direct family lackeys of the cloud family. At that time, because Yunxue and yunxiaodie were not satisfied, all the children of the cloud family all despised them.

"It's not Yunxue. How did she come back from Jianzong?"

"It's ridiculous to hear that she entered the outside door of Jianzong."

"Yes, it's a shame for the cloud family."

These children of the cloud family are collateral, and they all show a look of disdain.

"High talent."

"High talent."

"High talent."

The talent of these Yuns' offsprings appears in Ye Chen's retina.

Most of them are masters from three stars to six stars. In Ye Chen's eyes, they are pitifully weak.

Ye Chen looked at Yunxue and found that Yunxue's face turned pale, which made him shake his head and smile.

"Yunxue, you are a little confident. You are three-star war generals. They are rubbish in your eyes. Why do you want them to mock?" Ye Chen said to Yun Xue.

As soon as this word comes out, all the collateral children of the cloud family are stunned. They look at Ye Chen.

"Who are you, boy?"

"In our cloud family, we dare to say that we are rubbish. We really want to die."

"That's right. Whose crotch has not been pulled well. It shows such a thing."

All the children of the collateral lineage all sneered at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't pay attention to these collateral children of the cloud family. He looked at Yun Xue and said slowly:

"now you tell them that you are all rubbish."

Yunxue nodded. She finally understood the purpose of master's coming to the cloud house. It turned out that everything was for herself.

"You are all rubbish!" Cloud snow cold looking at the collateral children, "a group of ants just, incredibly dare to ridicule me!"

The collateral children of the cloud family are surprised. When they used to mock Yunxue, Yunxue would not answer back, but now

"Yes, you are all a bunch of rubbish!"

At this time, yunxiaoyu beside Yunxue also said.

Ye Chen looks at Yunxue and yunxiaoyu and thinks that when he just crossed into the world, he is not the same as them.

The relatives of the cloud family really don't know how to answer, because their realm is not as high as Yunxue and yunxiaoyu.

"Who dares to come to my cloud house to make a wild living!"

Suddenly, a sharp voice came into the ears of leaf dust.

Ye looked at the past and found that he was a teenager.

"Name: Yunbai."

"Cultivation talent: Yellow level."

"Hidden talent: high power talent, high speed talent."

"Realm: three star war general."

Yunbai is a direct descendant of the cloud family, and is also the younger brother of Yunchen.

"Isn't it cloud snow?"

Cloud white light looking at cloud snow.


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