I Copy Talents | Chapter 257 | Domineering Yunxue

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Chapter 257 Domineering Yunxue

 "Go away!"

Cloud snow to cloud white cold mouth.


All the collateral children of the cloud family are shocked. How can they think that Yunxue dare to speak to Yunbai like this.

Don't say it's them. Even ye Chen didn't think of it.

Ye Chen thinks that Yunxue has finally become what he expects, that is, domineering.

"You, how dare you speak to me like that?"

Cloud white dead looking at cloud snow.

"Why don't I dare to talk to you like this? My master is here, and you are a scum in front of my master." The cloud snow extremely disdains to look at the cloud white.

Hearing this, ye Chen was a little happy.

Yunxue is really Children can be taught.

"Cloud snow!"

Cloud white face cold to the extreme.

"Ha ha, when you mocked Xiaoyu and me mercilessly, did you think of such a day at that time?"

Cloud snow is released, like magma eruption.

"Get out of the way!"

All of a sudden, a flustered voice came into everyone's ears.

Everyone looked at it in a hurry, and they were all shocked.

Just because two people carrying a stretcher quickly came over, the stretcher carrying is not other people, it is the young master of the cloud family Yunchen.

"Big brother!"

Yunbai rushed to the stretcher side, his eyes wide open, really can't believe cloud Chen will become like this.

"Xiaobai, my hand is broken. I can't bear the pain!" Cloud Chen gnaws a tooth to say.

As soon as he finished his words, he saw Ye Chen.

"You, you, you!"

The pupil of cloud Chen shrinks quickly, he can't believe leaf dust can appear in front of him unexpectedly.

He quickly blinked his eyes, but no matter how he blinked, leaf dust was still in front of him.

"Xiaobai, that's him. He broke my hand!" Cloud Chen stares at leaf dust to say angrily.

Yunbai and his collateral children quickly look at Ye Chen. They find it is Ye Chen, and they are all surprised.

Besides Wang Ning, Yunchen is the most powerful genius in Nu Hai City. Now Wang Ning has gone to Jianzong, and Yunchen is the first genius of nuhai city. How could someone break Yunchen's hand?

"You broke my brother's hand?"

Cloud white iron green face, dead looking at leaf dust asked.

"Who knows?" Ye Chen's face showed a touch of fun and ignorance.

Yunbai looked at Ye Chen's face, and he was so angry that he broke his brother's hand and dared to come to his cloud house.

Arrogant, it is too arrogant!

"Go and tell the elders!" Yunbai said to a collateral son. He knew that he would never be ye Chen's opponent.

Immediately, a collateral son ran to the inner court.

Before long, all the direct descendants and elders of the cloud family came to the outer courtyard.

"Dad, he broke my brother's hand!" Yunbai stares at Ye Chen and says.

A middle-aged man of 45-6 years old looks at Ye Chen coldly.

"Boy, don't you want to live?"

Ye Chen's face is calm as water. He looks at the talent and realm of the middle-aged man.

"Name: Yun Ziming."

"Cultivation talent: Yellow level."

"Hidden talent: high strength talent, high speed talent, high defense talent."

"Realm: a star wars king."

Leaf dust light cloud Zi Ming, "you a small star wars king, also deserve to talk with me like this?"


All the people of the cloud family were very angry. They didn't expect that all the elders of the cloud family had come out, and ye Chen could still be so arrogant.


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