I Copy Talents | Chapter 258 | Exit Yunjia

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Chapter 258 Exit Yunjia

 All the people in the cloud family are dead looking at Ye Chen.

"Yunxue, your courage is too big, how dare you find someone to discount Xiaochen's hand!"

It is a middle-aged man to cloud snow cold voice to shout.

Cloud snow smell speech looked at the leaf dust, found that leaf dust's face did not have the slightest fluctuation, then she knew how to do.

"You have never thought of me and Xiaoyu as people of the cloud family. When you bullied us, did you ever think that such a thing would happen to you?"

"I Yunxue from today, quit the cloud home."

Cloud snow white face firmly up, leaf dust gave her endless courage.

As soon as this word came out, everyone in the cloud family was stunned. Of course, they didn't expect Yunxue to say such a thing.

"What do you say?"

Yunziming's face was cold to the extreme.

"I also quit cloud home." Yun Xiaoyu said to the people of the cloud family.

Silence, silence.

After a long time, Yunzi Ming came back to God. He looked at the three people in front of him.

"In that case, you should be damned

In the eyes of yunziming, there is an opportunity to kill.

Suddenly, Yunzi Ming cried out:

"crazy fight boxing!"

Xuanjie high-level martial arts, crazy fight, boxing.

All of a sudden, the dozens of boxing shadows formed by Yuan Li came to Ye Chen, Yun Xue and Yun Xiaoyu.

Yunziming is a star wars king, naturally not Yunxue and yunxiaoyu can resist.

Ye Chen looks at the fist shadow, martial arts?

Then he also uses martial arts.


Ground level intermediate martial arts crazy storm.

A terrible tornado flies to the shadow of ten fists.

The shadow of dozens of fists disappeared in an instant, and the terrible tornado continued to fly to yunziming.

Seeing such a terrorist attack, Yun Ziming was terrified.

The people of the cloud family have been scared out of their wits.

At this time, a figure appeared and caught yunziming once, avoiding the terrible tornado attack.


The terrifying tornado hit a boulder, which instantly turned into dust.

All the people of the cloud family are as rigid as the clay sculpture.

"Hold on, little friend!"

The old man who grasped the cloud in his hand said to Ye Chen.

"Name: yunmu."

"Cultivation talent: Yellow level."

"Hidden talent: high strength talent, high speed talent, high defense talent."

"Realm: two star war king."

The talent and realm of the old man appeared in the retina of leaf dust.

"Little friend, you are a powerful existence. Please don't take a common view with us."

The old man is no other than the master of the cloud family.

All the people in the cloud family were shocked. They didn't think that the owner would talk to Ye Chen like this.

Ye Chen looked at yunmu, "you still have some eyesight."

"They have quit the cloud family and have no relationship with the cloud family in the future."

Finish saying, leaf dust looks at cloud snow and cloud small jade, "let's go."

"Hold on, little friend." Yunmu quickly stopped Ye Chen.

"Anything else?" Leaf dust showed a side face.

Yunmu looked at Ye Chen, "I don't know if I can be a friend with you."

"No Ye Chen refused.

The sound falls, he then does not return to go.

Yunxue and yunxiaoyu quickly followed up.

"Father, how do you..."

Yunzi looks at yunmu.

"Waste!" Yun Mu hated that the iron was not made of steel and looked at Yun Ziming, "the fluctuation of that man's body even made me unable to breathe. You dare to fight him!"

After that, yunmu looked at the people of the cloud family and said:

"no one is allowed to offend Yunxue and yunxiaoyu in the future!"


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