I Copy Talents | Chapter 259 | Re Enter The Kings House

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Chapter 259 Re Enter The Kings House

 Ye Chen, Yunxue and yunxiaoyu went out of the cloud house.

"Master, Xiaoyu has now quit the cloud family. She..."

Yunxue did not speak, her eyes with a touch of begging color.

Ye Chen naturally understood the meaning of Yunxue.

He thought that Wang Ning's family controlled the fury martial arts school in nuhai City, or let Yun Xiaoyu go to the fury martial arts school.

Although the Nu Feng martial arts school is not comparable to the three major forces in the north of the Nu sea, Jianzong, qianyuanmen and fanzhanzong, they are also very powerful forces.

"Yunxue, you go back to Jianzong first, and practice your healing skills." Ye Chen said to Yun Xue.

"Master, I will give you Xiaoyu." Yunxue knows that ye Chen said so. She must have found a place for Xiaoyu.

Later, Yunxue went to the sword clan.


Yunxiaoyu called to Ye Chen, as if she was afraid of Ye Chen.

Yes, after all, ye Chen showed that kind of fighting power in the cloud family.

When he saw a little girl in his heart, he was mocked by a little girl.

"Where are we going, master?"

A few seconds later, yunxiaoyu summoned up the courage to ask Ye Chen again.

"The Wangs." Ye Chen said.

Yunxiaoyu was stunned. Where did she think ye Chen would say such a thing.

When she regained consciousness, ye Chen had already gone out more than ten steps, and she quickly followed up.

Ye Chen and Yun Xiaoyu come to the Wangs.

He had just visited the Wangs with Wang Ning not long ago. All the children of the Wangs still remember ye Chen.

At the moment, several Wang's children saw Ye dust coming, and they were scared to shiver.

"Sir, you are here."

A Wang's son said respectfully to Ye Chen.

Of course, they must be respectful. Ye Chen showed not only the fire talent, but also the red flame in the Wang family that day.

Most importantly, ye Chen is also the leader of the outer gate peak of Jianzong.

Yunxiaoyu can't help but be a bit stunned when she sees this. Naturally, she didn't think that the people of the Wang family should be so respectful to Ye Chen.

"I want to see the head of your house and report it." The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

These children of the Wang family, who dare to be slighted, ran in.

Before long, a Wang family member ran out and said respectfully to Ye Chen:

"master, please come in."

Ye Chen and Yun Xiaoyu enter the Wang family.

When they arrived at the hall of the Wang family, they found that the head of the family and the elders were already sitting in the hall, including Wang Ning's father, Wang Kun.

"Little friend, here you are."

Wang Shan, the head of the Wang family, said to Ye Chen.

"This time, I have something to ask you." Ye Chen said.

Wang Shan is stupefied. Is the master of Jianzong peak asked for help? How much face would it have to be if it was spread out.

Although their royal family was attached to the Qianyuan clan, they had no enmity with the sword clan.

"Tell me, little friend." Wang Shan patted his chest, "I promise whatever."

Then ye Chen told his thoughts. Naturally, his idea was to let Yun Xiaoyu enter the fury martial arts school controlled by the Wang family.

Wang Shan did not have any consideration at all, even if he agreed.

"Don't worry, little friend. We will treat your friend well." Wang Shan said to Ye Chen.

After that, Wang Shan seemed to think of something, and then said to Ye Chen:

"by the way, Xiaoyou, the big comparison of the three major gates should start soon."


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