I Copy Talents | Chapter 260 | Become An Outer Disciple

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Chapter 260 Become An Outer Disciple

 Three big door big ratio?

Ye Chen is a little stunned. He doesn't know what the three major door comparison is.

Wang Shan, the head of the Wang family, caught the expression on Ye Chen's face, and he was also somewhat surprised.

"Little friend, you won't tell me, don't you know?"

"I don't know."


All the people in the hall of the Wang family were in a daze.

They think that ye Chen, as the leader of the outer gate peak of Jianzong, doesn't know about the three big gate ratios?

"Xiaoyou, Dabi of the three major sects refers to Jianzong, Qianyuan sect and madzhan sect. Dabi, a disciple of the three sects, who has won the top five, can enter the floating island for one month's practice."

"What is a floating island?"

The people in the hall of the Wangs stayed in silence again.

You don't even know the floating island?


Wang Shan coughed a few times, and then said:

"floating island is the most mysterious place in the north of the Nu Hai sea. The time on the floating island is ten times as long as that outside, and the vitality of the floating island is also the strongest place in the North of the angry sea."

"All three major gates have control of the floating island."

Listening to Wang Shan's story, ye Chen understood, and his face showed a wonderful color.

Ten times as time goes by?

With his strong vitality and his talent of cultivating the earth level, isn't it against the heaven?

Ye Chen didn't stay in Wang's house more, so he wanted to go back to Jianzong to know about it.


After returning to Jianzong, ye Chen runs directly to tianjianfeng.

In the hall of tianjianfeng, Bai Shaoan is in the hall at the moment.

"Ye Chen, you are back."

Bai Shaoan called to Ye Chen.

Leaf dust nodded, he was about to ask about the three big door big than the matter, Bai Shaoan is the first to open the mouth.

"Ye Chen, Dabi, the three great patriarchs after ten days, you should join in. Now you are a disciple of sword sect." Bai Shaoan said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen thinks that Bai Shaoan is ready to let himself participate, which also saves him a lot of trouble.

"Ye Chen, do you want to know why I want to go to Leihe base city?" Bai Shaoan suddenly opens his mouth to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was surprised to himself, thinking that Bai Shaoan didn't tell him when he asked last time. Now it seems that he will take the initiative to tell him.

"Because of an elder." Bai Shaoan continued.

When ye Chen hears the speech, he can think of it even with his toes. The elder in Bai Shaoan's mouth refers to fengcang.

"The supreme temple." Ye Chen looked at Bai Shaoan, "where on earth is it?"

Bai Shaoan shook his head. "I don't know."

When ye Chen asked this question, he had already made preparations in his heart. After all, the supreme temple was too mysterious, even if he didn't know the system.

His identity from the peak master into a disciple, Bai Shaoan let people pass on the news.

Everyone in Jianzong knows that ye Chen is preparing to participate in the big match of the three major gates after ten days.

Time flies.

Ten days passed in a flash.

In the past ten days, ye Chen has been practicing in the cultivation Hall of the outer gate. After the warrior reaches the level of warlord, it is difficult to break through.

Some warriors are a star wars king. They may be a star wars king in their lifetime.

There are ye Chen, Zhou Xing, Xiao Ruoxue, Tang long, Gao Yue and Wu Qi who participated in the war.

After Yinsong mountain, the five core disciples of Jianzong all went up one floor.

Now ye Chen is the king of three-star war, Zhou Ying is the king of two-star war, and the rest are the king of one star war.

Such strength is already the strongest among the three major sect disciples.


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