I Copy Talents | Chapter 261 | The Big Three Sects

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Chapter 261 The Big Three Sects

 The place where the three big matches are held is on the big challenge arena of Nu Hai City. At this time, under the great challenge of the angry sea city, a sea of people has risen.

Once a year, the three major door to big ratio is the unprecedented event of nuhai city.

The patriarchs of the three major clans and the heads of the three big families in nuhai city will become judges.

All the participants of Jianzong, qianyuanmen and fanzhanzong have arrived in their respective areas.

At the moment, an old man appeared in the big challenge. Ye Chen, the old man, knew that he was Wang Shan, the head of the Wang family.

"The annual big match will start soon. All participants can use weapons, but not concealed weapons."

"Let's start with the big contest."

As Wang Shan's voice fell, the audience began to cheer.

"Yes, come on."

The competition is a elimination system.

The three main sects are divided into three groups. In the past, only five disciples participated in the three groups. Now, some changes have taken place because of Ye Chen's participation.

The Qianyuan gate and the crazy battle sect originally did not want to let the sword clan have six people to compete.

Later Bai Shaoan made a big move to let Ye Chen fight two people at the same time. On hearing Bai Shaoan's words, qianyuanmen and fanzhan zongzong were furious, and they agreed at that time.

"It's said that ye Chen of Jianzong wants to fight two people at the same time?"

"Yes, the sword sect made an announcement a few days ago."

"The first day of Jianzong was not Zhou Ying. Who was Ye Chen? He was so arrogant."

Under the big challenge, all the audience were talking.

"Ye Chen of the sword clan fought Lingchuan, the gate of Qianyuan, and Lin Yuan."

Wang Shan's voice was heard by all.

Lingchuan was excited, and his whole body was shaking. That day, when he was in the Wang family, he saw the horror of Ye Chen.

Many people don't know. They want to enlarge their moves as soon as they come up. Lingchuan is the most talented person in the Qianyuan sect. Lin Yuan is also a ten star war general and the core disciple of the crazy war sect.

Ye Chen went to the arena, and his face was dull.

Ling Chuan and Lin Yuan also took part in the challenge.

"Name: Lin Yuan."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: native talent."

"Realm: Ten Star War general."

The genius of the Qianyuan gate and the crazy battle sect all looked at Ye Chen. They all thought that the sword school was too arrogant. A disciple who had never heard of it would dare to fight two people at the same time?

Lingchuan swallowed saliva, he looked at the boring look on Ye Chen's face. He didn't know why, his whole body couldn't stop shaking.

At Wang's house that day, the psychological shadow left by Ye Chen was so serious that he would dream of Ye Chen when he returned to Qianyuan gate.

"Ha ha!"

Lin Yuan sneered at the dust.

"In order to let you participate in the competition, Jianzong actually asked you to fight two people at the same time. What a wrong decision."

Most of the audience felt this way, because all the people who fought against each other were geniuses. Fighting two people at the same time was looking for abuse.

"He, he seems to be the S-level fierce beast hunter in our Hunter hall."

A fierce hunter in the crowd suddenly said.

All the people around the fierce hunter were stunned.

S-class beast hunter?

There are only a few fierce beast hunters in the whole nuhai city. They are well-known. How come they don't know ye Chen is an S-level fierce beast hunter.

"Yes, he is the S-level fierce beast hunter in our hunting hall." Another fierce beast Hunter said in horror.


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