I Copy Talents | Chapter 262 | Ling Chuan Admits Defeat

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Chapter 262 Ling Chuan Admits Defeat

 "S-level fierce beast hunter, come on

"Honor our hunter's house!"

"Lord Ye Chen will win

All the fierce hunters in the audience cheered Ye Chen.


All the people who didn't know why were shocked.

S-class beast hunter?

They never dreamed that ye Chen would be an S-level fierce beast hunter.

In the challenge arena Lingchuan and Lin Yuan where would have thought, their faces are shocked.

Especially Lingchuan, he had a great shadow of Ye Chen. He heard that ye Chen was an S-level fierce beast hunter. It was like a bolt from the blue!

"Hum!" Lin Yuan snorted at the leaf dust, "how about the S-level fierce beast hunter?"

With that, Lin Yuan looked at Lingchuan, "Lingchuan, let's go."

"I, I give in."


Countless people took a breath.

Did Lingchuan admit defeat?

But Wang's children laughed bitterly because they knew why Lingchuan would admit defeat.

"Lingchuan, you, how could you..."

Lin Yuan stares at Lingchuan.

Lingchuan mouth exposed a self mockery, "I wish you good luck."

Yinluo, Lingchuan stepped off the challenge arena.

"Lingchuan, come back!"

The patriarch of the Qianyuan gate in the judge's seat cheered.

Lingchuan, the most talented person in Qianyuan gate, has given up? This is a great shame to him.

Lingchuan returned to the area of Qianyuan gate.

"Brother Ling, how did you admit defeat?"

The four core disciples of Qianyuan gate were puzzled and looked at Lingchuan. In their eyes, Lingchuan was arrogant and unruly.

"You'll see why later." Ling Chuan did not explain too much.

At this time, countless people had endless doubts in their hearts. They all wanted to know why Lingchuan would admit defeat, but they also know that if they want to know the reason, maybe they can only learn from ye Chen.

Lingchuan admit defeat does not mean that he is not qualified to go to floating island, he just and ye Chen this one admit defeat.

Ye Chen looks at Lin Yuan, who is still on the challenge arena.

"He gave up, and you?"

Lin Yuan's face was cold and terrible. He looked at the leaf dust.

"Although I don't know why Lingchuan would admit defeat, but in front of me, I didn't admit defeat!"

As soon as this word came out, the crazy fighting clan on the judges' bench stroked his beard and showed a very gratifying smile.

On the contrary, the headmaster of Qianyuan sect still looks livid.

"Since you don't admit defeat, come on."

Ye Chen looked at Lin Yuan faintly, and he hooked his finger.

Lin Yuan's pupils shrunk violently, and he became angry.

"Angry shadow fist!"

Xuanjie intermediate martial arts angry shadow boxing, see the Yuan Li condensed into the shadow of terror, toward the Ye dust fierce attack.

Ye Chen looked at the fist shadow like raindrops coming to him, and his originally boring face became more boring.

At a time when many fist shadows are only a line away from ye Chen, ye Chen dodges the attack of angry shadow fist.

See ye dust speed is very fast, just in an instant to Lin Yuan's body, to Lin Yuan light play a punch.

This fist seems to be understatement, but in fact it is so terrible!

Although Ye Chen's attribute talent can't be seen, he has three full attribute talents.

Native talent, high power talent, plus a punch from the king of three stars, can you be weak?

Although this punch, there is no attachment of any element force.

Lin Yuan saw Ye Chen's fist. He gave a cold smile and a punch.


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