I Copy Talents | Chapter 263 | Its You Who Have To Drill In

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Chapter 263 Its You Who Have To Drill In

 Ye Chen's fist is going to match Lin Yuan's.

Lin Yuan's fist is attached with the power of terror!

The leader of the crazy battle sect and several core disciples all laughed because they all knew that ye Chen could not stop Lin Yuan's blow in any case.

There is no other reason, just because Lin Yuan has native talent.


Ye Chen's fist and Lin Yuan's fist are finally on.

Everyone's eyes are wide open, they don't want to miss a little bit.


To everyone's surprise, Lin Yuan flew backwards.

You know Ye Chen's fist has no Yuan Li's attachment at all.

You know, Lin Yuan has native talent!

Lin Yuan flies out of the challenge arena upside down and hits the ground heavily.

Silence, silence!

In particular, the patriarch of the crazy war sect and the four core disciples thought that ye Chen could not stop Lin Yuan's blow, but now it seems that they are not only wrong, but also more wrong.

"S-level fierce beast hunter, you are a big force!"

"Lord Ye Chen is the most fierce animal hunter in our hunting hall!"

"I knew Lord Ye Chen would win."

After the fierce beast hunters came back to their gods, they cheered for ye Chen.

At this time, many people seem to understand why Lingchuan has to admit defeat.

After a fight, ye Chen left the arena and waited for the second battle.

Ye Chen didn't watch the whole process of the next battle, because he didn't feel any meaning, so he just closed his eyes and raised his mind.


"Bai Shaoan, is Ye Chen a disciple of your sword school?" Kuang Yun, the leader of the crazy war sect, asked Bai Shaoan.

"Of course." Bai Shaoan said lightly.

Kuang Yun, the leader of the crazy war sect, and Gu Yuan, the leader of the Qianyuan clan, looked at each other. Suddenly, they felt that Bai Shaoan had fallen in love with Bai Shaoan. No wonder Bai Shaoan would let Ye Chen fight two people at the same time.

"I didn't expect to be so confused that I fell in love with you!" Crazy cloud said to Bai Shaoan.

Bai Shao'an's face was completely indifferent, "what does it mean to be in my suit? It's clear that you should drill into it yourself."

Kuang Yun and Gu Yuan stopped talking for a while. I don't know how to answer.

After a round of screening, there are still the following disciples in the three major sects:

Jianzong: ye Chen, Zhou Ying, Xiao xueruo.

Qianyuan gate: Lingchuan, Shiming and Jincheng.

Fanzhanzong: Mo Cong, Fang Wu, Chi Jun.

Then, it was the leaf dust who came on the stage again.

The audience has been waiting for ye Chen to come on the stage for a long time. They have endless curiosity about ye Chen.

Ye Chen's fight this time is the two most powerful genius Mo Cong and Fang Wu.

After entering the arena, Mo Cong and Fang Wu's talent and realm information also appeared in Ye Chen's retina.

"Name: Mo Cong."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: native talent, high power talent."

"Realm: a star wars king."

Ye Chen looks at Fang Wu again.

"Name: Fang Wu."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: high power talent, medium speed talent."

"Realm: a star wars king."

Compared with Mo Cong, Fang Wu's hidden talent is much worse.

The audience were all excited. The disciples of fanzhan sect were all Zhan Ye Chen's disciples. No one will admit defeat this time.

Mo Cong and Fang Wu look at Ye Chen coldly.

"Give up!"

Mo Cong said to Ye Chen.

What ye Chen didn't expect is that he didn't let Mo Cong and Fang Wu admit defeat, but the other side opened his mouth first.


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