I Copy Talents | Chapter 264 | Who Said I Dont Have Weapons

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Chapter 264 Who Said I Dont Have Weapons

 Mo Cong and Fang Wu took down the weapons behind them.

Mo Cong's weapon is a wolf tooth steel hammer, while Fang Wu's weapon is a Xuan Steel axe.

"Ye Chen, our weapons are all high-grade Xuan Steel weapons. You don't have weapons. You are fighting against us again."

Speaking of this, Mo Cong could not help sneering, "you will not have any chance of winning."

Weapons can be used in the three major door to door ratio. If there is any danger, the people on the judging panel will naturally stop it.

Advanced Xuan Steel weapon?

When the audience heard this, they were all a little shocked, thinking that they were indeed crazy warlords.

"Who said I had no weapons?" Ye Chen looks at Mo Cong and Fang Wu.

As soon as he said this, Mo Cong and Fang Wu were stunned. They didn't see ye Chen's weapon.

The Juxing Epee is now in the system space, and they can't see it.

Then, ye Chen takes the Juxing Epee out of the system space.


The people under the challenge arena were shocked at the sudden appearance of the Juxing epee. They could not understand where ye Chen took the Juxing epee.

But compared with this

All the people present looked at the Juxing Epee in Ye Chen's hand, and they all swallowed their saliva.

The Juxing Epee sword in Ye Chen's hand looks ordinary, but it has a strong sense of strength, as if the sword has tens of thousands of Jin.

"What kind of weapon are you?"

Mo Cong and Fang Wu's pupil shrinks fiercely, and they both feel the difference of the Juxing epee.

"High level star iron weapon, Juxing Epee, 100000 kg." Ye Chen looked at Mo Cong and Fang Wu, "general weapons."


Everyone was shocked.

Advanced star iron weapon?

In the north of the angry sea, there are high-grade Star iron weapons?

All of a sudden, they were relieved, because they all guessed that ye Chen was joking. The Juxing Epee sword in his hand could not be a high-level Star iron weapon.


Mo Cong drinks coldly to the leaf dust.

"Let's go!"

With the sound falling, Mo Cong and Fang Wu attack Ye Zhifei.

In front of the high-level Star iron weapons, the advanced Xuan Steel weapons are a pile of scrap iron.

The wolf tooth steel hammer in Mo Cong's hand and the Xuan Steel axe in Fang Wu's hand hit the Juxing Epee heavily.

Suddenly, the wolf tooth steel hammer and Xuan Steel axe turned into powder.

It's not broken and broken, it's really become the powder.

Mo Cong's and Fang Wu's tiger mouths were shaken apart, and they stepped back dozens of steps.

How could it be!

All the people present were stunned, and there was absolutely no word to describe their shock.

Two advanced Xuan Steel weapons Turn into powder?

That's a high-grade Xuan Steel weapon!!!

Is it possible that

Everyone suddenly thought of a surprising possibility, that is, the Juxing Epee in Ye Chen's hand is really a high-level Star iron weapon.

It was still again, dead silence.

"I don't think there's a competition."

Ye Chen put the Juxing Epee on his back.

Mo Cong and Fang Wu smell speech to return to God, they look at each other, immediately angry.

"Our advanced Xuan Steel weapons!"

Suddenly, Mo Cong and Fang Wu all display their own martial arts skills to Ye Chen.

Ye dust shakes his head. He didn't expect Mo Cong and Fang Wu to dare to attack him.

In that case, he had to give them some color to see.


Suddenly, a thunder rush towards Mo Cong and Fang Wu.


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