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Chapter 266 Wolf Valley

 Yang Qin did not continue to say, she tentatively looked at the leaf dust, as if waiting for the leaf dust to answer what.

Ye Chen has a look at Yang Qin's talent and realm.

"Name: Yang Qin."

"Cultivation talent: Yellow level."

"Hidden talent: Charm talent."

"Realm: eight star war general."

The level of fierce beast is divided into three levels: primary, middle and high.

The primary fierce beast is equivalent to one star to four star martial arts, the intermediate fierce beast is equivalent to five star to seven star fierce beast, and the senior fierce beast is equivalent to eight star to ten star fierce beast.

When a fierce beast hunter takes a task, he usually takes a task that is absolutely certain.

If you can't accomplish the task, you'll cultivate huge primary crystals.

"Are you also a fierce beast hunter?" Ye Chen looks at Yang Qin.

Yang Qin nodded, her white face is very embarrassed, she is too short of Yuan Jing recently, took on A-level task.

"Well, I can help you." Ye Chen said.

He thought that he would have five days to go to the floating island. There was nothing wrong with the five days. He would help Yang Qin.

Yang Qin saw the leaf dust agreed, and immediately became very happy.

"Thank you." Yang Qin looks at the leaf dust gratefully.


Wolf valley.

Wolf Valley is a fierce beast area in the north of the Nu Hai sea. Unlike other fierce beasts in the disaster area, there is only one fierce beast family, bloodthirsty wind wolf.

Ye Chen and Yang Qin went outside the wolf valley.

"Ye Chen, the bloodthirsty wolf I want to kill is the leader of the bloodthirsty wind wolf clan." Yang Qin said to Ye Chen.

Leaf dust's face appeared a touch of doubt, he looked at Yang Qin.

"Are you short of Yuanjing recently

Yang Qin was embarrassed when he heard his white face.

"There will be an auction in nuhai city more than a month later. I want to auction a good martial arts book, so..."

Yang Qin did not finish, the following words are not necessary to say.

More than a month later?

Ye Chen thinks that going to floating island is a month's practice. The time is just right. He will go to the auction to have a look.

No more words, he and Yang Qin into the wolf valley.

Just entered the wolf Valley, there were more than a dozen bloodthirsty wind wolves staring at them fiercely.

"No talent."

"No talent."

"Second rate talent."

More than a dozen bloodthirsty wind wolves are not high-level, just ordinary fierce beasts, because the fierce beast in Yang Qin's mission is the leader of the bloodthirsty wind wolf, so the level is very high.

In Ye Chen's eyes, ordinary ferocious beasts are pitifully weak.

The more than ten bloodthirsty wind wolves showed their fierce tusks, and then rushed to Ye Chen and Yang Qin.

Ye Chen killed the dozen bloodthirsty wolves with his talent of water system.

Looking at Ye Chen's talent for water system, Yang Qin couldn't help but feel shocked. She didn't think ye Chen had water talent.

They began to look for the leader of the bloodthirsty wolf.

Half an hour later, ye Chen and Yang Qin finally found the leader of the bloodthirsty wind wolf, but they were surrounded by hundreds of bloodthirsty wind wolves.

Most of the hundreds of bloodthirsty wind wolves are ordinary fierce animals. There are a small number of fierce beasts at the level of beast soldiers, especially those of beast generals.

"Bloodthirsty Wolf: fierce beast."

"Talent: high speed talent."

"Level: high level beast general level fierce beast."

The leader of the bloodthirsty wolf has no talent.


All of a sudden, all the bloodthirsty wind wolves all attacked the leaf dust.

Ye Chen smiles and takes down the Juxing Epee behind him.

"Split the king to cut!"

The high-level martial arts skill of the earth level, the king of the split earth is beheaded!


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