I Copy Talents | Chapter 267 | Floating Island Training Talent For Training At The Heavenly Guard

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Chapter 267 Floating Island Training Talent For Training At The Heavenly Guard

 How can these ordinary bloodthirsty wind wolves resist such an attack? They are all chopped to pieces by terror.

The bloodthirsty wolf of ORC class also all fell to the ground, without a bit of vitality.


Yang Qin saw this, can't help but gape.

At the moment, there are only five bloodthirsty wolves in the eyes of Ye Chen and Yang Qin.

These five bloodthirsty wolves are all beast generals.

When ye Chen's hand was shocked, the four talents of water, fire, wind and thunder appeared on the Juxing Epee at the same time. The Juxing Epee changed from ordinary to dazzling.

Yang Qin looked at the Juxing Epee in Ye Chen's hands, and his white face was even more shocked. Four talents!

She only felt her whole body trembling, and even her soul could not help but want to submit to the Juxing epee.

The five bloodthirsty wind wolves also felt the terror of the Juxing Epee, and they all showed fear.


When the five bloodthirsty wolves were ready to escape, ye Chen had already cut out with a sword.

This sword, water, fire, wind and thunder four series of talent show the vision mixed with the sword to fly out.

How can five bloodthirsty wolf of general level be able to block such a chopping attack? It will die instantly after being hit.

Yang Qin did not know how to use words to describe the shock in his heart. This is the four great talents of water, fire, wind and thunder.

"Scan with a hunter's watch." Ye Chen looks at Yang Qin and says.

Yang Qin smell speech to return to God, quickly with Hunter Watch scan bloodthirsty wind wolf leader.

"Thank you, ye Chen." Yang Qin white face appeared a deep gratitude color.


Floating island.

Ye Chen, Zhou Ying, Xiao xueruo, Lingchuan and Mo Cong are now outside the floating island.

"The floating island is only opened once a year, once for a month, if only it had been there all the time."

Zhou Ying sighed.

The time inside the floating island is ten times that of the outside, and the vitality inside is very strong.

Zhou Ying and ye Chen are both prefecture level cultivation talents. It's better to practice in the floating island with half the effort.

Ye Chen looked at the floating island in front of him and found that the floating island was suspended more than ten meters above the ground.

Five people did not stay too much outside the floating island, they jumped to the floating island.

The floating island looks very big. It is bare and lifeless.

"It's full of vitality."

Xiao xueruo began to laugh.

Several people found a place and began to absorb the vitality of the floating island.

Ye Chen sits on the ground, and the cultivation talent at the prefecture level is really terrible. In only half a month, he has cultivated from the three-star war king to the four-star war king.

He looked at the others and found that they all broke through.

"Host, floating island has hidden cultivation talent against the sky."

The sound of the system appears in Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen is surprised. How can you practice against the heaven?

He knew that the system would not cheat him, so he quickly searched for it on the floating island.

But this kind of talent In addition to appearing on human beings, fierce beasts and divine beasts, can they still appear in the air?

At the moment, there are endless doubts in Ye Chen's heart.

After searching for five days on the floating island, he finally found a box in a pit.

Ye Chen looks at the box in the pit and thinks that the cultivation talent of anti heaven level is not in the box.

His heart went up to his throat, and then he opened the box.

As expected, he didn't expect that the cultivation talent of against the heaven level was really in this box.


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