I Copy Talents | Chapter 269 | Im Here To Borrow Yuanjing

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Chapter 269 Im Here To Borrow Yuanjing

 "Ye Chen, is the practice of floating island over?"

Wang Ning looks at Ye Chen.

"It's over." Ye Chen nodded.

Wang Ning smell speech a face worship looking at Ye dust.

"By the way, are you coming to our Wang's house for something?"


Wang Ning didn't dare to neglect him. He knew that there was such a thing as ye Chen. It must have been a great event for him to come to the Wang family. He quickly took Ye dust into the Wang family.

When the children of the Wang family saw Ye dust coming, they also had a look of worship on their faces.

"Here comes the dust."

"Wow, ye Chen is so handsome. I wish I could be ye Chen's girlfriend."

"Come on, you don't look in the mirror like that."

Ye Chen's face was as calm as water, and did not change at all because of the words of Wang's children.

Wang Ning took Ye Chen to the Wangs hall.

At the moment, Wang Shan, the head of the Wang family, and all the elders are in the hall.

When they saw the dust coming, they all got up to meet them.

"Mr. Ye, you are here."

Wang Shan said respectfully to Ye.

Since the three big matches, the Wangs have become the most respectable family in nuhai city because of their good relationship with Ye Chen.

After asking Ye Chen to sit down, Wang Shan asked Ye Chen, "Mr. Ye, do you have anything important to do?"

The elders in the hall also looked at Ye Chen and wanted to know what important things ye had come to the Wang family.

Ye Chen pondered for a few seconds, then said to Wang Shan and the elders, "I'm here to borrow Yuan Jing."


Wang Shan and all the elders were stunned. Of course, they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"Borrow Yuanjing?"

They thought Ye dust must be something important when he came to their Wang family, but this is it.

"Mr. Ye, how many Yuanjing do you want?" Wang Shan looks at Ye Chen.

"The more, the better." Ye Chen said.

Wang Shan thought for a few seconds and immediately said to Ye Chen, "is 100 million enough?"

Ye Chen is stunned, thinking that the Wang family is indeed one of the three big families in Nu Hai City. If you don't, you will get 100 million yuan.

"What about 200 million?"

Seeing that ye Chen did not answer, Wang Shan thought that there were too few 100 million yuan crystals.

"That's enough." Ye Chen said slowly to Wang Shan. "I'll give it back to the Wangs."

Hearing this, Wang Shan immediately showed his face.

"Mr. Ye, how can we ask you to return it? We will give you 200 million yuan crystal."

"I'm so sorry."

"That's good. I'm sorry." Wang Shan finished and looked at the elders in the hall, "do you have a good idea?"

When the elders in the hall of the king heard the master's words, they quickly replied, "good meaning, of course."

Ye Chen was originally intended to return the money to the Wang family. However, after listening to Wang Shan and the elders, he did not continue to insist on it. Otherwise, he would be affected.

Immediately, the Wangs took a yuan crystal card to him.

"Mr. Ye, are you here for the auction?" Wang Shan suddenly thought of something.

Ye Chen nodded.

"That 200 million yuan crystal may not be enough. Do you want more?" Wang Shan looks at Ye Chen.

The rich It's rough.

Ye Chen found that this sentence is really right.

However, he was embarrassed to continue to ask the Wangs to borrow money.

"Ning'er, this time you will accompany Mr. Ye to the auction. If ye Chen wants something, you must auction it down for ye Chen. Do you know?" Wang Shan said to Wang Ning.

"Yes, grandfather." Wang Ning nodded and replied.


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