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Chapter 270 Auctions

 Three days later.

The day when the auction in nuhai city began.

Ye Chen and Wang Ning come out of the Wang family.

"Mr. Ye, this time I'm going to buy our Wang family xuanjie advanced martial arts, wind and wave breaking palm."

Wang Ning originally called Ye Chen, that is, ye Chen. Later, he felt that the elders of his family were all called Mr. Ye, and it was not good for him to call Mr. Ye again.

"How many crystals do you have?" Ye Chen asked.

"Not much." Wang Ning looked at Ye Chen, "two billion."

Two billion Not much?

Ye Chen was a little stunned.

He thought that after crossing into this world, he did not earn too much Yuan Jing, and he had no idea of how much Yuan Jing was.

Ye Chen and Wang Ning went to the auction house of nuhai city.

Those who came to the auction house were all warriors. They saw Ye Chen and Wang Ning coming, and their faces were all shocked.

During the three big matches, they saw the horror of Ye Chen.

Outside the auction house, the warrior consciously made way for ye Chen and Wang Ning.

Ye Chen and Wang Ning entered the auction house. Wang Ning is the most talented person in Nu Hai City. Ye Chen naturally goes without saying.

Now he has reached the point that no one knows and no one knows about him in Nu Hai City.

Wang Ning asked for an auction room of Tianzi.

The two entered the tianzihao auction room.

"You can see the next thing, sir."

Wang Ning picked up a book from the table and said to Ye Chen.

After receiving the book that Wang Ning handed over, he opened the book and looked at it.

The high-level refined steel weapon scorpion tail sword, the Yellow level high-level martial arts allusion, the Xuan level intermediate martial arts skills Lang Tao Quan, Dali pill, Qi and blood pill, and the low-level Xuan Steel weapon bone erosion whip.

Ye Chen looked at the commodities in the book, and there was no fluctuation on his face.

These things are really nothing worth auctioning for him.

Later, a remnant of the treasure map came into his eyes.

"Ten Star War"

The warrior above the king of war is the emperor of war.

If ye Chen is not wrong, it must be his graveyard. There is no need to say much about the things left in the picture.

Wang Ning sees Ye Chen looking at the Ten Star battle map, and he says to Ye Chen:

"Mr. Ye, this picture of ten star war emperor has been bought by many people before, but it has been sold to the auction house because there is no remnant volume left behind. In recent years, no warrior has ever auctioned the Ten Star battle emperor map."

Ye Chen is naturally able to understand Wang Ning's words, but there is no fragmented script at all. You have to find a complete picture.

At this point, the auction began.

The auctioneer went to the auction table and started the auction.

"The first auction is a high-grade refined steel weapon, scorpion tail sword, which is enough to cut gold and jade and cut iron like mud. The starting price is one million yuan crystal, and the price increase shall not be less than 100000 yuan crystal."

It was just a burst of auction.

"1.1 million yuan crystal."

"1.3 million yuan crystal."

"1.6 million yuan crystal."

Finally, the high-grade refined steel weapon scorpion tail knife was sold at a price of 2.3 million yuan.

Many commodities were auctioned successively, but ye Chen didn't bid. What he was interested in was the tragic picture of the ten star war.

"The next auction is xuanjie high-level martial arts skills, strong wind and wave breaking palm. The bottom price is 40 million yuan crystal, and each increase must not be less than 5 million yuan."

Most of the forces in the north of the angry sea came against the strong wind and waves.

"50 million yuan crystal."

"60 million yuan crystal."

"90 million yuan crystal."

The forces began to scramble.


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