I Copy Talents | Chapter 271 | Take A Picture Of The Ten Star War Emperor

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Chapter 271 Take A Picture Of The Ten Star War Emperor

 "100 million yuan crystal."

"150 million yuan crystal."

"200 million yuan crystal!"

In the north of the angry sea, all the big forces fought for the high-level martial arts skills of the xuanjie level.

At this time, Wang Ning also finally shot.

"500 million yuan crystal!"


All of the auction house were shocked and looked at the voice of the word of heaven auction.

"It seems that I saw Ye Chen and Wang Ning enter the auction room just now." Said a warrior.


When this was said, all the warriors were shocked.

The most important thing is that they can't afford to offend Ye Chen and Wang Ning.

There is no doubt that the xuanjie high-level martial arts storm breaking palm was collected by Wang Ning with a price of 500 million yuan.

"The next auction is the remnant of the Ten Star battle map, with a reserve price of 3 million yuan and a price increase of no less than 500000 yuan each time."

All the warriors shook their heads because they knew that the other part of the remnant of the ten star war map could not be found. It was a complete waste.

"Four million yuan crystal."

Ye Chen thinks that since you don't want the remnant of the ten star war, I'll take it.

All the warriors were stunned. They didn't expect that someone would want the remnant of the ten star war.

They follow the voice to look at the past, found that it was just the word of heaven auction room, know ye Chen and Wang Ning, they did not dare to ridicule.

Ye Chen originally thought that no one would snatch the remnant volume of the Ten Star War emperor with him, but what he could not think of in any case was that he actually had it.

"Five million!"

Suddenly, there was a voice like a warbler coming out of the valley.

All the warriors were shocked. They didn't think that there were still people fighting for the Ten Star War emperor remnant picture, and they were still fighting with Ye Chen. Where did they come from.

"Six million."

Ye Chen called again.

"Ten million."

Another word of heaven auction again appeared the voice of the warbler out of the valley.

Ye Chen certainly will not give up.

"70 million."

Ten Star War huangcantu was called to 70 million yuan crystal price.

All the warriors at the auction house were shocked. They could not remember how long they had not been so shocked.

Ten Star War Huang Cantu was called to 70 million yuan crystal, if this is not seen with your own eyes, I am afraid that others will take you as a fool.

After ye Chen called to 70 million yuan, the voice didn't appear again. He bought the ten star war huangcantu at the price of 70 million yuan.

You could have bought the Ten Star War emperor remnant picture with millions of Yuan Jing, but someone also wanted it. This is what ye Chen didn't expect.

He would like to meet the man who is bidding with him.

"The following items are xuanjie low-level martial arts Qingfeng palm. The base price is RMB 5 million, and the price increase should not be less than 500000 each time."

The low-level skills of xuanjie are not so popular. They are not as popular as the high-level skills of the xuanjie level. You should know that the strong wind and wave breaking palm is an attack type.

Offensive skills are the highest in price.

Before long, Qingfeng palm was called to eight million yuan crystal.

Ye Chen saw a familiar voice, Yang Qin.

He suddenly remembered that Yang Qin took A-level task to earn Yuanjing to auction. She must have come for this Qingfeng palm.

"Ten million yuan crystal."

A nine star war general called out the price of ten million yuan crystal, and all the other warriors shook their heads.

Yang Qin bit teeth, white face some helpless up, she only a total of 10 million yuan crystal, is not enough.


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