I Copy Talents | Chapter 272 | Chu Yu

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 272 Chu Yu

 "Eleven million."

At this time, ye Chen and Wang Ning's tianzihao auction room made a sound again.

The NINE-STAR general, who was bidding for 10 million yuan, shook his head and was not ready to continue bidding.

Ye Chen captured the cool wind palm, a low-level martial art skill of xuanjie.

The auction is over.

Yang Qin lonely out of the auction house, she did not have any good attack type martial arts skills, Qingfeng palm she had long wanted, but now there is No.

"Wait a minute."

Suddenly, Yang Qin felt that someone was calling her, and she doubted to turn around.

They are ye Chen and Wang Ning.

"It's you."

Ye Chen and Wang Ning will come to the auction house, Yang Qin did not feel any surprise.

"Here you are." Leaf dust handed the Qingfeng palm to Yang Qin, "Qingfeng palm."

Yang Qin surprised, she looked at the leaf dust handed over the breeze palm.

"Ye Chen, you."

"For you."

Ye Chen said with a smile.

Yang Qin took over the wind palm in the hand of Ye Chen. She only felt that her hands could not stop shaking. Her heart was very moved.

"Thank you, ye Chen." Yang Qin is very grateful to look at the leaf dust, "I will return you Yuan Jing."

"No more." "Sword master, shake your hands."

After Yang Qin left, ye Chen is also ready to find a place to study the ten star war.

"Can you tell me if you have captured the picture of the ten star war?"

Suddenly, the voice of bidding with Ye Chen just now came into Ye Chen's ears.

Ye Chen turned back and found a girl of his age in his field of vision.

The girl grew up well with long hair and big eyes.

"Hello, my name is Chu you." Chu you showed a smile to the leaf dust.

Ye Chen looks at Chu you, and her talent and realm information appears on his retina.

"Name: Chu you."

"Cultivation talent: prefecture level."

"Hidden talent: pentagonal talent."

"Realm: four star war king."

Ye Chen is a little surprised, thinking that Chu you should not be north of the Nu sea, north of the Nu sea, there is no such genius.

"I also want to get the remnant picture of the ten star war, but I don't have enough Yuan Jing, so..."

Chu you did not continue to say, her face a little embarrassed.

"Why do you want to see the remains of the ten star war?"

Ye Chen looks at Chu you and thinks about the Ten Star War Huang can get by millions of Yuan Jing, because you have reached 70 million yuan. Now you still want to see the Ten Star War Huang remnant map?

What about the face?

"This is not a place to talk. Can you find a place where there are fewer people?" Chu you said.

Leaf dust then let Wang Ning go back first, and then take Chu you to a corner.

"Go ahead." Ye Chen looks at Chu you and says.

Chu you looked around. She was stunned. She thought Ye Chen would find a coffee shop at least. She didn't think she had found a corner.

"Say it." Leaf dust sees Chu you facial expression solidify, some doubt rises.

Chu you smell speech this just return to God, she says to leaf dust: "because I also have ten star war emperor remnant map."

You have it, too?

Ye Chen is surprised to himself, that is to say, Chu you's Ten Star War huangcantu plus his is a complete picture of the Ten Star War emperor remnant?

Is it not hard to find a place to find?

Come on They spent tens of millions of yuan more, but they didn't waste effort.

"By the way, can you tell me your name?"

Chu you said with a smile to Ye Chen.


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