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Chapter 274 Lutu Mercenary Group

 Dozens of mercenaries in the hall of Lutu mercenary regiment were shocked again. It was obvious that they did not expect Chu you to say such a thing.

"Are you going to enter the stone claw den?"

Suddenly, all the mercenaries are relieved. They regard Ye Chen and Chu you as their children to try. They don't know the heaven and earth.

"I advise you not to try the fierce beast with stone claws. It's too terrible." A mercenary said to Ye Chen and Chu you.

Leaf dust a smile, "it's OK, we're not afraid."

Hearing Ye Chen's words, all the mercenaries in Lutu's mercenary regiment shook their heads. From ye Chen's words, they had already guessed what kind of person Ye Chen was.

Just then, a fat man swaggered into the hall of the road map mercenary Corps.

"It's Mr. Huang Kang."

In the hall, dozens of mercenaries saw the fat man, and their faces were all forced to laugh.

"I'm here to collect Yuanjing. You have to pay one million Yuanjing in this period." The fat man raised a finger at the mercenaries.


All the mercenaries in the hall of Lutu mercenary regiment were shocked.

"Mr. Huang Kang, isn't it 500000 yuan crystal? How can it become one million yuan?"

Said a seven star general.

The seven star general, Wu Yong, is the head of the Lutu mercenary Corps.

"No way, your sister-in-law's birthday, you Lutu mercenary Corps can not express it." Huang Kang said carelessly.


Huang Kang found Ye Chen and Chu you.

"You are not natives, are you


Huang Kang a smile, "outsiders to our road city base city all need to hand in City Yuan Jing, otherwise our road city base city how to protect you?"

"Name: Huang Kang."

"Cultivation talent: Yellow level."

"Hidden talent: high power talent."

"Realm: Ten Star War general."

Chu you frowned, obviously disgusted with Huang Kang.

Ye Chen smiles to himself. He can think of what role Huang Kang plays in Lucheng base city with his toes.

If there is no accident, it should be the leader of an organization who controls Lucheng base city. After all, Lucheng base city is too small.

"I don't know how much to pay into the city Yuan Jing?" Ye Chen looks at Huang Kang and asks.

"Half a million a person." Huang Kang put up five fingers, "two people are a million yuan crystal."

"You're a big lion." Chu you's eyebrows are more locked.

Seeing this, all the mercenaries in the hall of Lutu mercenary regiment shook their heads in secret, just because they all knew that ye Chen and Chu you had to pay each other for one million yuan.

For a long time, who is Huang Kang?

It is no one else but the leader of the battle film organization of Lucheng base city. The war film organization said that the biggest force in Lucheng base city almost completely controlled the whole Lucheng base city.

Ye Chen thinks that although Chu you is very strong, he has no experience in dealing with people like Huang Kang. He has to deal with such people.

"Hand it in."

Huang Kang opens his palm to Ye Chen and Chu you, and his fat face is already smiling.

"What if we don't meet?" Ye Chen goes straight to the theme.


Huang Kang sneered, "if you don't hand it in, you'll die ugly."

Ye Chen shrugged, "we just don't pay Yuan Jing, what can you do with us?"

Huang Kang's face was cold. "Since you don't pay Yuan Jing, you have to die!"


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