I Copy Talents | Chapter 275 | Underwater Palm

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Chapter 275 Underwater Palm

 The voice dropped.

Huang Kang punched Ye Chen.

In his opinion, ye Chen and Chu you are just children of a certain family. He can fly with one punch.

Ye Chen also punched out.

The fists of the two are facing each other.


To the surprise of all the lurtu mercenaries, Huang Kang actually flew out upside down. You should know that Huang Kang is the strongest in Lucheng base city.

Huang Kang hit the ground heavily. His body of more than 200 Jin smashed the ground into a concave piece.

Huang Kang wailed over and over on the ground!


Wu Yong, head of the Rutu mercenary regiment, and all the mercenaries swallowed their mouths and looked at each other.

Of course, they didn't expect the dust to be so strong.

Not only they, even Chu you did not expect, she originally thought Ye Chen was only a star to four-star war general appearance at most.

She couldn't help but peek at Ye Chen. She was a bit stunned. She didn't pay attention to it before. Until now, she found that ye Chen was so beautiful.

"You, you wait for me!"

Huang Kang got up from the ground, yelled at Ye Chen and Chu you, and ran away.

"Let's go. Huang Kang is going back to call someone."

Wu Yong, head of the Rutu mercenary regiment, said to Ye Chen and Chu you.

"It's OK." Ye Chen gave Wu Yong a reassuring look in his eyes, "he has no threat to us at all."

"But war shadow..."

The war shadow in Wu Yong's mouth was the Organization ruled by Huang Kang, but he was interrupted by Ye Chen before he finished.

"Can you tell us the details of the stone claw den first?" Ye Chen looks at Wu Yong and says.

As soon as this was said, Wu Yong and the mercenaries were all surprised. They didn't expect that it was time for ye Chen to ask such a question.

Chu you more and more feel that ye Chen is a little mysterious. There is a younger generation like Ye Chen in the north of Nu Hai, which she did not expect.

"I'm not very clear about the specific situation of the stone claw den. We usually move in the periphery, and no one has ever been to the inner circle."

"But the outer overlord is a junior beast king level fierce beast, flying stone ape." Wu Yong, head of the Rutu mercenary regiment, said to Ye Chen and Chu you.

Ye Chen is a little surprised. The outer overlord is the junior beast king level fierce beast, and the inner circle is only afraid of higher-level fierce beast.

Fortunately, he is now the king of five-star war, and junior beast king level fierce beast can not be his opponent.

Chu you is also very shocked, she also did not expect that the overlord outside the stone claw den is so terrible.

"Kill them for me!"

At this time, Huang Kang took dozens of warriors to Lutu mercenary Corps hall.

Huang Kang roars at Ye Chen and Chu you.

After hearing Huang Kang's command, they all rushed to Ye Chen and Chu you.

"Dark water palm!"

Ye Chen raised his hand, and the talent of water system appeared in his hand. The power of water quickly condensed into a terror palm, which flew out towards dozens of warriors.

These dozens of martial artists are masters of martial arts. Of course, they can't resist the medium-level skills of the earth level, such as Mingshui palm.

Dozens of warriors of the war shadow all flew out, and they fell heavily on the ground. Most of them were unconscious on the spot. As for whether there were dead people, it depends on whether their ancestors have burned Gaoxiang.

Water talent?

All the mercenaries of Chu you and Lutu are shocked.


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