I Copy Talents | Chapter 276 | You Can Be Convinced To Destroy Your Yuan Chakra

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Chapter 276 You Can Be Convinced To Destroy Your Yuan Chakra

 Huang Kang was scared out of his wits when he saw such a scene.

"How could that be possible?"

All the people on the scene were undoubtedly shocked, only because ye Chen hit dozens of fighters upside down.

Chu you suddenly thought of what he had said to Ye Chen in the city of Nu Hai:

"don't worry, I will protect you in case of danger."

Somehow, she suddenly found this sentence a little ridiculous.

"Now." Leaf dust light looking at a face startled Huang Kang, "do you want us to hand in the city Yuan Jing?"

"No, no more."

Huang Kang is almost crying at this time. Where does he dare to let Ye Chen and Chu you make anything into the city Yuanjing.

"If you destroy your Yuanlun, can you be convinced?" Ye Chen then said to Huang Kang.

When Huang Kang heard this, he was so frightened that he ran away even when he was ready to turn around.

Ye Chen thought that sentence was very good:

"if you want to go out and talk, you should kill his whole family."

Since he already felt that he had destroyed Huang Kangyuan round, Huang Kang could not escape even if he had ten days.

Just in an instant, ye Chen went to Huang Kang's body and punched Huang Kangyuan's position.


Huang Kang instantly sent out a pig killing howl.

Yuanlun was destroyed, that is to say, Huang Kang was an ordinary man from now on.

Seeing this, Wu Yong, head of the Rutu mercenary regiment, and all the mercenaries were surprised.

They have been exploited by Huang Kang for a long time. Now that Huang Kang's Yuanlun is destroyed, they can finally turn over.

Lucheng base city is not big, the news of the destruction of Huang Kangyuan ship soon spread to every corner of Lucheng base city, almost everyone applauded.

"You have a talent for water." Chu you looks at Ye Chen and says.

"Just a water talent." Ye Chen curled his lips and said. He laughed to himself, thinking that my talent is more, and I'm afraid to scare you.

Chu you is stunned. Although she has the talent of five aspects, the talent of water system is the talent that many people dream of. How come ye Chen's mouth is just a talent of water system.

For a while, ye Chen became a benefactor of Lucheng base city.

To his surprise, all the residents of Lucheng base city came to Lutu mercenary group to see who their benefactor was.

When Huang Kangyuan was destroyed, the war film organization was disbanded. Some people were like rats on the street, and everyone started to fight.

Ye Chen is a low-key person, naturally do not want to let the citizens of Lucheng base see, he and Chu you in the road map mercenary regiment did not come out.

At night, the stars are shining.

The leaf dust lay on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

Liu Qianqian and Shi Ling are now in the middle line.

Xiaohong is in Huoling Holy Island.

Supreme temple He didn't know where it was.

Ye Chen feels that he is still too far away from the center of world power. Although he is already the strongest in the north of the angry sea, he is still a pathetic mole ant in the whole world.

The next day.

Ye Chen and Chu you got up early, and they are going to the stone claw den today.

Stone claw den is far away from Lucheng base city, but Yuanli car can't get to the wild.

Ye Chen and Chu you out of Lucheng base city, they began to walk in the wild.

They walked for three days, killing many fierce animals along the way, and finally reached the stone claw den.

"I hope we can find the tomb of the Ten Star War emperor as soon as we enter the stone claw den." Ye Chen said faintly.


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