I Copy Talents | Chapter 277 | Flying Rock Ape

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Chapter 277 Flying Rock Ape

 Ye Chen and Chu you didn't stay too much outside the stone claw den. They went into the cave.

Like the cave of diseased wood, the cave of stone claw beast is not a cave, but a place name.

But the stone claw den is much more terrifying than that of the diseased wood.

As soon as they entered the stone claw den, a dozen or so junior beast soldiers level fierce beasts spotted them.

Ye Chen once met the Striped shadow snake in the transit forest of east base city. However, he was still very weak at that time. He was not like the current situation. He was just like a mole ant in front of him.

The eyes of more than a dozen striped shadow snakes gave off a green light, which made the scalp numb.

Suddenly, more than a dozen striped shadow snakes swam quickly towards Ye Chen and Chu you.

The primary beast soldier level fierce beast is only one star to four star master of martial arts. It can't do any damage to Ye Chen and Chu you.

Leaf dust spread out the palm, palm of the palm appeared a blue flame.

The blue flame came out from the palm of the leaf dust, and more than a dozen junior beast level fierce beast striped shadow snakes were instantly burned into nothingness.

"I didn't expect you have fire talent besides water talent." Chu you looked at the leaf dust, "and control is a higher level of blue flame than ordinary flame."

Ye Chen knows that Chu you is shocked by his fire talent and blue flame, but what he wants to say is that his flame is not only blue flame, but also has all kinds of flame except white flame.

Without more words, ye Chen and Chu you begin to look for the tomb of the Ten Star War emperor.

Although the final location of the Ten Star battle emperor map is the stone claw den, there is no specific location. The stone claw den is so large, and I don't know when to find the tomb of the Ten Star War emperor.

Ye Chen and Chu you found countless white bones, which were all warriors who entered the cave.

No wonder it's called the forbidden area of life in the north of the angry sea.

They walked into a forest, where the ancient trees were towering and the sunlight was hard to enter, which made people feel a thrill.

"Ye Chen, what do you think that is?"

Suddenly, Chu you pointed to a place with his finger, and said with some fright.

Leaf dust along the direction of Chu you finger looked in the past, he was a little surprised, because reflected in his eyes is a butt.

This is a huge butt!


Suddenly, a thunder like voice into the ears of Ye Chen and Chu you.

They know it's not thunder, it's farting.

As the saying goes, stinky farts don't sound.


I heard only the roar of a fierce beast.

The owner of Ye Chen and Chu you's buttocks is of course a fierce beast, which is a fierce beast with a whole body of stone color.

The whole body of the fierce beast is cast like molten iron, and its body is several feet in size.

This fierce beast obviously also found Ye Chen and Chu you. He slapped his fierce beast with force, and gave out the roar that the fierce beast could make.

"Flying stone Ape: fierce beast."

"Talent: high power talent."

"Rank: primary king of beasts."

Flying stone ape is the overlord outside the stone claw den.

"It's a flying stone ape." Ye Chen said to Chu you.

Chu you startled, she looked at the flying stone ape in front of her, "from the fluctuation of this flying stone ape's body, it should be equivalent to the four-star war king."

"What to do?"

Chu you is a little flustered. Although she is also the king of four-star war and has the talent of five aspects, she has never fought against the fierce beast of the same level.


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