I Copy Talents | Chapter 278 | Chu Yous Shock

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Chapter 278 Chu Yous Shock

 Chu you looks at Ye Chen, but finds that ye Chen's face is as calm as water, as if he did not see the primary beast king level fierce beast flying stone ape.

Still say, leaf dust already scared silly, the calm on the face is like water, just facial expression froze.

"It's OK." The leaf dust suddenly gave Chu you a reassuring look, "but the primary beast king level fierce beast just."


Chu you is surprised, in any case did not expect Ye dust will say such words.

But it's just a junior beast king? You know, this is a fierce beast equivalent to the four-star war king.


Flying stone ape continued to send out a roar, as if also looking at Ye Chen and Chu you's strength.

"When the flying stone ape comes, you can hide away. I should be able to defeat this flying stone ape." Chu you stares at the flying stone ape about 20 meters away.

Ye Chen thinks it seems that Chu you is still too young. The four star war King level plus the five phase talent can certainly kill this flying stone ape. It should be a fierce beast that has never fought with the same level before.


Suddenly, the primary beast king level fierce beast, flying stone ape, pounced on Ye Chen and Chu you.


Chu you called to Ye Chen.

Finish saying, Chu you then ready to pounce on the flying stone ape hand.

But she found that ye Chen didn't want to dodge at all. His face was still calm like water.

Chu you is not sure if she can beat back the flying stone ape, but under, had to take leaf dust together to dodge.

But her hand was empty, she found that ye Chen had jumped up, and she didn't know when there was an Epee in her hand.

Epee also has four series talent of water, fire, wind and thunder!

Looking at the vision on Epee, Chu you is shocked.

Ye dust jumped several feet from the ground, then held up the Juxing Epee, and fiercely hit the flying stone ape's head.

Flying stone ape opened his eyes because he found that he could not avoid the blow.


The Tu Xing Epee hit the head of the flying stone ape fiercely, and the vision cut by the four series of water and fire talents also hit the head of the flying stone ape.

Suddenly, the flying stone ape was miserable.

Only a few seconds later, this primal beast king level fierce beast, flying stone ape, his life disappeared from the world forever.

Leaf dust fell to the ground, the whole process is too much. He put the Juxing Epee sword on his back, which found that Chu you was stunned.

"What's the matter with you?"

Ye Chen looks at Chu you.

Chu you smell speech to return to God, she swallowed mouth spit.

"You, you just showed the four series talent of water, fire, wind and thunder, and your Epee is so terrible. Besides the high level of Epee, you still have sword talent?"

Chu you finally understand why Ye Chen can be so calm as water. It turns out that his strength has been terrible to such a point.

Previously, ye Chen also showed her terror power, but she didn't think ye Chen was more powerful than her.

"There's one thing you're wrong about." Ye Chen said.

Chu you smell speech whole body for one shock, "where say wrong?"

"I have no sword talent." He looked at Chu you, "but weapon talent."

Chu you can't help but step back, her white face with a look of shock.

How can such a peerless genius appear in the north of the angry sea? Even in the east of the angry sea, it is the existence of the first talent.


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