I Copy Talents | Chapter 279 | Ten Star War King Cemetery

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Chapter 279 Ten Star War King Cemetery

 The ancient trees in the woods are towering, and the sunlight is hard to enter. But after all, there is a trace of sunshine shining on the young man's face.

Youth grow rich God like jade, especially that pair of eyes let people look at one eye will not forget.

Chu you was a bit stunned.

Seconds later, she hesitated to count the dust on her face.

"Can I ask your realm?"

"Five star war king."

There was no fluctuation on Ye Chen's face, and he felt that there was nothing to hide.

The four-star war king and the five-star war king are a watershed. In fact, the gap between the forces is too large and there is an insurmountable gap.

Chu you feels all over the body shaking. She asks herself that she is the most favored woman. But compared with Ye Chen, the gap is too big.

"Let's keep looking for the tomb of the Ten Star War emperor." Ye Chen said.

Immediately, the two began to search for the tomb of the Ten Star War emperor.

Ye Chen thinks that the overlord outside the stone claw den appears in this place. Generally speaking, there are fierce beasts guarding the good places. It's hard not to

He went to the place where the flying stone ape had just been and looked at it.

All of a sudden, a wonderful color appeared on his face. He found a big hole three meters in diameter in the root of a big tree.

Chu you also came over and looked at the tree hole. She was also a little excited. The tree hole was directly under the ground.

"Ye Chen, do you think it is possible to say the tomb of the Ten Star War emperor under this cave?"


Without much thought, they walked down from the tree hole.

As expected, there are stone steps under the tree hole, which proves that they were built artificially.

Ye Chen and Chu you both have five phase talent. They spread out their palms, and the flame appears in their palms.

Let Ye dust did not expect that the color of the flame in Chu you's palm is actually red flame.

With the light of the flame, the dark steps became a little bright, a huge underground palace also reflected the eyes of Ye dust and Chu you.

Ye Chen and Chu you walked down the stone steps and saw a huge coffin tied in the air by the iron chain, looking at the air.

"Ye Chen, there's a frozen wall there."

Chu you suddenly said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked forward and found that there was a frozen wall in it. There were two books in the wall Martial arts?

Two people see here, toward the frozen wall to walk past the pace can not help but speed up.

They went to the frozen wall and looked at the two frozen martial arts books.

"Thunder finger" is a remnant of the low-level martial arts skills of the heaven level. "

"The red fire palm, the remnant of Tianjie's low-level martial arts skill."

Chu you looked at the two frozen martial arts, can't help but be overjoyed.

"It's no wonder that the remnant of red fire palm is here. No wonder it hasn't been found for so many years."

Ye Chen is not so interested in the red fire palm in Chu you's mouth. He is interested in Jinglei finger.

"Let's break the ice for martial arts." Chu you said to Ye Chen.

Leaf dust nodded, and then he punched in the ice wall, but the ice wall did not move up, which made him very unexpected.

"Does it take fire to melt?"

Chu you said to spread out the palm, red flame appeared in her palm, she began to use the red flame to melt the ice wall.

"Sure enough."

At last, a few drops of melted water were dripping from the wall of ice.

A moment later, the wall of ice is still a wall of ice.

"It's too slow. If only there was a higher level of flame." Chu you sighed.


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