I Copy Talents | Chapter 280 | Three Color Flame

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Chapter 280 Three Color Flame

 More advanced flame?

Ye Chen thinks he has it.

Then he spread his left hand and right hand.

Black and red flames appeared on his left and right hands at the same time.


Chu you looked at the black flame and red flame in Ye Chen's hand, and couldn't help but gape. She had thought that the leaf dust was just a blue flame, but now she seems to be wrong.

"You, how could you have a black flame?"

The red flame will not shock Chu you too much, because she has red flame, but black flame

But she had to be shocked, because the black flame in the east of the angry sea is only owned by Dan Wang Yun He.

She did not know how many times Ye Chen was shocked, but ye Chen's face was always calm as water. She had never seen such a person before, not to mention having heard of it.

Ye Chen did not answer. He prepared the black flame and the red flame together.

He wants to see if it can be integrated, and the power of integration should be greater.

"Stop it

When the black flame and red flame have not touched each other, Chu you quickly stops him.

"Flames cannot be fused together." Chu you looked at the leaf dust in panic, "otherwise it will explode."

Ye Chen was a little disappointed. He also wanted to see the power of black flame and red flame.

"Host, you have divine fire control, so you can fuse fire together."

At this time, the sound of the system appeared in Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen smelled a wonderful color on his face. He continued to fuse the black and red flames on his left hand and right hand.

Chu you looked at such a scene, her pupil quickly contracted up, she knew that she had no time to stop, hastily back out dozens of steps.

But what she didn't think of was that the black flames on the left hand and right hand of Ye Chen actually fused together, and there was no explosion.

Leaf dust faint smile, looking at the hands of the black and red flame, like a gorgeous flower.

By the way!

And the blue flame.

He summoned the blue flame again, ready to continue to blend the blue flame with the black and red flame.

My God!

Chu you saw this again, she did not understand why Ye Chen dare to do so.

It is known to all that flames will explode when they are fused together. Although she does not know why black and red will not explode together, she will continue to fuse cyan flame?

Chu you know that he is unable to dissuade Ye dust, she stepped back again.

The blue flame blends into the black and red flame, and the black red and green flame interweave together, making it more gorgeous.


Chu you's eyes open to the largest time in history, her mouth open is able to put down an extra large bowl.

Ye Chen ignored Chu you's shock, he put the three color flame toward the ice wall.

Immediately, the wall of ice began to melt.

Chu you see this situation, she also quickly came over.

A moment later, the wall of ice had completely melted.

Two days of low-level martial arts skills appeared in front of them.

In the north of the Nu sea, there are almost no ground level martial arts, not to mention the sky level martial arts.

Although it is a remnant, ye Chen also wants it.

"Can you give me this remnant of red fire palm?" Chu you looks at Ye Chen tentatively.

After the fierce animal unrest, the world was divided into three continents, and entered the end of the world.


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