I Copy Talents | Chapter 281 | Huang Kang Went To Call Someone

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Chapter 281 Huang Kang Went To Call Someone


Ye did not even consider it.

Chu you smell speech a joy, "thank you."

"There's nothing to thank. It's cooperation."

With that, ye Chen put the remnant thunder finger into the system space.

Chu you also put the remnant of thunder into the ring in his hand.

Ye Chen thought that this should be the kind of storage ring, and did not ask.


Suddenly, the underground palace began to shake.

"No, the underground palace will collapse!"

Ye Chen and Chu you run out in a hurry.

Simply, they ran out, just ran out, the whole ground collapsed, if not, they were buried alive.

Ye Chen and Chu you did not stay in the stone claw den more, they walked out of the stone claw den.

After returning to Lucheng base city, Chu you arrives at Yuanqi station. She says to Ye Chen:

"if you come to the east of Nu sea, come to me."

Finish saying, Chu you then entered the station.

Ye Chen thinks that Chu you was originally east of the Nu sea. No wonder his talent is so strong.

The strongest place in the land of Nu Hai is the east of Nu Hai. The north of Nu Hai and the east of Nu Hai are not a place of grade at all.

Ye Chen wanted to leave, but what he didn't expect was that Wu Yong, head of the Rutu mercenary regiment, found him.

"Master, we have been sending people to wait for you outside the city of Lucheng base. When I see you back, I will see you immediately."

Wu Yong took a breath.

"What's the matter?" Ye Chen looks at Wu Yong with some doubts.

"Master, do you remember Huang Kang?" Wu Yong suddenly said to Ye Chen.

Of course, ye Chen still remembers Huang Kang, not the fat man who was destroyed Yuanlun that day.

"Huang Kang has sent for someone. It is estimated that he will take revenge soon." Wu Yong said with some fear.

Ye Chen was stunned. He didn't expect that Huang Kang was still alive. He could not help sighing to himself, thinking that the people in Lucheng base city were still too kind.

He once destroyed a warrior's Yuanlun in Shazhen, Leihe base city. The man's name was Xia Jiba. He was also a vicious existence. After being destroyed, he was attacked by the group and failed to survive.

"Master, although the whole thing has nothing to do with you." Wu Yong begged to look at Ye Chen, "but I still want to ask you to help us Lutu mercenary Corps."

Huang Kang happened in Lutu mercenary group. If ye Chen is not found in Lutu mercenary group, he will vent his anger on Lutu mercenary group.

"All right." Ye Chen agreed to come down, who let him be a good man.

Although this is a world of sinister people and fierce beasts, he came from China after all.

Seeing ye Chen's agreement, Wu Yong, head of the Rutu mercenary regiment, immediately showed a happy smile on his face and said to Ye Chen:

"with the help of our predecessors, we can rest assured."

Later, ye Chen and Wu Qi returned to the Lutu mercenary regiment.

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

In the hall of Lutu mercenary regiment, the talent information of all mercenaries appeared on his retina.

In the hall, all the mercenaries saw the dust coming, and their faces were all excited.


Dozens of mercenaries all called respectfully to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen also did not let them call themselves predecessors, after all, the world in which strength is respected.

He lived in Lutu mercenary group, and he has been practicing in Lutu mercenary group these days.

The speed at which the talent of cultivating against heaven absorbs vitality is too terrible, but the vitality here is too scarce.

"Master, Huangkang loop city base city!"


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