I Copy Talents | Chapter 284 | Bai Shaoan Is Preparing To Hold A Warrior Meeting

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Chapter 284 Bai Shaoan Is Preparing To Hold A Warrior Meeting

 Ye Chen's reputation in Nu Hai City has reached the point that no one knows.

However, most people have not seen him, so there are no people around him in the city of Nu Hai. Maybe the only ones watching are those flower lovers.

He found a restaurant to eat, and then walked in the city of Nu Hai. He felt that it was not interesting, and then he returned to Jianzong.

Ye Chen arrived at the outer gate peak of Jianzong.

On the square, all the outer disciples are working hard to get into the inner gate one day earlier. As long as the outer disciples become four-star war generals, they can enter the inner gate they dream of.

I practiced in the cultivation hall for three days.

Although he has the talent of cultivating against the heaven, ye Chen feels that there is still a long way to go before he can break through.

"The main peak."

Suddenly, a voice appeared outside the cultivation hall.

Bai Shaoan announced that ye Chen was not the leader of the outer gate peak peak when he participated in the three big competitions, but everyone knew that it was just for ye Chen to participate in the three big competitions. Now that the three big contests are over, the disciples of the outer gate are naturally called Ye CHENFENG leader.

Ye Chen came out of the cultivation hall and looked at the outside disciples in front of him.

"Medium talent."

The outer disciple looked at Ye Chen with some fear, "Lord Feng, the master wants you to go to Tianjian peak."

Ye Chen nodded and then went to the sky sword peak.

Without much thought, he arrived at tianjianfeng hall.

In the main hall, all the peak owners of the inner gate have arrived. Their faces are full of solemnity. Bai Shaoan, who is on the throne directly above, is also sitting in an upright position.

"Here you are, ye Chen."

Bai Shaoan, the leader of the sword clan, said, looking at Ye Chen.

After Bai Shaoan asked Ye Chen to sit down, he continued to speak:

"I'm going to hold a meeting of warriors to the north of the Nu Hai sea and select an alliance leader. Recently, the fierce beasts to the north of the Nu sea are in a state of agitation. It may not be long before they start riots."

"Lord, isn't the Star River mercenary regiment responsible for suppressing the fierce beasts in the land of angry sea all the time?"

Huang Yun, the master of xingjianfeng peak, said.

Bai Shaoan sighed, "recently, the Star River mercenary regiment and the warrior alliance in the east of the angry sea are fighting against the fierce beasts in the chaotic star sea. Where can we still manage here?"

The hall peak Lord hears the speech to be startled, all looked at each other.

Ye Chen looked at the fear on the faces of the peak owners in the hall. He was very puzzled and couldn't help asking: "is the fierce beast in the disordered star sea terrible?"


All the peak masters looked at Ye Chen as if they were monsters.

Luan Xinghai is the most terrifying fierce beast disaster area in the land of angry sea. They really don't understand how ye Chen dares to say such words.

Looking at the faces of the peak master like this, ye dust has already known the answer.

"To hold a meeting of warriors to the north of the angry sea." Bai Shaoan an looked at the peak Lord, "what do you think?"


"I agree."

"I agree."

All the leaders of Jianzong all expressed their support.

Ye Chen wants to choose an alliance leader. After all, he can unify the command at that time.

After all the leaders left, ye Chen looked at Bai Shaoan and said:

"patriarch, do you know where the vitality is strong?"

He thought that the vitality in the cultivation hall could not support his cultivation talent, so he had to find a good place to practice.

"Cuiling lake."

"Cuiling lake was originally a beautiful lake, but since a junior beast king level fierce beast Heishui crazy Jiao took Cuiling Lake as his own, no one dared to go there again." Bai Shaoan said to Ye Chen.


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