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Chapter 285 Cui Ling Lake Practice

 Cuiling lake.

Cuiling lake is located in the north of the Nu sea, not far from Jianzong, and has already belonged to the wild.

Ye Chen came to Cuiling lake.

He found that Cuiling lake is indeed very good. The sun shines on the surface of the lake. If it is in China, it must be a tourist attraction.

From Bai Shaoan's mouth, we know that there is a junior beast king level fierce beast crazy water black Jiao in Cuiling lake.

He doesn't pay much attention to the beast king, which is his self-confidence.

Ye Chen thinks that crazy water black Jiao doesn't come out from Cuiling lake. If he comes out, he will be killed on the spot.

When he was preparing to practice, a voice came into his ears.

"What a beautiful Cuiling lake."

Ye Chen looked at the past along the sound and found that it was a girl of seventeen or eighteen years old. The girl was very beautiful and had a good figure. She was bright and beautiful in the sunshine.


The girl saw the leaf dust, and she was a bit stunned.

"Did you come to Cuiling lake to practice The girl came to Ye Chen.

"Name: Ling Xue."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: water talent, high speed talent."

"Realm: Ten Star War general."

Ye Chen thinks that the girl's talent is very good. She should be the favored daughter of a family or force.

"I suggest you don't come here to practice. There are primary beast king level fierce beasts here." Ling Xue said to Ye Chen.

In her opinion, ye Chen must not know the terror of Cuiling lake.

"Then you won't come either." Ye Chen looks at Ling Xue, but he wants to see what Ling Xue has to rely on.

Ling Xue laughed, "I'm different. I came with my brother, and I have high speed talent. Even if the black water crazy Jiao comes out of the Cuiling lake, I can run away."

Ye Chen smiles to himself. He doesn't want to attack Ling Xue. In the eyes of the junior beast king, the talent of high speed is nothing.

He is not prepared to continue to pay attention to Ling Xue.

Ling Xue is stunned. She didn't expect that ye Chen would not be surprised when she heard her words. You know, it's an advanced speed talent.

As the core disciple of the Qianyuan gate, Ling Xue did not know how many people envied her in Qianyuan gate, but the person did not seem to pay attention to her at all.

This makes Ling Xue more or less unhappy.

"I also have a talent for water systems."

Ling Xue raised her arrogant head and said to the leaf dust again.

"Water talent." Ye Chen thought for a few seconds, "OK."

Among the five dimensional talents, fire is the best, followed by water.

Ling Xue listened to Ye Chen's words, and she was a little shocked. She didn't expect Ye Chen to say that the water system talent was OK.

"You, are you very talented?"

Ling Xue is in a hurry. She thinks Ye Chen dares to say so. She is either pretending to be forced or has strong talent. She would rather believe the former.

"I don't want to talk to you about these boring topics." Leaf dust showed a touch of uninteresting color, "my name is Ye Chen."

He left his name and was ready to practice.

Ye Leaf dust?

Ling Xue was stunned.

Naturally, she knew Ye Chen, who was in the limelight at three big competitions. Unfortunately, she didn't see the elegant demeanor of Ye Chen when she was in seclusion at that time.


Ling Xue doesn't believe that the boy in front of her is Ye Chen.

There's no other reason, it's intuition.

"You're not ye Chen, are you?"

Ling Xue looks at Ye Chen and says.

Ye Chen sighed, Ling Xue has been talking to him, and he has no way to practice.


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