I Copy Talents | Chapter 286 | Blackwater Mad Jiao

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 286 Blackwater Mad Jiao

 Ye Chen is not ready to explain to Ling Xue.

"Yes, I'm not ye Chen."

"I knew you were not ye Chen."

Ling Xue's white face showed a smug smile, as if she and ye Chen won this dialogue.

Suddenly, a teenager came over.

Ling Xue looked at the boy and was immediately surprised.

"Brother, you're here at last."

She ran to the boy's side, very interested in the youth said, "brother, that man can be interesting, actually said he is Ye Chen."

The youth hears speech sneer a, leaf dust he is too familiar, is true or false he sees to know.

He looked at Ling Xue's eyes. It didn't matter if he didn't look at it. When he saw it, he backed up and almost didn't fall on the ground.

"Leaf, leaf dust!"

The young man looked at the leaf dust in horror.

Young people are not others, it is the most talented Lingchuan of Qianyuan gate.

Since Wang's family, ye Chen is a devil in Lingchuan's heart, not to mention seeing ye Chen. If you hear the name, you will be shocked.

At the time of the three big matches, he could not afford the courage to fight ye Chen, so he had to admit defeat.

"What did you call him, brother?" Lingchuan looked at some of the daze.

Ye Chen laughed, "Lingchuan, is this your sister?"

Lingchuan quickly replied, "yes."

Ling Xue hears this, such as being struck by lightning, because she already knows that the beautiful young man in front of her is really Ye Chen.

"Leaf dust."


Lingchuan realized that he was wrong and quickly changed his words: "master, are you also here to practice in Cuiling lake?"

Leaf dust nodded, "practice together, time is precious."

Lingchuan felt that he had been affirmed by Ye Chen, and actually asked them to practice together. He could not dream of this scene, but now it really happened.

Later, the three began to sit on the Bank of Cuiling lake and began to practice.

The vitality of Cuiling lake is really much stronger than that of the cultivation hall. The speed at which the talent of cultivating against the heaven can absorb the vitality is not too terrible.

Three people one practice is a day and a night!

The next day.

"Master, have something to eat."

Ye Chen opened his eyes and found a compressed biscuit and a bottle of compressed water from Lingchuan's hand.

He took the biscuits and water and began to eat and drink.

"Master, what kind of realm are you?"

Ling Xue got to the side of the leaf dust, and her white face became curious.

"Xiaoxue, how can you ask the elder this question?" Ling Chuan's face was raised.

Ling Xue is sticking out her tongue.

"It's about to break through to the two star war king. I hope the black water crazy Jiao doesn't come out." Lingchuan suddenly said.

Lingchuan wanted to break his head, but he didn't expect to say that Cao Cao was really here we are!


Suddenly, there was a loud noise in Cuiling lake, and then a black water crazy Jiao with a total length of more than ten feet emerged from Cuiling lake.

"Black water crazy Jiao: fierce beast."

"Talent: water talent."

"Rank: Junior beast king level fierce beast."

Ye Chen's face did not fluctuate at all, because the black water crazy Jiao could not pose any threat to him.

But Lingchuan and Lingchuan didn't have the calmness of Ye Chen. Their faces were very frightened and cried to Ye Chen in front of them:

"senior, run quickly!"

With that, Lingchuan and Lingxue retreated dozens of meters away. What they didn't expect was that ye Chen was still in place, as if he had not heard them at all.


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