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Chapter 287 Breakthrough Six Star Warlord

 Lingchuan and Lingxue are stunned. They don't understand why Ye Chen doesn't run.

Suddenly, they found that ye Chen had a Epee in his hand. The Epee looked very ordinary, but it gave them the feeling that Mount Tai was on the top of the mountain.

"How could it be!"

Lingchuan and Lingxue are suddenly shocked because they find the illusion of water, fire, wind and thunder on the original common epee.


The black water mad Jiao roared at the leaf dust, and then opened a big mouth to attack the leaf dust fiercely.

Ye Chen coldly smiles, he wants to kill this black water crazy Jiao, only needs one hit.


Ye Chen, holding the Juxing Epee, fiercely cuts it out.

Suddenly, water system, fire system, wind system, thunder system of the four major talent forces interweave sword, toward the attack of the black water crazy Jiao.


A few seconds later, the junior beast king level fierce beast black water crazy Jiao fell into the Cuiling lake, and the water made a huge noise.

Ye Chen's face was as calm as water, and did not bring the slightest joy of killing the black water crazy Jiao. He put the Juxing Epee into the system space.

Shock, absolute shock!

Lingchuan and Lingxue, their eyes are wide open.

What shocked them was that in addition to the four series talent of water, fire, wind and thunder, there was the ordinary chopping attack that actually cut out the sword.

There is only one possibility, that is good. Ye Chen also has sword talent or weapon talent.

"Keep practicing."

Ye Chen slowly opens his mouth to Lingchuan and Lingxue, who are shocked by their faces.

When Lingchuan and Lingxue come back to God, ye Chen is already practicing. They are very grateful to Ye Chen. If it was not for ye Chen, they would not be able to continue to practice when the black water crazy Jiao came out.

Ten days later.

Ye Chen opened his eyes and wiped the sweat on his forehead, thinking that he had finally broken through to the six star war king.

The talent of cultivating against the heaven is a force!

Now the only deficiency is the thunder finger, which refers to the sky level low-level martial arts skills. What ye Chen has in his hand is only a remnant. If you can find another copy of the thunderbolt finger, it will be very powerful.

"Master, we're leaving."

Lingchuan's voice appeared in the ear of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen finds that Ling Chuan and Ling Xue are very excited on their faces. He looks at their state of affairs and finds that Ling Chuan has already broken through from one star war king to two star war king, and Ling Xue is going to break through from ten star war to one star war king.

"Yes, master." Lingchuan suddenly thought of something, "the martial arts meeting to the north of the angry sea held by Lord Bai will start in three days."

Ye Chen thought right, if Lingchuan didn't say it, he almost forgot.

After Ling Chuan and Ling Xue leave, ye Chen thinks that he has absolutely the strength to be the leader of the alliance. However, he will let Bai Shaoan do it. After all, he will not stay in the north of the angry sea for a long time.

Thinking of the beauty in her heart, ye Chen felt that she had to grow up as soon as possible. After all, the most important thing in the world is genius.

Immediately, ye Chen also returned to the sword clan.

After a day's rest in waimenfeng, I went to tianjianfeng to have a look at Yunxue. The three days passed quickly.

To the north of the Nu sea, the warriors of all major forces successively arrived at tianjianfeng. The square of tianjianfeng was filled with people like a cloud.

"Metaphysical talent."

"Yellow talent."

"Metaphysical talent."

The talent information of the warriors appears in Ye Chen's retina.


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