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Chapter 289 I Object

 "Red cloud palm!"

The leader of the Qianyuan clan, Gu Yuan, played chiyun palm, a low-level martial art skill, against Kuang Yun.

A red hand condensed from the force of a Dao Yuan fiercely attacked the wild cloud in the past.

Kuang Yun, the leader of the crazy war sect, sneered. He was already infinitely close to the six star war king. How could Gu Yuan say his opponent.

Crazy cloud jump, then avoid the red hand of Yuan Li.

He darted toward Gu Yuan and flew away. He put up a heavy fist and hit Gu Yuan hard.

"Punch hard!"

It's also a low-level martial arts skill.

See crazy cloud's fist has appeared a huge horror fist shadow, speed quickly toward Gu Yuan's body in the past.

Gu Yuan saw such an attack, his pupil could not help shrinking, he found that he should not be able to hide, so he had to do his best to catch the blow.

"Yuan Dun!"

Gu Yuan's big golden shield appeared in front of him.

Kuang Yun's fist hit the gold shield heavily. Yuandun is also a low-level skill of the ground level, which can definitely resist the blow of crazy cloud.

However, crazy cloud is now infinitely close to the six star war king, and the golden shield is pierced by crazy cloud's heavy fist. But crazy cloud's fist did not stop, continued to go toward the ancient Yuan Dynasty.

Gu Yuan was beaten hard by Kuang Yun, and then he stepped back tens of steps away. He almost came out of the sword challenge.

If yuan shield had not resisted most of the power, Gu Yuan would have been flying backwards. The five-star warlord and the infinite close six-star warlord are not the same level at all.

Gu Yuan looked at the crazy cloud, he said coldly: "I don't think you are really infinite close to the six star war king."

"Guyuan." Crazy cloud is very proud of looking at Gu Yuan, "I think there should be no need to continue."

Gu Yuan Wen Yan clenched his teeth, but he already knew that he could not be mad cloud's opponent.

Later, Gu Yuan was unwilling to leave the sword challenge.

All the warriors on tianjianfeng square were shocked.

"I can't believe that crazy cloud is really infinitely close to the six-star war and forget it."

"Of course, otherwise, how could you be so confident?"

"It seems that the leader of the alliance must be crazy cloud."

Some forces attached to the fanzhan sect began to talk about it with pride.

"Kuang Yun, the leader of the crazy battle sect, has recommended himself to be the leader of the alliance to the north of the Nu sea. As long as I become the leader of the alliance, I will guarantee the peace to the north of the Nu sea."

After that, Kuang Yun scanned all the martial artists in the square and said:

"when I finish, who is in favor of it and who is against it?"

They all look at each other.

Ling Chuan and Ling Xue are also on the square. They are biting their teeth because their patriarch is defeated. As disciples of the Qianyuan sect, they naturally hope that their leader can be the leader of the alliance.

Bai Shaoan, the leader of the sword clan, has a gloomy face. He also wants to be the leader of the alliance. But now that Kuang Yun is infinitely close to the six-star war king, he is not the opponent of crazy cloud even if he has weapon talent.

Just when crazy cloud thinks that no one is against it, a slightly lazy voice is introduced into the ears of all people.

"I object."


All the warriors in tianjianfeng square quickly followed the voice and looked in the past. They were all a bit stunned.

Most of the warriors in the square don't know ye Chen. After all, they belong to the major forces north of the Nu sea. Even those who know ye Chen, they really can't understand why Ye Chen opposes.

You know, Kuang Yun, the leader of the crazy war clan, is infinitely close to the six star war king.


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