I Copy Talents | Chapter 290 | Infinitely Close To The Six Star Warlord Is It Strong

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Chapter 290 Infinitely Close To The Six Star Warlord Is It Strong

 On the tianjianfeng square, all the warriors are looking at Ye Chen with consternation.

In their opinion, ye Chen is too young. He looks only seventeen or eighteen years old. How dare he object.

Ye Chen faces the startled eyes of the warriors. His face is as calm as water and can't see other waves.

Kuang Yun is interested in looking at Ye Chen under the sword challenge. He doesn't understand how ye Chen can be calm like water when he opposes.

Naturally, he knew who ye Chen was. He was very surprised when he was in the three big competitions.


Kuang Yun coldly smiles. He thinks that ye Chen has defeated his disciples of crazy battle sect, and they are two at the same time. Maybe they are floating. They dare to oppose him.

Both Bai Shaoan, the leader of the sword clan, and the other leaders of the peaks did not expect that ye Chen would oppose him. They all looked at Ye Chen in dismay.

Next, a scene that surprised all the warriors in the square happened.

Ye Chen walked slowly towards the sword challenge.

"What, is Ye Chen ready to fight with crazy cloud?"

"It should be, or how could he go to the sword challenge?"

"Well, this man is still too young. He knows that Lord Kuang Yun is infinitely close to the six-star war king, but he still dares to fight him. Doesn't he know that Lord Kuang Yun can defeat him with one finger?"

Looking at Ye Chen walking towards the sword challenge, all the martial arts men appeared astonished, sluggish and disdainful.

Immediately, ye Chen stepped on the sword challenge.

After practicing in Cuiling lake, he has already broken through to the six-star war king. The crazy cloud that is infinitely close to the six-star war king is not enough to see in front of him.

Kuang Yun never thought that ye Chen would dare to step on the sword challenge.

"Ye Chen, I really want to know how you dare to come up." Crazy cloud play ignorant looking at leaf dust to ask a way.

"It's simple." "Because I can beat you," he said


The warriors in tianjianfeng square took a breath.

They think about ye Chen. This is Are you crazy?

Even the leader of Qianyuan sect can't beat Kuang Yun. Is Ye Chen so confident?

Bai Shaoan, the leader of Jianzong clan, is also puzzled. However, even though he is relieved, ye Chen is not only the leader of Fengfeng peak, but also the disciple of fengcang.

Think of the wind Cang, Bai Shao'an flow can't help shivering, that is a can kill his existence with eyes.

Crazy cloud is not angry but smile, "Ye Chen, don't you know that I have been infinitely close to the six star war king?"

"Infinitely close to the six star warlord." Ye Chen looks at crazy cloud, "very strong?"

As soon as this was said, all the warriors in the square were shocked.

Ye Chen

Don't you know the horror of limitless approach to the king of six star war? Was it not a good Liezi when Kuang Yun and Gu Yuan fought.

Or Is leaf dust stronger than mad cloud?

Lingchuan and Lingxue staring at Ye Chen, such a despotic person, they only see ah.

"Even if I'm not infinitely close to the six star warlord, I can knock you down with one finger!" Crazy cloud some angry, he is so angry north of the sea of rage, was actually a younger generation to see if not.

"But in my opinion, the realm you rely on." Leaf dust light looking at crazy cloud, "but so."


All the warriors in the square were shocked again. They could not imagine Ye Chen's arrogance. They did not understand why Ye Chen could be so arrogant.

Does he really not know what kind of existence he is facing?


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