I Copy Talents | Chapter 291 | The Power Of The Storm

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Chapter 291 The Power Of The Storm

 As the leader of the crazy war sect, Kuang Yun has not known how long he has not been so angry.

"Ye Chen, since you say I'm just like this, do you dare to take me a punch?"

Crazy cloud dead looking at leaf dust.

"Why not?" Ye Chen said quietly as water.

Many martial artists in tianjianfeng square also want to see what kind of reliance Ye Chen has to rely on in order to be so arrogant.

Facing each other, a battle without suspense is about to come.

The warriors have held their breath, their eyes are open a little bit more than usual, it is obvious that they do not want to miss a bit of wonderful color.

"Take it!" Crazy cloud raised his fist, "leaf dust!"

Sound falls, crazy cloud to leaf dust hit a fist.

I saw a terrible fist shadow toward the leaf dust.

Most martial artists in the square know that ye Chen can't stop Kuang Yun's blow in any case, because Kuang Yun is already infinitely close to the six star war king. This is the realm they dream of.

Just in an instant, the shadow of terror fist is just a line away from ye Chen.

But I saw: ye Chen put up a finger, on which appeared the power of running thunder. He used this force to lightly touch the shadow of terror fist, and the shadow of terror fist disappeared.


All the warriors in the square were shocked and looked at Ye Chen in disbelief.

But they found that ye Chen's face was still calm like water, and there was no change at all.

"How is this done?"

"Is leaf dust really better than crazy cloud?"

"The power of running thunder appeared on Ye Chen's finger just now. This is the talent of Lei family."

All the fighters looked at each other for a moment. They thought it was a battle without suspense, but now it seems that they are not only wrong, but also extremely wrong.


Crazy cloud also can't help but open his eyes, he can't think of, leaf dust only with a finger, plus the power of running thunder will dissolve his fist.

"You are worthy of the disciple of fengcang." Bai Shaoan, the leader of the sword clan, nodded slightly and looked at the sun in the sky.

After the shock, there was a silence.

After a long time, crazy cloud spoke again:

"Ye Chen, I can't believe you have such strength!"

Ye Chen looked at crazy cloud, "don't you think you have a little more waste?"

Crazy cloud hears the speech to get angry, his eyes have already spurted out anger.

"Ye Chen, I'll play with you!"

With the sound falling, Kuang Yun raised his fist again and yelled at Ye Chen:

"punch hard!"

Kuang Yun hit the ground level of low-level martial arts skills, strong punch, native talent and high strength talent, let people feel a burst of fear.

"Raging storm!"

Ye Chen thinks only you have martial arts skills, I have no?

He raised his hand, and the force of the wind appeared in his palm. A tornado hit the crazy cloud.

Crazy cloud looked at the tornado, he was shocked, want to avoid this terrible tornado, but it is too late.

Without any suspense, the tornado formed by the violent storm of intermediate level martial arts hit the body of crazy cloud heavily.

Fly out when you are crazy!

The eyes of all the warriors in the square were wide open. They found that the crazy cloud flew out of the sword challenge and fell heavily on the ground.


A mouthful of blood spurted out of the crazy cloud's mouth, has lost the combat effectiveness.


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